"Sam, we need to talk."

"What about Dylan? What could we possibly find to talk about?"

"The divorce, we need to act like adults about this."

Sam glanced across the staff room, she could see Zoe on the other side, obviously listening but trying to look like she wasn't.

"Ok, come to mine tonight. We'll have a coffee or whatever and talk."

Dylan looked at Sam in shock. That had been easier than expected. He had at least expected a blazing row or her accusing him of something or other.

"I'll...see you...tonight then?"

"Yes you will Dylan," Sam replied, leaving the room.

Dylan watched her leave the room wistfully. Then he saw Tom and the small smile immediately left his face.

"Zoe, what's the difference between me and Tom?"

Zoe smirked. "One's kind, caring, looks like he actually wants to look after people and doesn't look like a fish."

"Oh, ha ha Doctor Hanna,"

Zoe did a mock bow and left the room. There was a pile of paperwork in her office with her name on it. Dylan sat on his own and thought about the evening ahead. What to wear? Smart or casual?