Here I was finally. After months of begging pleading and more begging I finally was able to get it threw my parents thick sculls that I was being bullied in school. Me Sam headstrong afraid of nothing Manson was being bullied. Do you know what the worst part was I actually cared about what the bullies thought of me.

So here I was at my first day of a brand new school, new semester, new classes and new teachers. I was in 7th grade in Casperhigh High School in Amity Park. We moved a few states away from my home in New York. You'll have to excuse me for not knowing how many states as I am currently failing geography.

I walked in threw the main doors. At that moment I was so happy I had decided to go to school early. I walked through the nearly empty corridors towards what was hopefully the principal's office.

I had missed my first period by the time I was done filling out forms etc. and just as I started to pack all my things back into my bag. When this handsome guy around my age walked into the office muttering to the receptionist about how he had missed Mr Lancers English class again. When the receptionist asked him why he just gave her half a shrug in a none caring way.

The first thing I noticed about him though was not his incredible dark blue eyes or his messy black hair, it was his overly baggy jumper and the way his left hand hung slightly and how he was carefully making sure that it didn't hit of anything. I played that part to long to realise he was injured his baggy jumper officially hiding multiple of other injuries he was slightly better at hiding. His jumper was a greyish colour perfect for someone who wanted to go unnoticed. I had plenty of experience in this section too. My 'Mother' and 'Father' wanted a perfect little girl who loved playing with perfect plastic princess dolls and who loved to dress up in lacy pink dresses. At the beginning I had actually cared about what they thought about me. So I wore the disgusting dresses. That's when the bulling began. The bullies called me 'Little Bow Peep' and when I walked by they would shout 'have you found your sheep yet'.

Sorry I got a bit side tracked but of course dear reader you don't want to hear my story, no, you want to read Danny's as I later found out his name was. The dark mysterious stranger who kept a blank face while all he jocks stuffed him in his locker. While I knew from the minute I saw him he would be able to fight them all together and come out on top.

As I stood up ready to go find my locker mentally cursing the principal (who's name I couldn't remember because I had blocked out her perfectly rehearsed speech) for not giving me guide to show me around the school when the receptionist turned towards the handsome stranger and said, and this line cut deep into my already bruised up heart 'as your punishment you can bring are new student Samantha Manson around the school, it's the worst punishment I can think of giving to you at the moment' I had to fight back the tears threatening to fall from my eyes. You probably think that I am totally over reacting but the thing you must remember is I moved to get away from the bullies and on the first day of school I already found one in the form of a lousy receptionist. I knew she knew that I was bullied in my old school as I had to write it down on my file.

As I turned towards the stranger now my unlucky tour guide, a perfectly manicured glare on my face that I had spent hours in front of my mirror in my bedroom perfecting. I was surprised by the half smile he gave me. I'm sure my glare faltered. And even more embarrassing then that he noticed as afterwards an amused smirk replaced the half smile that was originally on his face.

Not waiting for me he swung his bag over his right shoulder suppressing a moan of pain while doing so. He quickly walked towards the exit opening the door and waiting for me for me to hurry up second period had already begun the halls were empty and the only noise was the echo of our footsteps. The silence was fine with me as I was never one for being loud and outgoing, but for some reason I actually wanted to talk to him so realising that I still didn't know his name I shyly looked up at him then without me even asking he looked down at me and said my names Danny Fenton and yours is? I quickly muttered my name was Samantha Manson followed by my signature but if you call me anything but Sam I will personally kill you. He seemed pretty amused by that. Suddenly he stopped and pointed over my shoulder I looked up at him quizzically he quickly answered my unasked question by telling me it was my locker then slowly walking away asking me if I could find the classroom by myself shouting a yes over my shoulder I quickly opened my locker and started to unload my heavy bag.