Walter's revenge on Dennis

So here's my 71th story, and a little something for British viewers, a parody of the Beano!

Dennis the Menace kicked the front door of his house open.

"Ahhh….such a nice day for menacing." He smiled.

"Eh heh heh!" laughed Gnasher

"I think I'll start with that sissy neighbour of mine! Walter the Softy!" Dennis chuckled.

Dennis knocked on the door of his neighbour's house. Walter's mother answered.

"Can Walter come out and play?" asked Dennis smiling through his teeth

"Erm…." Replied Walter's mother "He's with a group in the basement. He might be busy….."

"Oh…can you tell him that Dennis called?" Dennis replied.

"I'll go and tell him." Replied his mother.

Just as Dennis turned to leave, The door opened up again. "It's O.K the group's just finished their meeting. You can go in."

"I wonder what kind of group he's in?" Dennis said to Gnasher.

Dennis entered Walter's basement. To his surprise he found about 10 kids in the basement. Four of them Walter's friends, Algernon 'Spotty' Perkins and Bertie Blenkinsop were there along with Dudley Nightshirt.

But the real surprise was what a certain banner said. "Gay rights meeting."

Dennis was shocked. "G…..GAY RIGHTS MEETING ! ? "

"Yes" replied Walter.

"I knew it was true!" replied Dennis "You're the most flamboyant person ever to disgrace comics!"

"You see what I gotta put up with!?" Walter said to his group. He then turned to Dennis "And you're the biggest homophobic person I know!"

"Well how could anybody NOT be creeped out by what you do!" Dennis snarled. "You play with dolls and press flowers! In the 1980's and 1990's comics you dressed like a girl. You even wore a pink tutu for dancing along with your mother's make up! Do your parents know you did that ! ? "

"If anything, they encouraged it." Walter replied.

Dennis just facepalmed.

"There were a least a few things that at least suggested you fall in love with girls. Didn't you actually have a girlfriend called Matilda in the 1996 T.V series?" asked Dennis

"Oh we were just good friends. Nothing serious But that's enough talk. We've had enough of your homophobic bullying Dennis, and we're gonna teach you a lesson." Walter snarled at Dennis.

"Oh and what are you fairy gaylords gonna do about it?"

"You'd be surprised Dennis. Not all gay people are wimps. Get him boys!"

One of the kids slammed the basement door and the lights went off.

"OW! OHHHHHHHH! OUCH! NOT THE FACE!" screamed Dennis

"Get his dog too!" screamed one of the kids.

"Are we still gonna get Minnie the Minx?" asked one of the kids.

"Don't forget our plan to burn down Plug's house. One of the Bash Street Kids!" yelled another.

The kids eventually let Dennis and his dog go, but they were covered in bruises.