Folive Birthday

Olive POV

I got the next morning feeling furious with Fletcher. How could he lie to me? Iput my thoughts aside as Igot ready for school. As I walked into the kitchen I walked into the kitchen to see my mother at the stove, and my dad sitting at the table reading the newspaper.

''Hi, everybody''. I greeted.

My dad waved, but still looking at his newspaper.

''Hi, sweetie. Do you want some eggs''? She asked.

I nodded and sat down beside my father.

''So….. How's work''? I asked.

''It's good. I have a meeting today''. He said.

''Here are your eggs''. She said placing them in front of me. I gobbled them down. They were delicious. After eating, I grabbed my book-bag and got on the bus.

At the A.N.T Farm-

I walked into the ant farm room to see Chyna and Fletcher at the table, probably making fun of you. I thought to myself. I walked over to them; ''what are you guys looking at''?

''Nothing''. Fletcher said, quickly as he put whatever they were looking at behind him.

''Yeah, nothing important''. Chyna said with a sweet smile. It made me sick.

I grabbed Fletcher's hand and pulled him out into an empty hallway.

''What's the matter''? Fletcher asked.

''Like you don't know''. I said bitterly.

''Well, I don't''. Fletcher asked.

''You lied to me yesterday''. I said.

''Oh, about that…..'' Fletcher started but I cut him off.

''I can't believe you, after all the times you said you didn't like chyna….. ''

''I don't like chyna''.

Then why do you hang out with her more than me.

''I can't tell you''.

''Why not''? I asked, suddenly filled with anger.

'I just can't.'' He said.

''Fine, don't, then I hope you like me not talking to you''. I said, as I walked away.

''Olive, wait''. He begged, but I was gone.

I went home, not caring if my parents were mad. I made myself some pizza rolls for a snack. There were good. Buzzzzzzz. Ugh, my phone was ringing. A text from chyna:

Why you aren't at school, Fletcher is worried about you.

I texted her back:

So. He's probably happy he's with you.

She quickly texted about:

What are you talking about, Fletcher loves you!

I texted:

Chyna, he likes you.

No, he doesn't.

Yes, he does.

Olive, Fletcher is in love with you.

Sure he is

Why don't you believe me?
Because you're lying.

No, I'm not.

Do me a favor and leave me alone. I texted back, then shut my phone off.

''Something wrong''? My mom asked.

I shook my head, ''it's nothing''.

She looks at me like she didn't' believe me, but said nothing.

''What are you cooking''?

''Pizza rolls, want some''?

''No, thanks''. Checking her watch, gasped, ''oh my gosh I'm late''.

''I'll see later''. She said, running out the door. It was weird how she didn't ask about me being home early from school. I toke the pizza rolls out of the oven and watched as they cooled off. My dad and I made them when I was nine. He taught me to cook things, like, carrot cake, chicken pot pies, sugar cookies, etc. We used lots of cooking books, spent lots of time cleaning the kitchen.

The pizza rolls were really good. Later, I decided to listen to some Taylor Swift. I completely adore her. She's amazing.

Why can't I just be happy?

Author's note: Sorry, you had to wait so long. School is making me very busy. Thank you to everyone who reviews this story.

Till next time! .