Olive woke up on her birthday; she sat up in her bed. The clock read 7:30. I better get up. She thought.

Buzz…. Buzz. Olive looked over and saw her phone vibrating.

From Chyna

Happy birthday, big surprise for you at A.N.T farm.

Olive smiled; Chyna was such an amazing friend. But what about Fletcher, her boyfriend still haven't texted her. She decided that she needed to take a shower. Olive walked down stairs in her favorite dress. (Insert picture code).

Happy birthday, sweetie. Her mother sat as she sat down for breakfast.

Thanks, she said, giving her mother a kiss on the cheek.

So, what's on the menu? Olive asked.

How about chocolate pancakes with French toast. She said.

That sounds awesome. She said excitedly.

After breakfast, Olive got her pink flowered backpack and checked her phone again.

No new messages.

She sighed, what's wrong with Fletcher today.

Have a good day in school, Olive. Her mom says as she got on the bus.

Olive walked into the Ant farm, thing to find, balloons, streamers, cupcakes, but found a typical day in the A.N.T farm. Chyna strolled up to her.

Hi, Olive. Chyna said, hugging her tightly.

Hi, have you seen Fletcher today. Olive asked.

Yeah, he's over there. She said smirking.

Olive walked over to her boyfriend, and taped on his shoulder.

Hey, Liv. Fletcher said. She giggled at his nickname for her.

She grabbed his hand, and pulled him to the other side of the room.

Why didn't you text me this morning. She asked. Fletcher rubbed the back of his neck.

My phone was dead. He said. She didn't believe him.

He sighed, hey, I got you something. He said smiled.

What? She said softly. Fletcher got a small box out and handed it to her. She opened it and gasped.

Fletcher, it's beautiful. It was a silver necklace, and had a heart shape that said Olive.

Olive smiled and ran her fingers through his hair. She leaned in and kissed him deeply.

Ew. Said a voice from his Angus and Violet.

Olive and Fletcher rolled their eyes.

Do you guys have to do that? Angus asked.

Yes, we do. Fletcher said. Then Chyna walked over to them.

Leave them alone, they did nothing wrong. Chyna said to Angus and Violet as they stomped off in anger.

Thanks, Chyna. Olive said.

Hey Chyna, can I talk to you for a minute. Fletcher said to Chyna. Her and Fletcher walked into the hall-way. I wonder what that's about. She thought. Five minutes later, they came back, smiling.

What's going on? Olive asked.

Nothing. Chyna and Fletcher said, walking away.

Leaving Olive very confused.

The end of chapter 1,

What are Chyna and Fletcher hiding? Is it good or bad. Tune in and find out! Please review. .