"Celebrate?" Kim mirrors like a parrot.

"Yes, it is time to celebrate," Sergio, tells her as he reaches for a phone on the table. "Ms. Hart has agreed to join the family." "We will have the official celebration tomorrow but for now we are going to drink champagne."

It felt as though someone was waiting outside the office door because as soon as Sergio said the word champagne because Franco walks in with a bottle of champagne and two flutes. He hands Sergio the items and smiles as he walks out the room.

"Uh are we the only people celebrating today?" Kim asks him.

Sergio smiles at her as he uncorks the champagne. "For today yes but tomorrow you will have a grand party in your honor." He pours the champagne into the two flutes and hands one to Kim. "Cheers Kim Corleone."

"Kim Corleone?" Kim gives him an amused grin.

"It has a nice ring to it doesn't it." I wonder if she is this feisty in bed. Who Sergio she does have a boyfriend and is not the type to stray yet I think I can make her mine. Sergio clicks glasses with Kim and sips his champagne.

"In a way," Kim eyes her new boss with suspicious eyes. Although he is hot, I would never cheat on Tommy. "So after the little toast I do need to get home and with flowers."

"Aw does little Kimmie have a bed time or curfew?" Sergio teases.

"No, I just want my parents to know that nothing has happened to me." Although it has. Kim rolls her eyes at Sergio.

"How about you call and tell them that you are alright then we can have the flowers delivered and eat dinner?" I am not ready for you to leave.

Kim thinks about it for a minute. "Oh alright; let me just make the call." What Tommy has his little flirt moments with Kat so why can't I have a little fun as well.

"Great, my mother makes the best French food you have ever tasted." Sergio smiles an inviting smile at Kim. "You can spend the night; we have some of the best beds in all of France."

"Oh and would I have my own bed or would we be sharing a bed." Kim bites her lower lip; a move that she knew turned Tommy on. "Only two men can share a bed with me and that is my boyfriend and my dad." Kim drowns the last of her champagne and hands the flute to Sergio.

Hum, maybe I can change your mind. Sergio's green eyes sparkle as he looks at Kim. "I have never been denied from a woman wanting me to share my bed."

Kim chokes as if she was still drinking her champagne. Damn some woman is going to be lucky to marry this spitfire of a man. "Well I am going to be the first."

That is what you think. "I will show you to your room and around the house." "Oh and I have clothes and necessities for you." "What we liked to be well stocked and prepared." For beautiful women of course. Sergio takes Kim's arm again and leads out of the office. I will have you Kim and you will be begging me not to stop. Whoa when did I become so obsessed with Kim? I have never been this way over a woman before. Could it be because I have not had sex in two months or is Kim just the right woman for me? Sergio mental checks himself.

This is going to be one wild ride; Kim thinks as she admires the manor. "I dreamed about owning a property in the forest with a family.

"I wanted a house in the forest too, so I brought one." He gestures with his hands. "This will be your room for the night." Although you can share a bed with me tonight.

"Great minds think alike." Kim smiles at Sergio before she walks into the room. "I will be right out after I make the call to my parents."

"Okay I will be waiting right here; I have nothing better to do at the moment." Unless I can join you in the bedroom for a little nightcap. He watches as Kim closes the door. Sergio leans against the door for a second before he thinks better and plants his ear against the door.

Kim calls her mother. "Hey mom." "Yes I know I have been gone for a long time." Kim rolls her eyes. "I met a few nice people and we plan on sightseeing before we crash at a hotel." "Mom the people are not psychos or murders." At least I think so. "Okay I will be safe and call you first thing in the morning." "Love you too; bye mom and tell Pierre I love him too." Aw finally; Kim thinks as she checks her appearance in the mirror. Sergio is smoking hot yet I love Tommy. She gives herself a mental shake and opens the door to find Sergio jumping back from the door. "Oh easy dropping are you?" Kim smirks.

"I was uh I was going to knock on the door to ask you if you wanted to explore the city with me tomorrow and how long were you staying in Paris?" Sergio stammers before he blushes. Damn I thought I was smoother than that and I was caught eavesdropping.

"Oh okay," Kim looks unconvinced. "I would love to sight see with you and I plan on being here as long as I want." "My mother and stepfather do live here." I would not mind spending more time with you. Whoa, where did that come from?

"Shall we?" Sergio offers Kim his hand again. She smells so good.

At the dining room table, Sergio pulls out his chair for Kim.

"Where is everyone else?" Kim looks at the empty chairs.

"Oh they decided to eat at other places and well to be honest some are hooking up with women." Sergio gives Kim an amused look.

"Uh am I the only woman in the family?" That would be an honor yet creepy.

"Yes you are; other women cannot do what you do," Sergio tells her with awe in his voice.

"I feel honored yet I do not want any guy thinking…"

Sergio cuts her off. "I highly doubt anyone can take advantage of you besides we do not roll that way." "We are not like the Stallone family." Sergio brags proudly.

"Just checking because I do not want to hurt anyone from the family yet if I have too I will." Kim nods her head. "Just as long as we are crystal clear."

A waiter walks in and begins setting the food down on the table. He fills both of their glasses with wine and smiles at Kim.

"Thank you," Kim tells him as she smiles back at him. "I thought your mother was cooking tonight's dinner?" I wanted to meet her.

"Oh she did make it and had it sent over." Sergio pauses. "My mother is dating and that is all I will say on the matter." He makes a face.

Damn he just made an adorable face. "Oh I know what that feels like; hint my new stepdad." "Tell her it all smiles delicious and that I want to meet her." Why do I want to meet her?

Sergio smiles at the thought. "Oh I can arrange that." "Yes my mother will make her see me as husband material. What a minute; did I just think husband material? What spell does she have over me? He sneaks a glance at Kim.

"Good." Kim says a prayer with Sergio then begins to sample the food. "Oh this is just scrumptious" "I am going to love being in this family."

"Kim ever consider moving here permanently?" Sergio smiles at Kim.

"Uh I have thought about it especially when my mother remarried and moved here." Kim reminisces back when she considered moving to Paris. "I would miss Tommy too much and my friends." Oh how I would love to see Tommy now and ravish him. "Are you single?"

Sergio eats a bite of steak. "Yes I am; I am waiting for the right woman to notice me."

"I am sure she will sooner or later." Kim sips her wine.

"Tell me about yourself?" Sergio bites into a crescent.

"Uh I am a gymnast and I graduated high school earlier to pursue the games." Kim eats a piece of steak. I cannot tell you about me being a power ranger lol. "You?"

"I graduated high school a while back then I attend college before I joined the family business." Sergio sips his wine. "I love a good case of wine."

"I drink occasionally but I do not make it a habit yet my mother told me that once I have a few children I might think differently." I cannot wait for dessert.

"I think all mothers say that." Sergio smiles. "I cannot wait till we have dessert you are going to love it." "I am not going to tell you what it is."