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"Gathering The Lambs"

David Residence

Alone in the dimly lit apartment, Ziva sat, Indian style, staring at the unopened envelope on her living room glass coffee table. Her face was void of any makeup, and she had opted to dress in comfy clothes. Her surroundings were uncharacteristically quiet, only the hum of the apartment's appliances.

Her hands rested on her small protruding stomach. The doctor assured her that the baby was developing well, which had obviously made her happy. Abby seemed to make it a point to celebrate every ultrasound. Ziva went along with it, much to Abby's musing. The Israeli woman knew this was Abby's way of being a good aunt, since her own niece and nephews were back in Louisiana.

But now in the dimmed depths of her apartment, Ziva was free to celebrate in quiet. Her eyes shifted to the scrapbook an inch away from the unopened envelope. In bright blue foam letters was name Conner. She honored his choice of a boy name, and she wanted to further honor him with the name Anthony DiNozzo. That, plus she didn't want her son to have any trace of the David name, other than her. It would prevent outside enemies from attacking (specifically enemies of her father).

"You are very loved, tateleh." Ziva told Conner in a quiet voice as she lovingly caressed her stomach. "Do you think I should open the envelope?" She wondered, pausing as if she was listening to her son's response. "I agree. He would want me to read it." With that, she reached forward and picked the item up with delicacy as if touched the wrong way it would shatter.

She'd met Father Gordon today while at work. He'd stop by to check up on Vance and in the process he and Vance approached her desk. Vance introduced them and that's when she learned something new about Tony: apparently, he had been in contact with a priest. Due to his mysterious meetings with a man named Noah, they hadn't had the chance to really talk. He'd come in just after she'd go to bed in his bed, shower, and climb into bed, pulling her close.

I love you, Ziva. He'd say, to which she would always return the words, adding his name to the end in place of hers. I only attend these meetings with Noah so that I can better protect you and our family. There's always a reason for everything I do. One day, you'll understand. He'd continue, then kiss her cheek before succumbing to sleep.

She still had yet to understand his cryptic words. After he died, she'd went home to their apartment and uncharacteristically cried as she lay in his bed, curled up in a fetal position. She'd fallen asleep, clenching his pillow. That night, she thought she heard him saying he loved her. It had sounded like he was right beside her; but when she sat up and looked around the room, she found herself alone.

That was a little over two months ago. Nowadays, she'd fall asleep with one of his many treasured videos and his Ohio State sweatshirts that she'd stolen long before he died. Tonight, though, she was here in this state because the priest had said Tony wanted her to have that. She'd been mad at first, wondering why he hadn't given it to her sooner, but then she came to accept it.

The envelope seemed to wait impatiently as she reigned in her tumbling thoughts and focused on the task at hand. Finally, she opened it.


Remember when I told you that you'd understand what I was telling you one day? I'm sure you're nodding your head right, saying something like 'Really, Tony? You know me better than that'. Yes, I do. I decided you should understand now.

I was attacked two weeks ago by a man, who actually wasn't a man – or at least human. Another vampire came to my rescue and took me to safety. He patched me and introduced me to his clan, The Society. They're made up of a bunch of vampires and humans, both genders with two goals in mind: protecting me and trying to save humanity from the 'vampire disease' – as they call it. The vampire who patched me up managed to successfully stop the complete transformation from human to vampire, so I'm kinda in limbo. He calls me a chameleon. I've got all of the vampire strengths and only a few of their weaknesses, mixed in with my human side. He also says my blood is special.

Who knew, right? I'm very special after all. Who knew that I'd become the very thing that is one of my fears, thanks to Mother Dearest?

I know you most likely won't believe me, but it is what it is. A vampire created a monster; but The Society created the perfect chameleon. Because of my speciality, I'm in grave danger. The head honcho wants me dead. See, I threaten his reign. Because of my ability to basically bridge the vampire-human sides, I'm the perfect one to keep both sides in line so there would be peace upon Earth. Cliche, I know, but the absolute truth.

My "handler" is Noah, who's the leader of The Society. He's the one who told me you were pregnant, although I'm still not sure if he is lying or not.

At this, Ziva chuckled. "You have no clue, Tony."

Anyway, I know I'll be excited if you are pregnant. I can just see it now: a boy with black color of hair and those doe eyes of yours running around the apartment, causing terror. Or a girl with the same color of hair and my green eyes. You and I both know Gibbs will be just like Abby and spoil our child rotten. That is, after he gets over us breaking Rule 12. If they spoil him or her, we're sending our child to them. They can calm him or her down.

If, for some reason, I'm dead and you're left to raise our child on your own (even though we both know you'll have plenty of help), please make sure he or she grow up being good. I always envisioned our child to eventually either join the military or police force. It would definitely be in their genes. Teach them to do right by others and not to make our mistakes. And make sure you watch plenty of movies with them. I'd kinda like to pass the Paddington tradition of love for movies down to the next generation.

I love you, Ziva


Ziva softly chuckled, wiping away her tears with the sweatshirt as she folded the letter up and slid it back in the envelope. She held a small smile as the words made her feel a little better. His presence alone could make her feel better.

A flutter in her stomach caused her to jump. Her eyes immediately looked down. Conner was finally letting her know of his presence. She placed a comforting hand over her stomach. "Hello, tateleh. Have you finally made yourself known?"

"I thought you aren't supposed to feel the baby kick until the sixth month?" A familiar voice asked.

Ziva, ever the ninja, grabbed her gun from the pillow on the couch and slipped off the couch, whirling around on her feet, crouching behind the protection the back of the couch gave her, aiming the gun at the person behind the voice. Her jaw dropped in shock. Standing at the door in the soft light was none other than Tony with the trademark DiNozzo smile and his hands in his black jeans pockets.

Ziva didn't lower the weapon, unsure whether her eyes were playing tricks on her or not. "You're not real..." She trailed off, watching as he emerged from the small foyer. "I watched you die."

"I'm as real as you can get." Tony spread his arms out wide and gestured with his hands. He continued to get closer.

"Stop right there!" Ziva yelled at him.

Tony stilled, widening his eyes at her reaction. "Babe, c'mon. It's me." He spoke in a raw, honest voice, pointing at himself with both hands. Again, he came forward. Ziva shot at his chest, hitting upper right chest. Darken red blood started flowing out like water from a cup. "Ow!" Tony yelped, hissing as he touched his chest. He looked back at her, disbelieving but at the same time not expecting her to do it. "God damn, Zi! What the hell?" He hissed again, trying to shake off the pain. To a vampire, it was merely a flesh wound. To him, it was painful but the vampire side would quickly heal it. "That wasn't nice! I hope you don't act trigger-happy when our son brings home his first girlfriend."

"Oh my God!" Ziva lowered the weapon and barreled toward him. She stopped just before him. "It really is you!" She touched his cheek. "I am so sorry." She felt guilty as she spotted the bleeding wound. "I need to call 911." She went to reach for her phone, but his quick reflexes stopped her. With a hand clasped around her wrist, she paused, looking up at him.

"There's no need. I'll be fine." He assured, but he could tell by her eyes that she wasn't convinced. So he did the one thing that he thought would convince her: take off his shirt, so she could watch as his body restored to its natural state. Her eyes widened as she watched and noticed the tattoo. He caught what was left of the bullet as it squeezed out of his body and began to fall to the ground.

"Wow." She responded, pale from what she'd just seen. "When did you get this?" Ziva pointed to tattoo.

"Um...recently. I developed some superpowers since being 'dead'." Tony mused, pulling his shirt back on. "Wait a minute. You shot me?"

Ziva rolled her eyes, turning on her heels and walking back to the couch. "You are just now making that a big deal? You told me that you would be fine."

"Would you two just kiss and make up already? We're on a deadline." Leon's irritated voice interrupted their growing argument.

"Director? How did you...where did you...?"

Leon held a hand up for her to stop. She did, reluctantly. "Everything will be explained in a bit." He lowered his hand, turning to Tony. "Quit acting like a fool and get her ready." Leon ordered, as he took in their surroundings. The place looked...homey, something that made Leon smile.

"Ready?" She questioned, first looking at her boss (because technically he was still dead). Ziva turned to Tony, eyes narrowed. "Where are we going, DiNozzo?" She grounded out, hands resting on her hips.

"Hehe." Tony chuckled, starting to get worried. He backed up with her hot on him. "Ziva...Babe, hang on." He held his hands up in a surrender gesture. "Don't bring on the ninja skills. It's not good for the baby." Tony was expecting her to attack, but she stopped and looked down. "Something wrong?" His wide eyes furrowed.

"It's nothing. In his own way, Conner's telling me to stop." She moved her hand to her stomach. "It is okay, tateleh. Ima will stop."

"How do you know–" Tony started.

"ENOUGH!" Leon bellowed, glaring at them with red eyes.

"O-kay," Tony said under his breath as he placed his hand on her back, escorting her to their bedroom.


Abby lay in Gibbs' bed on her side, facing him. He was in a deep sleep, not even reacting when she played with the soft bristles of his hair. She smirked at the memory of the past hour. They'd done it once before his exhaustion from these past few months finally caught up to him, which she had hoped would. Now, here they were, and she wouldn't want to be anywhere but here with him.

She shifted, moving her hand away as she snuggled closer to him. His intoxicating blood, sawdust, and natural scent of him was testing her limits. Abby had vowed never to bite him until he knew. She had all the time in the world; although unfortunately, he didn't. That didn't matter to her, though.

Her phone on the nightstand beside her side of the bed started vibrating and lighting up. Inwardly groaning, she shifted again, away from his intoxicating scent to find Noah's name on the screen. She quickly sobered – shoving all thoughts to the side – as she pressed the SEND button and put it against her ear.

"Yeah?" She whispered, sitting up, bringing the sheet with her.

"Precious Cargo." was all Noah said.

Her eyes immediately widened as her head turned to look at Gibbs, who still showed no signs of being disturbed. "Where's Leon? Tony with you?" Her voice held nothing but anxiousness, the mounting tension feeling as if a needle could penetrate it. "Ziva and Conner, the others?"

"All headed to The Society's. I sent Leon to be with Tony, Ziva, and Conner. The others are at their assigned locations. Joplin is outside, waiting for you." Noah answered, sounding slightly out of breath. "Tony got in a fight with three of Gora's goons. He let one go with a warning to Gora. There is not much time before he retaliates."

"Dammit, Tony." She cursed under her breath. Abby got out of bed, threw one of Gibbs' discarded shirts on, and walked over to the single window in the bedroom, looking down at the street. The steady rain plowed on, never wavering its speed or amount. Abby could see the vampire standing on the sidewalk across the street looking up at her. His hair was short, choppy. He was lanky and nearly the same age as Tony – both vampire and human age – but he was very loyal. "Your grandson's actually asleep for once." She informed, reluctant to wake him up. "What do I tell him?"

"Do not worry about that." Noah told her, knowing she'll be insistent on knowing what they exactly planned on telling him. "I'll have Brad from Dispatch call him and give him a lead on DiNozzo's possible murderer. He will be too distracted to really check on the info. We all know he has been desperately looking for the person responsible ever since he was 'killed'. Be ready."

"Good idea." Abby whispered. "I'll be there in a bit. I need to check on Ducky."

"See you there." Noah responded and, like a typical Gibbs, hung up.

She was quick to return to her previous state, except this time she would be 'asleep'. When his phone rang mere minutes after she got settled, he finally stirred, fumbling as he grabbed the irritating phone.

"Yeah, Gibbs." He greeted gruffly. Once Brad relayed what Noah had told him, Gibbs perked up. "What? Where?" He asked. "Yeah, thanks." With that, he hung up, turning to face her. "Abs." He whispered, waiting a moment before trying again – a little louder this time. "Abs, wake up." He gently shook her, smiling when her green eyes found his still sleepy blue eyes.

"What is it, Gibbs?" She mumbled, sighing as she snuggled into him.

He couldn't keep the smile from his face. "There's been a lead to DiNozzo's murderer. I'm gonna go check it out." Gibbs told her as he quickly kissed her before getting up and quickly dressing. "I love you." He said, leaning over and caressing her cheek as he kissed her once again. "I'm gonna kill the sonofabitch. For Tony."

"Be careful." She warned. "Shouldn't you call McGee for backup?" She called as he left the room and went down the hallway.

He didn't answer.

She quickly got ready herself and took off toward the hospital to sit with Ducky. Abby had plans to sit with her favorite storyteller.


Ducky gasped as he came to. He immediately looked around the room, clasping onto an outstretched hand belonging to Abby. Wild, confused hazel eyes locked onto the woman's startled green ones.

"Ducky! It's okay. You're safe. Just let the machine breathe for you." Abby soothed, brushing back some of his sweat-ridden graying dirty blonde hair. She hollered for a nurse, to which a female nurse was quick to come. Abby smoothly rose and hung back, deciding that despite how much she wanted to be by his side it would be best she stay out of their way.

Meanwhile, Ducky was having trouble breathing because of the ventilator. His body shook as it fought the machine.

The nurse called for backup. Immediately, another nurse, a male this time whose name tag read Wyatt , rushed in. "Whadda we got?" The man sounded very much like Gibbs.

"He's awake! Get me Doctor Irving, Wyatt!" The female nurse who the team had come to know as Maddie, informed. She looked at Abby. "Ms. Sciuto, I need you to go out in the hallway. We need the room."

Abby, who had a very worried look on her face with a trail of tears falling from her face, gave Maddie an acknowledged nod. She slipped out of the room, not going very far away as she watched the chaos before her.

By this time, Ducky's doctor came rushing by, barking orders at the two nurses as he was given the tools to extract the plastic ventilator cord. "Okay, Doctor Mallard, I need you to breathe out so I can remove the cord." Doctor Irving got in position, receiving a pleading look from his patient.

Once the ventilator cord was cleared, Doctor Irving asked the necessary questions and exams to which Ducky fully cooperated. Maddie gave Ducky some water to relieve his desert-like mouth and throat. Then just like that, Ducky's doctor swept out of the room.

The doctor saw Abby watching as Maddie and Wyatt got Ducky settled. He stood next to her, looking in as well, whispering. "Try to be a little cautious as to what you tell him." His doctor continued. "Doctor Mallard's mind is a little confused. We aren't sure how much damage was caused due to the accident, so he may do or say things that seem strange to the people closest to him. Don't be alarmed. Let's hope his mind straightens up."

Abby took a moment to process what information she'd just received but enveloping him in her arms. "Thank you." She whispered.

Off guard, it took him a moment to respond, having never been hugged as tight yet relieved before. "Um...you're welcome." He returned the hug.

She pulled back, eyeing him. "You have no clue how happy this makes me feel. He's alive! Thank God!"

"Well, it's always good to see a patient come out of comas. I gotta make my rounds." He pulled away completely as his name was called over the PA system and started walking away, momentarily turning back to her. "If anything comes up, let the nurses know."

"Will do, doctor!" She called, excitement taking over. Abby watched the nurses finished getting Ducky settled and only entered when they left.

"Just let us know if you need anything." Maddie told him as they walked passed her.

Abby closed the door after them and sat down.

"Hey Ducky." She greeted in a low, shaky voice.

Ducky seemed on edge, completely foregoing the returning gesture. "Abigail, Anthony is alive! I heard his voice!" He insisted.

Abby looked at him with surprise, unsure how he could have...unless...Tony had visited him sometime during his coma. Her face slipped to disappointment. Noah shouldn't have let Tony see him. It had been risky at the time, but what was done was done. There was no turning back now, and she had no clue how to explain his existence to her dear old friend.

This was going to be tricky.


Ducky's awake! was the text message he received from Abby. He looked down at the text with a smile perched on his face as he cleared the screen and exited out of the application. Getting up from his desk chair, he pushed the chair back in its usual place and went straight to his room.

There was no way Timothy McGee was getting out of his house with his current outfit: A NCIS sweatshirt and matching pants. He changed into a pair of jeans and T-shirt, grabbing his gun from its safe, badge and wallet from his nightstand. Throwing on some socks, he was quick to finish getting ready. Making like a tornado, he swept through his 'living room' with urgency on his brain. He grabbed his keys on his way, locking it on his way out and closing it.

"Where do you think you're going, Agent McGee?" A familiar voice spoke up, causing him to jump and nearly drop his keys as he turned around to face the person belonging to the voice. A red-headed young woman, clad in black clothes covered by an open trench coat, looked at him, expectantly.

He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and suspicion. "Who are you? How do you know my name?" He questioned, hand sliding to his gun.

She glanced down at his wandering hand. "If you plan on drawing your weapon, that won't be necessary. I have orders to bring you to Bay Manor. Your boss is waiting for you." She calmly yet cryptically explained in a dull monotone.

Boss would've called me. McGee theorized. He averted his hand to his pocket where his cell rested. Pulling it out, he noted there was nothing from his boss. He snapped his head to look at her with narrowed eyes. "You're lying. Answering my questions!" He demanded, pocketing the phone.

"I'm sorry for doing this." She looked passed him, a subtle nod present.

"For what?" McGee wondered, following her line of sight. It was too late. He caught a glimpse of a man before whoever it was smacked him with the butt of a gun.

He crumbled to the floor, lights out.


Palmer Residence

Palmer walked into their living room with a bowl of popcorn and two sodas. His wife was just pressing the play button on their DVD player as she sat up on the couch. He gently set the soda cups on their light oak table as he handed her the bowl of popcorn, sliding behind her and letting her relax against him.

They were giggling and having small talk as the movie scrolled through its introduction. The movie had just started when his cell phone that lay on the coffee table went off, signaling a text message.

Ducky's awake! Jimmy beamed once he saw the message. Breena watched him. "What is it, Jimmy?"

"Doctor Mallard's awake." He replied.

Breena shared a smile as she set the bowl on the coffee table. She slipped out of his arms and stood up, holding out her hand. "We better go see him then." She suggested.

He paused before getting up, turning both electronics off and grabbing his wallet and keys. She followed, slinging her purse on her shoulder.

They only made it to the front door of their apartment building before they were taken by surprise. Jimmy tried fighting back, but the two assailants were too strong. Breena tried to bat one of them with her purse but it was proven useless.

Before they could react any further, the two assailants grabbed them and dragged them to an awaiting white non-descriptive professional van. Each were knocked out before any more struggle could ensue.

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