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Once there was a prince named Siegfried. He was to marry the Princess called Tutu when they became of age. Every year there would be a visit to each other. The Prince was fond of the sweet, graceful princess who stole the hearts of all those who laid eyes on her. She strove to put a smile on everyone's face, especially the Prince's, whom she had a deep crush on. Everyone, even the parents of both children, were convinced that the two were in love. So, on their last visit together, Siegfried announced their betrothal.

Unknown to all except the Prince's father and his most loyal attendants, the neighboring kingdom, enemies of our kingdom, was at a vulnerable state, as it was the night of the Prince's coming of age.

As it so happened, the neighboring kingdom, the Crow Kingdom, got wind of the engagement party, and knowing the Swan Kingdom would be venerable for this reason, planned an attack.

Or rather, both kingdoms would kidnap the princesses of each other.
So before Princess Tutu could even step in the ballroom, she was swiftly seized and the kidnappers disappeared into the night.

Princess Kraehe, about to celebrate her cousin's birthday, also vanished unexpectedly.

As soon as both kings heard of the kidnappings, both immediately assumed each other, and the very next morning, demanded the princesses back, threatening to kill the princess in possession. But neither would dare harm the princess so long as their beloved princess in the other kingdom's hands.

That is where we get wind of this splendid Tale.

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