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Interest: Chapter 1

The sun shone bright in the cloudless Domino sky. Flying in that sky, birds of every kind chirped brightly to eachother. Everywhere you looked, trees, flowers, bushes, and nature in general flourished. Domino city had shaken off the last dregs of spring, and summer finally began to emerge. All in all, it was a perfect day. Everyone in the city, children and adults alike, were outside breathing in the beauty of a Domino city summer. Well, everyone except Malik, Marik, and a few others who ended up flunking school that year.

In actuality, Malik hadn't flunked. Marik had, but because of a little rule Shadi came up with, Malik needed to stay with Marik if he left the house for more than a couple of hours.

After Atemu lost the ceremonial duel, Shadi offered him a choice. He could either pass on to the afterlife as previously intended, or Shadi could give him and the other yami's their own bodies. This way they coulld live a life other than through their lighter halfs. However, there was one stipulation. The bodies that Shadi created needed to stay near their original host. If they stayed further than a mile apart for a period of longer than four and a half hours, the bodies would begin decaying.

Atem thought carefully over his options. In the end, though, he decided that it would be in his best interest to stay with his friends from the present and not as Honda put it 'break up the gang'.

Soon after, the three hikaris, Yugi, Ryou, and Malik, found themselves standing in the center of a circle drawn with a shimmery purple powder. As they shifted awkwardly from one foot to the other, Shadi lit a large black candle with silver swirling patterns winding down the sides. After this, Shadi stated that the ritual would commence and began chanting in ancient Egyptian.

Although Malik could read ancient Egyptian with perfect clarity, he had trouble understanding it when spoken plainly. He still could, however, pick out a word or phrase here and there.

Malik's attention snapped back to reality when Shadi's chanting increased in volume. The aforementioned purplish powder spiraled upward in a breeze that seemingly came out of nowhere. As Shadi shouted the last word of the incantation, Malik felt a tingle start at the tips of his toes that crawled up to his chin. Gradually, the feeling shifted from an uncomfortable tingle to an excrutiating shock, and the pain increased each second that passed. Malik clenched his teeth to keep from crying out as Yugi and Ryou had. Then after one final burst of pain, it felt as though whatever caused the sensation was ripped from his back, and abruptly, the pain ceased.

Malik panted, sweat trickling from his forehead causing pieces of platinum-blond hair to stick to the sides of his face. Chest heaving, Malik started as a hand clasped his shoulder. Turning Malik saw the grinning face of his Yami, the monster he created from his lonliness.

Looking at the other two who'd also undergone the ritual, Malik saw Atemu help Yugi up off the floor -where he and Ryou had collapsed- while Bakura chuckled at Ryou's attempts to stand on his own. Glaring at Bakura, Atemu moved to help Ryou after determining that Yugi could stand on his own. Malik chuckled inwardly as the entire spectical unfolded.

"It is done." Shadi suddenly spoke, interuptting the silence. Moving toe stand infront of everyone, he continued," Remeber what I said: stay close to eachother, or your bodies will fail you." with that, Shadi left them.

That evening everyone traveled back to Domino City.

Things were going well for the Ishtar family. They moved into a three bedroom appartment on the forty-third story of one of the most luxourious sky scrapers in the city. Even though they had once been enimies, Yugi and Anzu accepted them into their circle of friends. Jounouchi and Honda were still wary of him though. Their worries were for nothing; with Marik's presence nolonger lurking in his mind, corrupting his thoughts, Malik was perfectly fine if a little sardonic. Isis attained a job as the curator for the local museum while Malik and Marik joined Domino High.

Malik couldn't say he particularly enjoyed attaining school there although he didn't hate it either. To Malik, the work was simple. He had an A average in every class. For the most part, the other students left him to his own business which was completely fine with him; he prefered to be alone.

Marik, on the other hand, simply didn't care enough to try. The only reason he went at all was because of what would happen if he didn't stay close to Malik. His grades were atrocious, causing him to flunk that year. Either he attendedd summer school, or the school board would hold him back.

Thus is why Malik found himself sitting in a classroom full of delinquents instead of enjoying that perfect day outside.


The door burst in, and a short, stocky man with close cropped brown hair, rushed in. He wore a yellow, threequarter sleeve, button up t-shirt, dark brown slacks, and black-brown dress shoes. On his nose, a pair of horn rimmed glasses balanced, covering his charcoal colored eyes.

" Sorry, I'm late." he stated as he trotted to the chalkboard and began writing. Then, stepping aside to reveal what he wrote continued, " My name is Alfred Enderson. I'll be your teacher this summer, and this is my assistantant An..." he hurridly looked around.

" Girl! Hurry up, we are late enough as it is!" Enderson bellowed out the open door.

"Sorry! Sorry." a light feminine voice called from out of sight. Enderson Hmphed in response. " You forgot your brief case." she explained, rushing into the room.

Malik's eyebrows rose in suprise at seeing who had entered. Flushed from running, Anzu bounded into the room carrying a black, leather briefcase with bronze trim. Setting the case aside, Anzu padded back to the still-open door where it was stuck to the wall from Mr. Enderson's less-than-gracefull enterance. A sickening creak sounded as she yanked the door shut. Seeing the indent left in the wall, Anzu winced slightly.

" EHEM!" Enderson directed attention back to himself. " As I was saying, this is my assistant for this summer, Anzu Mazaki." Anzu curtsied, smiling brightly.

Then the teacher began a spiel on the importance of education, but Malik tuned him out, choosing to study Anzu instead. First of all, he noticed how much had changed over the past few months. Her dark brown hair had grown to her midback with two shorter locks framing her cream-colored face. Todaym she wore a navy tank top that brought out the dark blue flecks in her eyes, white capris, and tan sandals. Continueing his observations, he looked at her face. Malik liked the fact that she didn't wear alot of makeup like Mai did. He felt she didn't need it.

As though she felt his gaze, her cerulean eyes locked on his lavender ones, and she smiled though she looked slightly confused. Most likely as to why he was there. Motioning to him by shifting her eyes to the clock and then back to his, he saw that class would be over in ten more minutes. Looking back to Anzu, he saw her mouth the words ' meet me after class'.

The next ten minutes dragged by. However, they did evenutally pass, and the bell rang.

" Alright," Mr. Enderson said packing up a few items last minute." I expect to see you tomorrow morning at 8:00 o'clock sharp. I, myself, will try to be on time aswell... Dismissed!"

The few students in the room stood, packing their things and shuffling towards the door. Marik walked up to Malik stating, " I never thought he'd shut up." frowining slightly and tapping his fingers on his thigh he continued. " You could have a more intersting conversation with a Kuriboh." Malik chuckled in reply.

After a few moments of standing there, Marik spoke again, " Well, are we leaving?"

"No, Anzu asked to meet me after class"

Marik smirked, " Ahh, yes. What a suprise to find her here." Marik dusted his pantleg off. " In all honesty, i'm suprised her friends let her out of their sights." he drawled. " Not exactly an unplesent suprise. Atleast she's nice to look at."

Marik and Malik turned when they heard a cough behind them. There Anzu stood with a blush staining her cheeks; obviously she'd heard them.

"What did you want to talk about?" Malik broke the awkward silence, smiling lightly at her.

" Oh, umm.. I was just going to ask what you were doing here. I mean from what I've heard you were doing pretty well in school."

Just as Malik was about to speak, Marik interupted him," That would be my fault, my dear." She raised an eyebrow at him. " I assume you remeber Shadi's little stipulation hmmm?"

Her eye's flashed as it clicked in her head. " Ofcourse, you have to stay with him or else." She stated in a voice that mocked Shadi's. Then more seariously," I'm sorry Malik. It must suck for you considering you didn't even do anything wrong."

" I'll get over it." He stated. Motioning for the two of them to follow him, he walked towards the door. " It's not like I had anything better to do anyways." He chuckled.

The three of them walked in a comfortable silence until they reached the doors to outside. " Hey," Anzu spoke up shyly, " Marik, if you want, I can tutor you, and then I'll talk to the school board and see if -they'll let you retake the end-of-the-year exams. That way, you and Malik don't have to waste your entire summer."

Malik snorted. " Hah, only a mircule could get him to study..." Malik trailed off." Or mabey the promise of his Millinium Rod being returned." He muttered under his breath.

Marik glared at him darkly. Then seeming to think of somthing, slung his arm around Anzu's shoulders. "Despite what my lighter half thinks of me. I think it's a wonderful idea." He grinned mischiviously, but Anzu didn't notice and beamed at him.

" Really?" He nodded and she laughed, sheepishly rubbing the back of her neck. " To be honest, I thought you'd refuse, but I'm glad to see I was wrong. When would you like to start?"

" Hmmmm... how about tomorrow afternoon?" Marik said stopping as they arrived at the bus stop.

" 4:15?" He nodded, " Then it's a date!" she exclaimed. Only then did she notice Malik glaring at Marik. "Are you alright, Malik?"

Quickly wiping away the look, he plastered a smile on his face. " Oh, yes. Just thinking about some work we have to do when we get home." She nodded. Then walked up and hugged him and Marik.

"Alright well, I'll see you two tomorrow." She said, turning to walk away. However, Marik grasped her wrist at the last second, and she turned to him with her eyebrows raised. Then, Marik lifted her hand to his face and kissed her wrist.

"Thankyou, for helping me out, Anzu." He said seductivly, releasing her wrist carfully.

Anzu blushed bright red. " Uhh... Anyt-time" she stuttered and walked off in the opposite direction.

Malik slugged Marik in the arm. This only made Marik laugh. " What the hell, Marik?'

"Oh, please. I'm just having a bit of fun." He replied as the bus pulled up. They both got on and paid their fares. Moving to the back of the bus he continued." Besides a little competition might be fun."

Malik snorted and with a cheshire grin stated. " Game on, Marik."

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