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"Abby's Confession"


If someone had told him that he'd be here in this warehouse with vampires and humans alike a few months ago, he would have just stared at them. Now, he sat at the round table with his teammates and newly formed alliances, eating breakfast before making his way to NCIS. Just because he was on protection detail didn't mean they could forestall his life. He had obligations to the public and nation. It wasn't like he wouldn't be killed and brought back to life as a vampire. His grandfather had mentioned that to each of them as an option. It was still being tossed around inside his head.

The chatter was bustling, full of laughter and good talk. As he ate his breakfast, his eyes dragged from one individual to the next, trying to gauge their moods and thoughts, body language and etc. Most of the group were easily readable; only a few stumped him.

His eyes landed on Abby's who had come a few hours ago. He was trying his best to get inside her head, but she was being stubborn. Her body language was enough to tell him something wasn't right, and she usually let him in; but this time, she was closed off. Outwardly, nothing was different; inwardly, now that told a whole different story. She caught his eyes but didn't hold on for long. His impression was that she was either ashamed to tell him or was still uncertain of his reaction. Eventually, she'd tell him. She always did.

His protector, Jamal, was a young African American man. Appearance-wise, he looked to be in his twenties; in reality, he was around two hundred years old whose seen his fair share of battle, on and off the field. Tall and lean, he looked every bit of a fighter. From the moment they were introduced, Gibbs knew this kid was the perfect man for his protection detail. His gut told him to trust the vampire, and he always went his gut. It had never betrayed him in the past; hopefully, it never would.

"Ready to go, Gibbs?" Jamal asked as he approached him. Gibbs was still staring at Abby as he nodded. Their mix-matching eyes had reconnected and never wavered until she broke them again. Jamal looked over at Abby. "She'll come around, Gibbs. Just give her time."

"You're right." Gibbs shook the feeling away and focused on getting to work. "Let's go." He headed out of the kitchen, stepping out of the way of the one of the three maids as she carried an armful of dishes.

His blue eyes once again found her and watched as she got in a SUV with McGee, Jimmy, and Breena with their individual protectors. He didn't understand why she refused a protection detail and why his grandfather was allowing it. It flat out pissed him off. If they were in as much danger as The Society led them to believe (at which he was still slightly unconvinced), why was his grandfather who'd figured out they were in a relationship allowing Abby to be unguarded? It just didn't seem right. None of this seemed right.

"Focus on work, Gibbs." Jamal's voice broke through his deep thoughts. "She'll be safe. I promise."

He tightened his jaw but didn't respond as they got in a truck. Once the opportunity arose, Abby and he had a conversation to discuss. He planned to even steal her remote and put them in lockdown just like she'd done a few years ago.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs didn't accept half-truths. It just wasn't in the rule book.


"What should I do, Leon?" Abby asked as she and the director entered his office. Once they arrived, she'd immediately went to him. She had a dilemma. "He'll find out eventually. I just hate to see his reaction when he does. It'll devastate him, and I don't want to be another woman to leave."

"Like you said, he'll eventually find out. It's best you just tell him." Leon advised, knowing how complicating it would be. He knew from experience just how hard it was to keep the same secret from Jackie before he finally broke down and told her. "I'm sure Gibbs will come to accept it. He knows you; he knows you wouldn't willingly put him in danger and would do everything in your power to protect him. Let's not forget the Hernandez Fiasco."

She nodded. That was true. They were both very familiar with that incident. She kept thinking that she didn't want to hurt him after he'd finally appeared to be content with life. "Fine." Abby said, locking eyes with her boss. "I'll tell him."

Leon nodded, pleased. "Remember he'll come around if he reacts badly with this confession. I promise."

"He won't take it lightly." She commented.

"Just try." Leon suggested.

Abby got determined. "I will. I better get to work." With that said, she turned and left his office, intent on getting to her lab and get through the day with limited hitches. As she headed to the back elevator, her eyes landed on Gibbs' own crystal blue ones. Their eyes expressed mutual worries. She could tell that his heart had constricted at the feeling of separation. It apparently passed over his features because Ziva looked questioning between them, choosing wisely to not voice her concern. Their eyes never wavered until the elevator doors slide shut, and it jolted to life.

Tonight was going to be one helluva night.


Later that night, Gibbs ran a hand through his hair, tiredly. A yawn broke out on his face as he fiddled with his keys until he found the one he wanted: his house key. Yes, ever since Abby moved in, he'd taken to locking up.

"I'll be fine, Jamal. You can head back to the warehouse." Gibbs tiredly assured the vampire as he opened the darkened house. Looking back at him, he noticed Jamal standing alert next to him. He relaxed only when Abby's car pulled up in the driveway.

"I've been ordered to stay nearby, Gibbs." Jamal told him as Abby got out, secured her car, and walked unusually slow to the front door.

"I got it, Jamal." Abby flashed a smile as she slowly slipped passed him, following Gibbs into the house.

"Yes, ma'am. I'll be nearby." He told her, falling back.

Gibbs tossed his keys in the bowl on the end table behind the door and dropped a small stack of files onto the coffee pot, but he didn't sit. Meanwhile, she closed the door, slowly facing him. He had yet to turn around. The hurt, angry vibes radiated off of Gibbs, mixing in with Abby's cautious ones. "What are you hiding, Abs?" He asked with an even out tone.

She attempted to play it off. "What are you talking about?" She asked innocently as she rushed out of the living room and into the kitchen to make him something to eat.

He finally turned around. "Abs." Gibbs' face gave her his famous stare that normally wouldn't have any affect on her. "Please tell me." He begged, looking at her with such sadness. His array of expressions had always been her weakness along with just everything about him.

Her eyebrows shot upward in shock. Gibbs almost never begged. "You aren't going to like it." She warned him, closing the fridge door and approaching him. He easily welcomed her into his arms, holding her tightly like she was his lifeline.

"Just tell me." He breathed out, projecting pain in his voice.

"I'm a vampire like Noah." She confessed, instantly feeling him stiffen.

He didn't say a word, only pulled away and locked eyes. A panicked expression perched on his face. "Did you just say what I think you said?"

"Say it. What did you hear me say?" She questioned.

"A vampire." Gibbs whispered, his voice cracking.

Abby merely nodded, ashamed. She turned her back on him. "I'm sorry I haven't told you. I just wanted to keep you away from this part of me as long as possible. I should have been honest from the start."

He eased onto the couch, still in shock. As he stared at her, the only thing he could really hear was the loud pounding of his racing heart. Abby, his Abby, had been keeping this huge secret from him. It made him feel slightly betrayed or not trustful enough for that little bit of her life. Here they were with her knowing all of his secrets and him only knowing what he had thought were hers. The one person he'd finally let in was still not completely honest with him. What should he suspect, considering his past with women. Only one woman had surpassed them all, and he'd been set on Abby being next to her; but it was obvious she still wasn't completely sure of her trust or faith in him.

"Yeah, you should have told me." He murmured, his voice and the look he cast her way telling her all she needed to know. Two hearts constricted, each feeling the other's fall to the pit of their stomachs. For once, Gibbs let the tears fall.

Abby wanted to reach out to him, wanted to pull him into her arms and be his rock for once. She wanted to hold him as he let it out, but she knew that would be the wrong move. For the first and – hopefully – the only time, Abigail Sciuto had done the very thing she had strived for not to do: betray the very man who held her heart.

It wasn't like she had wanted to do it. She had to in order to protect him for as long as she could. It had been instinct to protect her, just as it had been for him. All along, she let him play the protective knight in shining armor when she could have easily protected both of them. She allowed him to display it, but it was obvious now that it hadn't been her smartest move.

"I was merely trying to protect you, Gibbs." She said again. "I was trying to be like you. You don't know the dangers of the vampire world."

"I'm sure as hell learning now!" He snapped. Her eyes widened, surprised yet unsurprised that he held that tone with her. "Are all vampires distrustful and honest? Who else do we know is a vampire in hiding? Huh? Ducky? Vance?" He rose and advanced on her, backing her against a wall. "Answer me dammit!"

This sudden turn of demeanor made her vampire side threaten to make itself known. It usually did whenever she felt threatened or angry. Her eyes narrowed and began to turn red as well as the appearance of her elongated fangs. "Don't use that tone with me, Jethro!" She matched his tone of voice. "You don't know the direction you're headed into if you continue to use that tone! I was trying to protect you! The human world has kinder beings than the vampire world. In that world, it's either hunt or be hunted. Only recently has it started to resemble the human world." Her voice grew lower until it plateaued to her normal voice, only faltering then. "You have no clue how much I actually love you. No clue the riskiness of our relationship or how much of the vampire side of me I have to keep in control whenever I'm around you in particular. I had hoped you never would know." Her eyes still held remnants of the red, but her teeth had slowly slipped out of sight.

Shock and confusion overcame him once more. "Let's get this all out right now. I want us to both be honest. I love you." He demanded, moving away and going to the kitchen table. His mind wanted him to break up with her; but his heart refused to let it happen. If they broke up, a piece of his heart would be walking out of the door with her. It always would.

"I love you, too." She followed and sat down across from him. "What do you want to know?" She asked, wringing her hands on the table while his hands were clasped together. He merely looked at her, but she could easily read the thought. Everything. "How about I tell a little about the world?"

"Sounds good." He agreed. She was relieved, feeling the tension lightened. "But you know, that explains why you seem to be unnaturally cold." He smiled tightly.

Abby couldn't help but to smile. "I'm sorry."

"I think I'll let that one go." He said.

"I haven't bitten you yet." She pointed out.

His eyes snapped to hers with a questioning look. "What do you mean?"

"In the vampire world, biting your mate signals to others that that person is yours. It's more common when a vampire – or in Tony's case, a half-vampire – and a human are in a relationship or even in a non-relationship-but-everyone-knows-they-should-be. It's similar to marking your territory, so to speak. There are two different types of bites that cast a different scent – one for the above mentioned and the other for merely feeding."

"I see. So...why haven't you?" Gibbs pondered. "I mean, I'm yours in this world. Reminds me of getting married."

"Are you asking, Gunny?" She raised an eyebrow with a teasing smile on her face. Abby knew neither of them were ready to head down that road, but she couldn't resist.

He only gave her a half-smile. "Someday, Abs. Someday." He answered. "When the time's right, both of our worlds will become one."

She was taken aback. "Wow, Jethro, so philosophical? Where was this side of you hiding?"

He flashed a smile. "Stillwater." He craned his neck to hear outside. "Does this mean Jamal isn't needed?"

"Although I'm very capable of protecting both of us, it's wise to have back up. Shouldn't that be a rule?" Abby teased.

"Where's a scrap of paper? I'll add it." Gibbs looked about the room for the mentioned object, coming up short. "Damn. Maybe I'll add it later."

"We should get some sleep." Abby suggested, pointing to the stairs. She yawned. "This little vampire does enjoy her sleep when she gets it. Vampires can't function without sleep for too long, although we can last longer than humans." She rambled as they rose and headed upstairs.

Gibbs yawned as well. "It wouldn't be a bad idea." Then, they disappeared upstairs.

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