Kim glances at Tommy's body. "Um how about I start a fire; suddenly I am freezing."

"A fire would be nice but first we should turn down the thermostat," Tommy tells her as he makes his way over to the thermostat to turn it down.

"Right," Kim stammers as she begins making a fire. Get it together girl. Kim gives herself a mental shake before she sets one more log into the fireplace.

Tommy watches her bend over. Nice ass and legs; I would love to wrap my body around her. "I will let you go first Kim." Tommy sets up the cups and thinks of a word to make them drink if the word is spoken. "What bothers you the most?"

Kim ponders the question. Spoiled children and being stuck watching them. "Baby-sitting for people; so baby-sitting is the word." She smiles at him before she grabs a quarter and aims at the cups and misses. I think I should act like a novice first. "Oops," Kim adds as Tommy holds the hat for her to pick a paper from. She plunks out a paper. Kim reads the paper. "Take my shirt off," Kim tells him before she puts her hands on the side of her shirt and lifts her shirt over her head. She moves hair out of her eyes.

Tommy stares at her body "I would not mind baby-sitting you."

Kim laughs at Tommy's comment.

Uh oh did I just say that aloud? Tommy looks at Kim.

Kim just hands him a glass filled with alcohol in it. "Thank you and drink up."

Tommy takes the shot and drinks it. "How about we add more words to the mix?"

"Sure we can add as many words as possible after your dare." Kim holds the hat for him.