Harry Potter – Supernatural Crossover Challenge 02

HP as Crowley

Dumbledore, McGonagall and Hagrid leave Harry with the Dursleys

Harry lives with them for a while, before an accident happens and his magic throws him back in time

Harry lands in Scotland in the year 1663, where a couple adopts him since they were not able to get children together

Harry is named Fergus Rodric McLeod, son of a rather humble tailor and his wife

They are poor, but somewhat happy

Harry receives his Hogwarts letter and goes there for seven years

Harry is sorted into Slytherin, where he is hated for being a 'mudblood' even through he was magically strong

After Hogwarts he has to go back to the muggle world, since nobody wanted a muggleborn to work with or for them

Harry becomes a two-bit tailor like his father and meets the love of his life

They have a kid Gavin, not-magic child, who finds out about him being a wizard

Gavin is afraid of him until the fear turns into hate through muggle propaganda

His wife dies and Harry makes a deal with a crossroad demon to bring her back to life

Gavin goes to the sea, Harry never hears anything about him again and his wife once again dies in grief

Ten years passed and his soul is collected by the crossroad demon

In hell he begins as a usual lowly demon - he calls himself Crowley - then a normal crossroad demon and after a few years he becomes the King of Crossroads because of his magical strength and later Lilith's second in command

He meets the Winchesters after Lucifer is freed, helps them cage him and Michael and makes a few new deals

He becomes King of Hell

In 2011 Crowley gets a letter from a normal wizarding post owl, an invitation to got to Hogwarts under the name of Harry Potter

Crowley aka Fergus Rodric McLeod aka Harry James Potter goes to Hogwarts

[HP timeline is different, later then in canon, Harry Potter is born in the year 2000]

Crowley and his 'pup' go to Hogwarts making friends and a few new deals, throwing the wizarding world into chaos…