Did anybody else think this?




Junpei's comment did little to capture their true feelings of the current situation, but 'Woah' summed it up fairly accurately. The halls of Tartarus were a twisted mockery of their school, with bloodstained tiles and ominous murals dominating the walls, all staring at them. Yukari actually shrank a bit at a particularly intense picture, and Junpei had a mixture of awe and fear across his face as he surveyed the world around them. Minato, seeing all this, decided he ought to lighten the mood a tad.

"First person who gets an Ekoda-sensei shadow in the face with a bat gets free cake for a month." Minato said, a thin smile evident on his features. In spite of their current predicament, Junpei laughed a little, and Yukari gave a wan smile at the humor in the words.

Minato looked down the long hall and squinted. Everything ahead was clear and in focus. It did little to aid in his mood, but at least he could see. That was a start.

"Everybody ready?"

"Yeah." Yukari mumbled, a slight shudder in her tone.

"You know it!" Junpei shouted, pumping his fist into the air.

Well, that's than then.

Can you hear me?

Minato put his finger up to the specialized headpiece.

"Loud and clear, Kirijo-senpai."

That's good. I'm pleased that the equipment is working properly.

"Like a charm."

Great. I'll be providing audio backup from the lobby.

"And what does that entail, exactly?" Minato asked, an eyebrow disappearing in the wild mane of blue-black hair.

I'll be giving you support in a variety of situations, from enemy analysis to directions.

"Ah. Got it. Sounds important."

It is. Without audio backup, you could very well end up lost. The structure of Tartarus is labyrinthine in nature, and it changes every time you enter. Now, as you-

"Err… Senpai?"


"Uhh…" Minato scratched the back of his head. "This may be out of turn, but, how do you know that the structure of Tartarus changes if you or Akihiko-senpai have never been past the lobby before?"

After those words left his mouth, there was a very awkward, minute long pause.


That is a very good question, Arisato-san… one that I do not quite have the answer to…

Minato raised his eyebrow.

Mysteries within mysteries, it seemed.

Seriously, how?

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