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Washington, DC

June 6, 1921

A twenty-something man runs throughout the streets as fast as he can. His pursuer – a middle-aged suspicious-looking man – is not very far behind him. He makes a sharp left down an alleyway and hides behind a large box. Attempting to calm his erratic breathing, he takes several deep breaths and hopes to the Lord that his pursuer doesn't find him. Cradling his bleeding left wrist with his right hand, he looks down at how bad the bite is. It is pretty bad, but hopefully his uncle – a doctor and businessman – can patch him up.

By now his breathing is calm but the sound of frantic footfalls propels his heart to start racing. The pursuer stops near him but fails to see him. The young man gets a very clear view of him – his fangs revealed with a normal-looking face. To prevent himself from being discovered, he clamps his right hand over his mouth to keep from screaming.

The man gives up and moves on. A few minutes later, when he feels it is clear, the young man comes out of hiding and walks the opposite direction of the older man. He takes a shortcut home.

His uncle is still awake when he enters their home. Upon seeing the wound, his uncle quickly attends to it while questioning on its origin.

"A vampire bit me, Uncle Jethro." He tells the older man. His uncle is clearly not happy.

"Did you manage to kill it?" He simply asks, cleaning and inspecting the wound. Glancing at the blue-eyed young man with his messy dark hair, he worries that the young man may be infected.

"No. I ran." The young man answers, grimacing when the alcohol is poured.

"Noah." Jethro says with disappointment. He is sure he taught his nephew better. "You know the rules. It is what we do."

Noah looks down in shame. He knows the rules, memorizing them thoroughly. "I promise it will not happen again."

"Better not." He finishes bandaging the wound and starts to put away his medical bag. Jethro eyes Noah. "You will tell me if you start feeling different?"

Noah nods quietly, jumping off the kitchen table. They are both worried that the vampire has given Noah his venom.

Three days later, Noah begins to feel different. Automatically, he informs his uncle of the change. He is then taken to his uncle's society's meeting place to be further examined and studied. With his permission, Noah is given a serum to attempt to stop the transformation. Like many attempts on other captured vampires before him, he turns out just like them.

Jethro is ashamed and having an inner battle whether to end his nephew's suffering. After conversing with The Society members, he decides to leave him and train him to be the first vampire on their side.

Noah lives fighting the constant battle of vampire verses human, along with the society whose members come and go and stand next to others like Noah. He remains a vampire and ends up settling down in Stillwater, Pennsylvania, marrying a local girl and having a family, eventually faking his own death to prevent others of finding out his true identity. The vampire trait is passed down from generation to generation, weakened as its passed.

It is years later, in the same town that still haunts him all these years later, where he comes face to face with one man who would make what he does for a living worthwhile.

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