HP – Devil May Cry Crossover Challenge

femHP as Lady

Mary Potter is born with black hair and green eyes

When Voldemort attacks the backlash did not hit her forehead, but her eye turning it red slitted

Lily and James alive, Mary has a twin brother/sister who is wrongfully declared the boy/girl who lived

The Dursleys leave her somewhere with only a letter with her first name and birthday on it

She is brought to America and adopted by the demon Arkham and his human wife

Arkham kills her 'mother', Mary begins to distance herself from him, she disassociated herself from her name and is now only called Lady, she also starts to hate demons

Dante, Vergil and she fight against Arkham and in his last moments he tells her about her origins

Demons start to appear in England (Voldemort's doing) and Lady, Trish and Dante (can be chosen) go to England to investigate (Lady's outfit from Devil May Cry 4)