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The Emotions List

001. Birth (152)

So much. They'd seen so much of it, so many babies. And several had come from this machine, including their first. Brain sought out his husband's hand, scanning the encoding for the fourth time. Several babies from one machine had resulted in a mishap more than once... a tradition that had also begun with their first.

But he only had time to squeeze his husband's hand before being swept up by someone far younger, though the eyes were the same. The lanky mouse who looked so much like his grandmother rubbed his nose enthusiastically to his grandfather's. "I love you, grandpa! Thank you!" he chirped before depositing him back in front of the machine. He latched onto his grandmother instead, the pair of them sharing bright blue eyes and giggles.

And when Brain shook his head and hit that final button, he passed the blue eyes on to his great-granddaughter. And smiled.

002. Enthusiasm (142)

It was tight, too much so, and the megalomaniac grimaced. But he didn't try and pull away, not this time, because the tight embrace came with kisses peppered over his expanded cranium. "I love you!" his husband announced between kisses. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

It was an infectious sort of enthusiasm, the smaller mouse slowly returning the embrace as his lips curved. "Yes, yes, my dear. You're welcome."

"Oh, Brain! Narf!" Giggling, he began pressing light kisses to his lover's happy little smile, his tail wagging delightedly behind him. "How did you know?"

He thought of the multitude of Denny's menus that had made their way into their bedroom over the past several days and rolled his eyes. He glanced over his shoulder to the disgusting, plastic takeaway containers that held their brunch in bed. "We'll call it a guess."

003. Love (135)

It was a terrifying thing to ponder. But as his only friend was walking away, waving at him with those tears in his eyes, it was all he could ponder. He wanted to walk closer, chase him down, beg for a second chance. He would do anything short of trading places with him. He would even join him here, for all eternity, if that meant staying together. Don't go! his mind wailed. Don't go! Don't let him go!

His voice betrayed him ("Well... You have a nice time being tortured for all eternity... okay?") and his body betrayed him (he stood there waving like an imbecile, not chasing him down), but his eyes held the truth. They leaked, tears hitting the burning floor and evaporating into steam. And he could only think, I love him.

004. Hate (198)

It was ridiculous. He was a baby and they gave him all the affection he could possibly want. More than he wanted, apparently. Because he would wriggle, whine and squeak his displeasure when they held him and he didn't want to be held. He would pat at their faces, an early sign of bopping tendencies, and grumble until he was allowed to roam free.

So different from their other three. Even Roman had reached for a hug, to be picked up. Cici had always wanted to be swept up and kissed and cuddled. And Bella, his own twin, tended to melt into a purring puddle when there was so much as a sign of her being snuggled.

But not him. No, never him. And Brain wondered - foolishly, ridiculously - if somehow their baby boy hated him. So he held and snuggled more, learning the secrets and tricks that would leave the baby pliant and purring, reaching to hold rather than to bat away, and he silently whispered the words when no one else was around to hear, "Please don't hate me." And maybe he wouldn't if it was said enough. "I love you. Please don't hate me."

005. Triumph (300)

It came too late in some ways. It hadn't been able to save his father. It hadn't been able to prevent the slide, the mental regression from megalomaniacal genius to blank, dim child. It had torn him to pieces watching the sharp gaze he'd grown up with, had inherited, become slowly dulled by time. And he'd worked so hard to keep it at bay, to stop it, to cure it.

When it had reached the point when The Brain hadn't been able to remember to take the serum that was slowing the progression, Cyan had tried to force it on him. But his confused father had cried, and the son just hadn't had it in him to attempt it again. It had narrowed his timeframe significantly, but he'd been certain he would be able to cure it. He'd had Theodore and Rodoric to assist him, the younger of the two doctors turning his focus and studies specifically on the mind in order to hone in and sharpen his expertise on the subject that would hopefully save his great-uncle.

But he was gone now and, for a little while, so was Cyan's desire to continue working. It wasn't until he'd looked into those sharp eyes again on a television monitor, his videotaped will imploring him to continue working, that the former emperor's son had trudged back into their lab and thrown himself into the work again.

And now they were through. He had the results in his hands of months of testing and every single subject was cured. He looked skyward, his triumph battling with the sorrowful knowledge that it hadn't come in time. But it had come and it would never affect another member of his family.

The thought enabled triumph to win and a slight smile curved his lips.

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