Pets in Black

I don't own the Amazing world of gumball or the Men in Black

Chapter 1: the discovery

Our story begins in the Watterson household on a nice Saturday morning, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Gumball and Darwin are just waking up.

"Good morning gumball" said Darwin

'Yawn' "good morning Darwin" said Gumball

"So what should we do today?" Asked Darwin

"I don't know buddy" said gumball

"You want to shoot some hoops?" asked Darwin

"Nah, that's boring" said Gumball

"Water fight?" asked Darwin

"Nah, that's boring too, and wet" said Gumball

"Then what do you want to do today?" asked Darwin

"I don't know buddy, why don't we just get some breakfast and we'll think about this, that sound okay?" asked Gumball

"Sure" said Darwin

"Alright, just let me get some clothes and we'll get some breakfast" said Gumball

Gumball went to his closet to get some clothes when he noticed something he's never seen before

"Hey Darwin, look what I found in the closet" said Gumball

"What is it?" asked Darwin

"I think this is an elevator" said Gumball

"What makes you say that?" asked Darwin

"I can see some buttons right there" said Gumball "I wonder where it goes?"

"I don't know, you want to find out?" asked Darwin

"Sure" said Gumball

They pushed the down button on the elevator and the doors slid open, they walked inside and the doors closed, when they opened again, Gumball and Darwin found themselves in a brightly lit hallway with doors labeled Human and animal suits, mission debriefing, and locker room.

"Wow, what is this place?" asked Gumball

"I don't know, but I think people work here." Said Darwin

"Hey you kids, Freeze." Shouted a big white dog in a black suit

"Someone caught us, run Darwin" said Gumball

Gumball and Darwin ran until they reached a room called immigration/control where they were caught by a bunch of animals wearing black suits

"Now, who are you and how did you find this place?" asked the white dog who was chasing them

But Gumball and Darwin were too scared to speak. They were worried that they might get killed or arrested for trespassing in a place they shouldn't be in.

"Take them to the interrogation room, we'll have agent N handle these trespassers and find out who they are" said an old brown bear

Gumball and Darwin were taken to a room marked interrogation where they were surprised to find out who agent N was.

"Gumball, Darwin, is that you?" asked a familiar voice

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