Big Notice!

Hey everyone, sorry to disappoint if you were all expecting a new chapter but alots been going on in my life and I felt like an explanation is necessary. First off school has been crazy lots of projects and papers, gona get one of them published. Also my sister has been sick and in the hospital a lot. Next some announcements for my stories

As I am on spring break this week I will have plenty of time to write. So expect the a new chapter for both Two Spiders, and Lazarus within the week.

Next is news concerning my spectacular story. Honestly I am not that happy with where it is going. I feel like I was trying to do too much all at once. Therefore season 3 will be going through a re-write where I will keep the stuff I really liked and am really proud of but take out the extra fat and really give it some polish.

Finally Naruto has taken a back burner for me as I plot out all the story line.

Thank you for your patience