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Sand vs. Platinum: The Battle of the Blondes

Ino was totally surprised as the Suna konoichi dragged her into the bath-house. Ino had no idea what was going to happen and was concerned that Naruto wasn't doing anything to stop it. Temari threw Ino onto a bench and gave her a very hard glare. "Do you want Naruto to be your boyfriend?" Temari asked stunning the other blonde.

"I.. I.. I.. huh?" Ino stuttered surprised by the question.

Temari smirked, "That's a yes." Ino hung her head sheepishly acknowledging her feelings for the boy. "Well let's get a few things straight then. Naruto already has one woman in his life." She started.

"YOU! You're the one he spent the night with at his apartment!" Ino shouted interrupting the sandy blonde who just smiled and blushed slightly at the accusation but did nothing to deny it. "Why? How? Why Naruto? I mean sure at the prelims he really showed off some cool and powerful moves but that not enough time for you to get to know him and he doesn't seem the type to just sleep around." Ino questioned confused at what she was hearing.

Temari sighed. "The answer to that question is a little more complicated. Suffice it to say Naruto and I met many years ago…" Temari began to think back onto some of their early encounters.

Flashback no Jutsu!

Young Temari approached the blonde boy who was smiling and playing with her baby brother. Gaara looked happier then she had ever seen him, though it wasn't evident really on his face she could tell it from his eyes. In the short few minutes that he and Naruto had been interacting Gaara changed so much and seemed to be more of a person then the monster many in the village thought him to be. As she approached the pair Naruto turned to face her and she quickly embraced him in a hug. "Thank you, thank you." She whispered in his ear before releasing him and embracing Gaara. "I love you baby brother, never doubt that." She cried slightly, happy that her baby brother has a friend. She then released her brother and faced Naruto again. "My name is Temari, thank you for becoming a friend to my baby brother. I am glad that my future husband is such a good and caring person." She smiled at Naruto. Temari had been raised knowing that she was going to be married to Naruto. She didn't really know the specifics about him but meeting him and seeing him interact with her brother cemented in her heart and in her mind that she would quickly grow to love him.

Naruto however was floored when she said that he would be her husband. Still hesitant about the whole thing hearing her say she was looking forward to marrying him, really started to melt his doubts. She was incredibly cute with her sandy blonde hair and teal eyes the drew him in. She didn't look at him with the anger, hatred, and fear that the villagers looked at him with. She looked at him with genuine affection and gratitude. In that day Naruto formed two bonds that would last for rest of his life. He was really happy with his new friends and thought it wouldn't be so bad to marry Temari.

Over the years Naruto and Gaara became really good friends even training with each other and sharing their styles. Every summer Naruto would spend a few weeks in Suna and live with the Kazekage. He interacted the best with Gaara and Temari but found Konkuro to be really odd. The boy seemed to have an infatuation with girl's makeup and pajamas. But despite that Naruto and Temari grew really close and gained a habit of sleeping with each other cuddling together for warmth in the cold desert nights. Both of them found it really enjoyable and it caused them to bond even faster.

Flashback no Jutsu Release!

"Arranged marriage? How can Naruto be in some arranged marriage with you?" Ino said still dumbfounded by what she was told.

"That's simple our parents set it up, honestly probably the best decision my father ever made for one of his children." Temari sighed the last part remembering how her father treated her and her brothers after their mother had died. How cold and distant he became. She never really did forgive him for sealing Ichibi into Gaara and trying to turn him into a weapon.

"Wait so you know who Naruto's parents are?" Ino asked excitedly sensing good gossip, receiving a small nod from then Suna blonde. "Tell me tell me tell me tell me!"

Temari shook her head. "I can't tell you, its Naruto's secret to tell. Besides we are getting off topic we were talking about how you like him as well." Temari smirked at the last part as Ino blushed. "You are a clan heiress right?" Ino nodded in response to the question slightly confused at the sudden shift in the conversation. "Konoha Clan Law, Article 32 section 7." Temari stated plainly with a slight smirk.

Ino thought about what Temari said. She was familiar with clan laws, as a clan heiress she would have to know about that stuff but trying to remember one particular law was difficult and took a little extra time. Then it hit her as to what Article 32, section 7 referred to. "You mean?" she looked at Temari who smiled and nodded.

"The CRA." Temari stated.

Back with Naruto

"So you and that Yamanaka girl were just training?" Yugao asked her student peering into his eyes to be sure he wasn't trying to hide anything.

"Of course sensei! I was teaching her water walking and I thought it would be best to teach her the same place you taught me." Naruto rubbed the back of his head sheepishly as he explained himself. Yugao nodded to Anko that it was true, Anko relaxed as she was going to smack Naruto over the head.

"That's good. I know Temari wouldn't like you looking for other wives behind her back." Yugao scolded the young teen. "Plus neither she nor Kushina sensei would approve of you marrying some weakling." Yugao knew about Naruto's mother because Kushina was her sensei when she was a genin years ago. Kushina taught Yugao everything she knows about swordsmanship which she in turn passed down to her sensei's son. Shortly after that first trip to Suna Yugao took an interest in Naruto and began training him. She was one of the few people he trusted completely alongside the hokage, Anko, and of course Temari. As one of his ANBU watchers she spent a lot of time looking out for Naruto even before he entered the academy. When she was teaching him he would quickly absorb everything she showed him. Like his mother he seemed to have a natural talent for swordsmanship even getting advanced Uzumaki style moves that Yugao only told him about have seen her sensei do.

While the girls were distracted Jiraya tried to get up but the moment he did the wreckage he was on creaked loudly and all eyes were on him. "So what do you want to do with the pervert here?" Anko sneered as she cracked her knuckles

"Umm umm umm." Jiraya mumbled trying to think of something to save himself from a royal beating. Then his gaze fell onto the blonde boy who had kicked him through the fence and an idea struck him. "How about as a penance I train the blonde gaki!" The girls looked at him and he knew he only had maybe a minute of fast talking to save himself. "He is competing in the Chunin exam tournament right? Well what better teacher could you ask for then one of the legendary Sannin!"

The girls turned to Naruto, if the old pervert was offing to train him then it was his decision to accept. Naruto then got a smirk on his face that meant he was thinking of something devious. "Ok I accept, but with two conditions." He started and Jiraya exhaled thinking he saved his ass. "First you also have to train Ino as well, and second you can't do anything pervy otherwise I will tell Yugao sensei and Anko-nee and they will get to have their vengeance on you."

Both the girls smiled at this, though slightly confused as to why Naruto would want Ino to get trained as well. Then it hit them, with his idiot other persona no one would bother teaching him and would ignore him even though he wanted to improve himself. He saw that Ino asking him for help as a way to improve herself and he was going to make sure she got good training. Anko shook her head at the boy's nobility and slight naiveté; he had not realized that she wanted to train with him to be "with him".

It was at that moment that Temari and Ino walked out of the bath house and rejoined the others. The older two women were surprised that Ino was walking at all as they thought Temari would beat the other blonde girl into the ground. Temari walked right up to Naruto and wrapped her arms around him before giving him a light kiss on the lips. She smirked when she pulled away and saw Naruto's confusion at the gesture. "The two of us worked it out and she knows she has to become a lot stronger before I would allow her to join in as one of your wives my darling." Jiraya who would have been giggling at this point had wisely left so as not to incur the wrath of the women again. Naruto however was confused by Temari's statement and her openness in front of Ino. "She wants to become your second wife." Temari stated smiling as the realization struck her fiancé. "But I will always be your first."

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