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Anzu felt numb.

At the moment, she was sitting on a hospital bed hunched over, legs dangling off the side with her hands supporting her head. She knew she probably looked as though a truck had run over her with her arms and head bandaged. Not to mention, tears had left salty trails on her puffy red face. They still were since she just couldn't stop crying, a far cry from the happy-go-lucky cheerlead everyone thought she was supposed to be. Despite it all, she just couldn't make herself care about how she looked at the moment - couldn't make herself care about anything.

Marik was gone. Once upon a time, that would've made her jump for joy. 'Back then, he was our enemy,' she reminded herself. Funny how things could change. Now, she would've given just about anything to get him back.

But, he wasn't her enemy anymore and actually sacrificed himself for her. If he hadn't come to save her, he would still be alive. It was all her fault. Why didn't she try harder? Surely, she could've escaped on her own? Alana had basically given her a free pass for God's sake. She should've tried harder. If she had, Marik would still be alive! Anzu looked down and slowly unfurled her hands. During her mental rant, she had clenched them too tightly and left angry red marks on her palms.

After Marik had ... died.. Anzu had sobbed into his chest for several minutes when something strange happened. His body just disentagrated into a pile of purple dust. Face still sorrowful and now confused, Anzu had watched as a breeze that couldn't have been natural swept through the facility and scattered Marik's remains throughout the room. Although it could've been a figment of her imagination, Anzu could've sworn she saw Shadi out of the corner of her eye. Then Seto had dragged her away from where his body had been. He had looked her in they eye and told her that they needed to come up with a cover story so that the police couldn't get their hands on Malik's DNA. If they did, they might be able to connect him to the murder of Abel Atterson. Sniveling, Anzu hadn't been able to do more than stare unseelingly at a blurry spot above Seto's shoulder. Most human beings would probably have hugged her or at least offered her sympathy at that moment. But, it had been Seto in front of her, and all he had done was grasp her should and shake her a little.

Finally, he had managed to snap her out of it enough to make her understand their cover story. Seto's helicopter was going to take Malik back to the Kaiba mansion while Seto, Anzu, Alana, and her two brothers stayed behind in the facility, waiting for the police. Their story was basically the truth just without the addition of either Ishtar. Anzu had been one of the last victims of Abel Atterson. However, she'd managed to escape. After Abel had been murdered, his brothers had decided to take revenge and finish what he started. Seto, being Anzu's - though he loathed to admit it - friend, had tracked her down and come to save her. Also, Alana had helped her get free of her cell because she didn't agree with what her brothers were doing, but didn't know how to tell the cops.

After Seto had got there, he had searched the facility until he had ran into Alana, who helped him search for Anzu. Eventually, the two had found her facing down the two brothers by herself and stepped in to help her fight them off. They eventually had knocked them both out and called the cops.

When the police arrived, she still hadn't reallly been able to talk or form coherant thoughts, but that was alright. The police just put her condition down to trauma from the incident. In truth it was. Just, not like they were thinking. Someone had led her to the back of an ambulance and wrapped a blanket around her shoulders as they asked her a few questions. She had mumbled a few answers that backed up Seto's story. Finally, satisfied with her answers, they took her to the Domino hospital to have her head, arms, and all the other injuries she sported checked out.

This led her to where she was now: sitting on a hospital bed crying her eyes out.

At that moment, someone pushed the door to her room open. Why wouldn't those doctors leave her alone? She didn't feel like talking and wanted to drown in her grief by herself. After a few moments, Anzu heard the sound of footsteps drawing closer. She sighed, having been hoping they would just leave. Then again, she'd never been that lucky. Obviously.

However, the voice that spoke was one she knew well and suprised her completely in truth. "Anzu?"

Her head snapped up, and she pushed a lock of hair behind her ears. Sniffling, she asked, "Yami? What are you doing here." She looked behind him and saw that the whole gang had come actually. Well, that is to say: Yami, Yuugi, Jounouchi, Honda, Otogi, Serenity, and even Ryou. "What are all of you doing here?"

"We came to see you, Anzu," Yuugi answered, stepping forward and laying a hand on her arm. "We heard about-" he stopped for a moment and gestured with his hands, "- everything that happened, and we were worried about you."

"Yeah, we just wanted to make sure you were all right," Jou added.

"Thanks for being there for me, guys," she responded, trying - and failing - to muster a smile. "But, I'd like to be alone for awhile. I'm... not feeling like myself. How about after I get out of here we go grab a bite to eat at Burger World or something?"

"I think that's a great idea, Anzu," Serenity told her, offering a shy smile, her brown eyes sparkling.

Of course, Otogi immediately jumped on board. "I was just going to agree. It would be really fun for us all to hang out again. It'd be just like old times."

Honda rolled his eyes at Otogi, but thankfully didn't say anything enflamatory. "Yeah, it's been awhile, or at least it feels like it."

After a moment of silence, Yami asked her, "When are you scheduled to get out of here?"

She thought for a moment, then seemed to recall a nurse telling her they just wanted to keep her overnight for observation and to make sure her wrist would heal up correctly. Clearing her throat, she answered, "I should be out tomorrow morning around ten or so. We can grab an early lunch or a late breakfast, whatever you want to call it."

"Brunch?" Jounouchi and Honda supplied in unison.

The barest hint of a smile flitted across her features. "Yeah, brunch."

After this, a round of goodbyes came from everyone in the room, and they all finally left her alone. Sighing, she angrily swiped some tears off her cheeks. They just wouldn't stop coming. Closing her eyes, she flopped back down on the bed, giving a cry of anguish. She was thankful for the peace. However, it was apparently not meant to be because her door opened again.

"Anzu?" a very familar - once again - voice called out. "Sweety, are you alright? I came as soon as I heard. Dropped the conference I had this afternoon and boarded the first flight here." Now, there was a voice she was even more suprised to hear and hadn't even considered the possibility of her coming.

"Mom," she choked out, looking up to see her mother's face, one that looked so much like her own. "I.." That was all she got out before she opened her arms and burst out sobbing.

Oblidgingly, her mother took the last few steps to reach her bedside and embraced her. Anzu buried her face into her mother's shoulder and wept to the point of hiccups. "He's gone, Mom. He's gone forever," she just kept repeating.

Her mother didn't even ask who was gone. She just held Anzu tighter, and Anzu couldn't begin to express how grateful she was for her mother's support. Even if she hadn't always been around, she always tried her best when she was around, and Anzu wasn't angry that she was always gone. At least, not anymore.

Later her mother would probably ask what all that was about, but for now, Anzu was happy that she just held her close.

Malik was sitting on his couch, knees against his chest and arms slung around his knees. His fingers consistantly drummed aimlessly on his legs. He wanted to go to Anzu; he wanted to see her. He had found out that she had been released from the hospital earlier that morning. However, she was still grieving for the death of his dark half. Would she even want to see him, who looked so much like him? He hadn't slept all night. Glancing at the clock on the wall, he realized it had been almost 24 hours since everything went down.

It still felt dream-like. If it hadn't been for Kaiba, Malik doubted he would've been able to get out of that without the police knowing of his involvement. Kaiba had been the one to get him out of there by shoving him towards their entrance and having the Kaiba copter fly him away. He wondered how they dealt with the body.

A muscle twitched in Malik's cheek. Marik was dead. Completely. Never to return. He wasn't exactly sure how he felt about that. Truthfully, they hadn't exactly been the best of friends not after Battle City especially. However, Marik had been apart of him for as long as he could remember. It was like losing a sibling. It's not something you expect before you hit seventy, and you kept expecting them to pop up regularly like they were supposed to. Maybe that's what it was like for anyone who lost a ... friend. Malik didn't know. He just wished that Rishid would come back already. His sister would-

Mother of Osiris, Isis! What would she think of this? She didn't really like Marik, never had... but she didn't know about everything that happened with Anzu. At least not the murder. In the past, Isis had always been good at figuring things out. If Malik chose to tell her everything that happened with Marik, chances were, she could put two and two together. He loved his sister, and he knew she loved him too. But, it would break her heart all over again if she realized what he had done. He really didn't want that. However, he couldn't lie to her. It wouldn't be right. Plus, Marik's absence would be quickly noticed. He couldn't exactly cover that up.

At that moment, Malik heard the tell-tale jingle of keys that signaled Isis' arrival home. To coin a phrase, speak of the devil and he will find you... Or something like that. Malik wasn't exactly sure where that fit in with his beliefs. Anubis didn't exactly make house calls.

"Malik? Marik?" Isis called. "Are you two awake yet? I have an announcement." She walked into the room and glanced at him. "Malik, guess what." She didn't wait for him to answer. "I got a raise last night! They called me in around five this morning to tell me that. Isn't that exciting?"

He mustered a small smile, but he knew it didn't reach his eyes. At the very least, he needed to try and be happy for his sister. "That's great, sister. I'm proud of you."

Somehow, she knew something was wrong though because immediately the happiness dropped from her face. "Malik, I know what that look is. What's wrong? The last time I saw that look was when Marik crashed your motorcycle. Where is Marik? He should be in here for this." Glancing around the room, she paused for just a moment in thought. "Or is he the cause of the trouble again?"

"Marik's gone."

"Gone? Has he run off again? I swear he is more moody than you were when you were little." She walked over to the couch and sat down beside him, dropping her keys onto the cushions. Sighing to herself, she ran a hand through her hair, smoothing it out a little.

Malik huffed out a sigh and spoke in a monotone voice, sounding detatched and more than a little devoid of emotion. "Isis, Marik's dead."

For a few moments, neither Malik nor Isis seemed to breathe, both seemingly frozen - Isis in shock, Malik in expectation. He wasn't exactly sure how she was going to react to the news. Finally, she spoke and when she did her voice was low, almost a whisper. "How?"

"He died a hero," Malik responded truthfully. He had been a hero; he'd died Anzu's hero. "He died saving Anzu's life," Malik clerified. Then he proceeded to tell Isis what had happened, only editing parts that proved their involvement with murder. She might not completely buy his story, but he would try his hardest to not burden her with that.

Finally, after Malik finished explaining, they sat in silence with only the ticking of a clock to fill it. Standing up, Isis murmured, "I need... I need a moment to process this all." Malik could hear a pang of sadness in her voice. Somehow it comforted him knowing that it was okay to feel sorrow at the passing of someone who had once caused him and his sister so much pain. "We'll speak more later, but for now, I'll be in my room." Without another word, Isis ambled away, leaving Malik alone.

He wondered when it would be alright to go to Anzu. The more time that passed, the more he felt the pressing need to see her - to protect her, even if the threat was gone.

Malik had sat there for close to an hour when he felt it. That tickling sensation in the back of his mind.

Then a very familiar voice that he thought he'd never hear again said, "Guess who..."

Anzu had been lying on her bed staring at the ceiling since she got back from eating with the gang. They had tried cheering her up, but nothing seemed to really work. Eventually, she would probably go back to normal. However, that seemed like a long time coming. After she got home, she had told her mom the whole story. And, although she gave her quite the lecture on dating two boys at once, her mother had overall been supportive.

Now, her mother had already booked a flight out to try and catch her next business meeting. Although she'd been sad and a little more than disappointed, she understood why her mother had to leave. Though she was currently feeling quite lonely. Weren't greiving people supposed to like being alone? She certaintly had when she was younger, but now she just wanted someone to hold her. Well, two someones, but one of those someones would never be able to again.

At that moment, Anzu heard the doorbell. She considered not answering, but then reminded herself that she had just been thinking she didn't want to be alone. Slowly as though in a daze, she made her way down stairs and opened the door.

Was that Malik? It didn't exactly look like him... Anzu's eyes widened. Was she going crazy?

"Ma- Marik?" she asked unsurely, taking a hesitant step forward.

"It's me," he confirmed.

"How? You.. You died , Marik."

"Apparently, Shadi forgot to fill us in on one little detail about our new bodies. When we die, we simply combine back with our lighter halves... I am not sure what happens when they die," he mused, one of his ever present smirks on his face.

"So, you and Malik are..." she trailed off.

"One person again... sort of."

"You're alive."

"I didn't believe you to be slow, Miss Mazaki. Well, not anymore."

"I love you."

"And, I ... care deeply for you... don't ask for something more flowery. It will not be something I can do. If you want that, talk to Malik."

Taking the finale step towards him, Anzu bridged the distance between them and wrapped her arms around Marik's waist. Marik grabbed her chin and pulled her in for a kiss. However, to Anzu, it didn't feel like his normal kiss. It actually felt a little like Malik's. Like they were both with her at the same time.

For once, things were looking up.

In Domino Prison, Rick and Hanz sat in their cell, a hive of scum and villainy. Rick glanced at Hanz after another long moment of silence. His German accent exceedingly prominent, Rick remarked, "Hanz, we never talk anymore. Why is that? "

In response, Hanz shrugged, staring at him with a blank expression.