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Tutu felt herself being seated in chair. She squeezed her eyes shut, unwilling to think about the past, present, or future. She didn't want to believe this was all real. A gentle pair of hands undid the gag at her mouth and Tutu hardly registered the click of the door closing. The gag was removed, and she immediately felt relief as she opened and closed her mouth, moving her sore jaw. Then she felt the headband being removed. Tutu summoned the courage and opened her eyes. She blinked at the sudden light and saw a girl perhaps her age with pink-purple hair and purple- blue eyes. They were filled with a harsh concern, as if trying to hide it.

"Your eyes are red. Were you crying so hard? I'm really sorry, our knights tend to freak people out," the girl said.

"...uh...w-well..." stuttered Tutu, not really feeling herself.

"Oh! I forgot! My name is Pike. I'll be your maid/assistant while you are here," Pike exclaimed.

"Huh? Ah... I get a maid even if I'm a prisoner?! I thought you were going to interrogate me or- or something really, really scary!" blubbered Tutu, feeling something was wrong with her. Like she was being herself, doing everything she had been taught that was not princess-like. She frowned in confusion.

"Oh! I need to tell you something. Um, well..." Pike began again. "When you entered the crow kingdom the leader of the knights placed a spell on you... He made your true self appear, and since your dancing powers where a gift from a fairy to you as a child, you can't dance your way out of here. I think you lost something more than your powers..." Pike bit her lower lip. " Well, to answer your questions," she continued, "The king himself suggested that if we treat you fairly and nicely, the swans will treat our princess right."

Tutu hardly listened. A spell...A spell...-wait! The Crows had their princess gone, too? Princess... Kraehe, right?

Unconsciously, she had mumbled her thoughts out loud.

"Ya," said Pike. " Our princess Kraehe was kidnapped by the swans...so I guess we are at a standstill. And about your spell, well, I think that it's broken when you discover your true lover, one who loves you for you, not beauty or grace."

"What!?" exclaimed Tutu. "Grace and Beauty!" What could that mean! The princess tried to swallow her worry. "GET ME A MIRROR!"

Pike, startled, jumped and ran to do the "request". "I'm so sorry! I guess I said too much..."

Tutu gasped at what she saw. She hadn't changed too much...but...

She had her red hair in a braid that went down to her thigh. Her usual white tufts at the end were gone. Her nose was covered in freckles. Only her blue eyes- which were indeed a bit red- remained unchanged.

Princess Tutu then noticed her voice had gotten more squeaky. She tried to stand up, lost in thought, and tripped, falling on her face. "Ow..."

"Oh Princess!" exclaimed Pike. " Are you alright?" The maid helped her new mistress up.

"...Yes, I'm fine," replied Tutu. "Umm..." She looked out the window, in the wall behind her. It was fairly big, reaching the ceiling (which was very high) and she could probably jump out it if necessary. She hoped it wouldn't. Tutu noticed that the sun was now high, and heard her stomach growl.

"Oh, no!" exclaimed Pike all of a sudden, and began to run around the room.

Tutu felt like joining her. " What? What now?"

"We are going to be late to lunch with the CROW ROYALS!" Pike yelled franticly, throwing open the tall wardrobe in front of Tutu.

"Quack! D-dinner with the R-R-ROYALS!" Tutu couldn't believe she had just quaked. It must be the spell... No time to think of that nonsense!

"Um, here!" Pike threw Tutu a gold and white dress that looked like ballet costume. "Put this on!"

Tutu rushed and did as told, though she tripped and slipped it on wrong, while Pike began fretting over Tutu's new mane of red hair.

Kraehe didn't know what to expect. She had been raised in a world with harsh punishments, and she has heard that the swan world is VERY different than her crow home.

Even then, with all her guesses, she defiantly did not expect this. She had been seated in a chair with strong hand restraining her while someone undid the binds on her hands. Before she registered anything else, she heard the click of a door closing. Even without opening her eyes, she knew that they were all gone, leaving her alone to settle down. Hmm... Kraehe thought. They must all be quite frightened of her...

Kraehe untied the blindfold and the gag. She opened her eyes and opened and closed her mouth.

What an interesting thought! Well, they should be frightened of a crow. Delicate pest-like Swans.

What Kraehe noticed first of her room was how similar the room was to a Raven Luxury room, like the one in the Raven Palace, her home. But this room seemed especially designed for her. Blood red walls, black furniture. Elegant. Yet Delicate. On the stone floor was a black feathered rug and the bottom of the handsome black bed.

Kraehe felt suspicious immediately. What are the Swans trying to accomplish, giving me such an elegant room?

She untied the binds on her ankles with swift grace and stood up. At the end of the suite was an elegant door leading to the balcony. Maybe she could escape from there...

She reached the doors in a pair of swift, crow-like motions and threw open the doors. Immediately a gust of wind blew in. Kraehe felt the wind run its fingers through her raven hair. She closed her eyes, enjoying the cold rush as the breeze came and hit her exhausted, beaten body. Her black tutu gave off a few feathers, adding to the dramatic moment. It felt so right, feeling so much power as her disposal... but it wasn't. Her powers had no effect in this foreign kingdom.

Kraehe opened her eyes and had to squint at the blinding light of the sun. When everything came into focus, Kraehe saw a flat piece of land, so far down, with an occasional trimmed bush into shapes. Or rather figures, of swans, dancers, knights, crowns, and Kraehe even made out horses and ducks.

The Crow Princess frowned. Well, there was no way she could just jump down, and there were no vines or anything of that style to climb down the marble white exterior of the graceful palace. Of course, the knights had brought her the most heavily guarded location in all the Swan lands... Kraehe even saw the knights just roaming, scouting down on the plains below her. Silhouettes in heavy armor.

Yes, she sighed, those were the knights. How long have I been here? Maybe half an hour? Judging from the sun, it appeared to be early morning, maybe 9 or 10 o'clock. Now what? Was she just going to sit here?

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard a very unexpected click of a door closing. Why didn't people here bother to knock? she wondered as she turned to see who had the courage to even dare to come near this room.

Kraehe's wine colored eyes narrowed as she surveyed the outrageous blonde that had her back leaned against the wall next to the door. She was clearly tying very hard to suppress a giggle- and wasn't doing so well. The girl was practically radiating unwanted energy that was almost frightening. But not to a crow.

"Who are you? And how dare you enter my presence without even knocking?" dared Kraehe the unknown.

The girl's green eyes shone a frightening craziness. "You can talk! And you're soooooo dark! And scary! You look just the way everyone says you would! Oh and WOW! You talked to me! Oh, humble Lilie, who doesn't even deserve your attention!" babbled the perky girl.

"You didn't answer my questions," replied Kraehe pointedly.

"But I did! Well, at least one." she prattled. "I was requested to be your maid! Can you believe this! I'm in the presence of the frightening CROW PRINCESS!"

Kraehe narrowed her eyes. Maid? Why a maid to her? Wasn't she a prisoner? A captive? The Swans must have very strange habits...

The young blonde continued to babble. "... even say what went through the King's mind when he requested oh so humble me! What a shame that our to-be-princess just happened to be kidnapped the VERY SAME NIGHT! It's soooo tragic!"

What? Kraehe thought. The princess kidnapped, also? No wonder they wanted to treat me right, they are worried about their own Princess! Kraehe now started to pay attention again to-what was her name? Lilie? Maybe she was useful for information...

"Oh!" squealed the maid. "Oh, we're going to have so much fun, dressing up for dinners, and parties, and-"

"Tell me more of your princess's kidnapping," interrupted Kraehe.

" She's engaged to our prince! Siegfried! Isn't that soo romantic! He's so nice, and sweet, and I bet your JELOUS!" Lilie proclaimed.

" I am not jealous!" snapped Kraehe. Why in the world would i be jealous? she wondered.

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