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Remus paced the common area of his personal chambers. He had just fire called Sirius, whom had said he would be on his way as soon as he could get free from Molly's mothering. Ever since the had decided to trust the Order with the knowledge of his location, he'd been pampered by the Weasley's daily. Molly's instincts had him eating until his buttons popped.

Harry was currently freshening up in the bathroom. The teen was still drenched in blood and sweat, dirt smudging across his face and any other exposed patch of skin. Reuniting with his godfather in such a state wouldn't be ideal. Who was he kidding, bringing Sirius into the situation was a whole new story. This Harry isn't the Harry he will be expecting. It's not even the Harry he was expecting to see the small, innocent boy to grow into.

Yesterday, he was a simple child with cheeks just beginning to slim out and still full of youthful color. He wasn't the perfect mix of James and Lily at the time. He didn't have shaggy, silken charcoal hair that framed the subtly curved features of his face, or the most vibrant emerald eyes burning with passion and raw power. Thick lashes didn't cast shallow shadows over his slender cheeks or a figure so thin and laden with scars from years of fighting for his life. If one thing was the same, it was the petite frame resulting from malnourishment as a child. No, this Harry had transformed over the years. His fighting and years of quidditch had given him a lean build with sinewy muscles. What ever regimen he had put himself on did his body brilliantly. The tawny haired man turned on his heels as the bathroom door opened.

The raven stood in a pair of dark washed jeans and white socks. His shirt was hung over his shoulder since he was busy rubbing his hair dry with a small towel. Sauntering over to the floor length mirror, Harry did a once over of himself. He threw the towel into the small laundry basket by the closet door and pulled his shirt over his head. It was a thin charcoal grey jumper with a v-neck cut. He flicked his wrist once and the damp locks were blown dry and laying perfectly on his head. The jumper exposed the slender hollow of the teen's neck and the black leather strip around his throat with a small silver pendant. Set in the pendant was an obsidian stone. Remus approached him from behind.

"Where did you get that? From what I knew, you weren't one to wear jewelry" He asked, interested in the stone. Harry averted his eyes, fingers raising up to caress the gemstone's smooth surface.

"With Severus' help, I made it using ancient runes. Obsidian is meant to protect the wearer from abuse and negativity. I type thought it would help to have a different type of protection while facing Voldemort, something that didn't rely solely on my magic. I grew so used to it that I feel naked without it." Harry turned with a soft grin to face the werewolf. They shared silent smiles before the teen moved over to the couch. Flopping down by the end, he slipped off his trainers and pulled his knees up to his chest. He leaned heavily onto the arm of the furniture. Remus arched his brow.

"Are you alright there, cub?" He asked. Harry tilted his head back to look at the man. The dark bags hanging under the teen's bright eyes seemed more prominent now that his hair had been tamed and his dark stubble shaved. The young savior nodded, snuggling into the crook of his arm resting over his knees.

"As you could imagine, I'm exhausted. I'm not exactly sure how long I had been sleeping for before Ron woke me this morning. I feels like I only blinked before I was placed on another wild ride. I can't seem the catch a break, now can I?" The werewolf nodded, patting the teen on his shoulder as he made his way to the kitchen. He glanced back at the young wizard. His eyes had fallen shut, thick lashes casting shadows over the sharp apples of his cheeks

With Sirius due to arrive shortly, Harry couldn't find the time to nap. He told Remus to tell Sirius they had something urgent to talk about. The chestnut haired man filed into the kitchen with a sigh. He placed the kettle under the faucet and waited until it was full before placing it on the burner. From the other room, he heard the floo activate. No doubt, his old friend took interest in the person lying on the couch first. After a few minutes, the silence started to unnerve him. Sirius' boisterous self would have made a ruckus seeing the stranger on the couch, then, finally catching his scent, spewed questions at him. He muffled his chuckling with a cough, inching to the door and peeking around the door jam. Harry had indeed fallen asleep. His face was lax and angled to the side, showing his true youth behind the constant worry lines and his hair covering the right half of his face. His slender frame was curled in on itself, making it impossible to really see any recognizable features. Sirius was standing before the dying flames with his mouth slowly working out a silent question. That wasn't what worried the wolf. It were the expressions flitting across his blue-gray eye that made him uneasy. Surprise was what he expected, but it shifted to shock and then confusion. The dark haired man took a hesitant step forward, eyes glancing over to his friend in the door way.

"Moony, who is this?" He asked, moving closer to the sleeping teen. Remus cocked his head to the left and brought himself to stand directly in the door.

"Sirius, I'm quite sure you can figure that out on your own." Said man let a shaky breath escape. Leaning over, Sirius braced his left hand on the back of the couch to hover over the prone form. His right hand carded through the thick hair gently, admiring the silky feel and pulling back the bangs. A thin, almost non-existent, lightning bolt shaped scar was carved above his right eyebrow. Sirius let hair fall back into place and smoothed it down. Leaning further down, he rested his forehead against Harry's for a short moment before nudging his nose into his neck. It was the same scent that filled his nose only weeks ago, but it wasn't possibly the same person. It smelled of sun on a warm spring day and the soft, refreshing scent of summer's rain paired with a man's cologne. It was so familiar. In some strange way, this had to be his godson.

"What the hell is going on, Remus? How did he get so much older? Oh Merlin, he's my godson, Remus! I was left to look after him in the absence of his father, to fill the parental void! But his scent, I feel it. It's pulling me to him. It's calling me, making me crave to hold him, love him, claim him as my mate—fuck. My mate, Moony! I finally find my mate and he's my fucking godson. What the hell happened, Remus?" The man whispered harshly, aware the teen was sleeping. He forced himself away from his godson, a pained expression warping his face. Remus sighed heavily, leaning against the wall casually.

"It's a complicated story, Siri, but yes, this is Harry. He is your godson, and he is also your mate." The man spoke, turning away from his friend.

"You knew?" Sirius nearly shouted, alarmed.

"I'm only going to ask you once to keep your voice down. He might be your mate, but he is my cub and my cub is tired. I only know that he is your mate because of what explained to us upon his arrival." The tawny haired man explained, pulling two mugs from the cabinet.

"Us? Who else knows? They could put me away—what do you mean by his 'arrival?'" Sirius asked. Remus beckoned him to follow him into the kitchen and then gesturing for him to take a seat. Sirius did as instructed and dropped into his chair at the table. His face dropped into his hands at the table as Remus placed a cup of hot tea in the space before him, also taking the seat across from him.

"I hope it's to your liking, it's been a while since I've had to make you a cuppa. Anyways, we should really wait for Harry to wake. He'll be able to explain this more accurately to you in detail, but I'll tell you the gist of it." Sirius nodded, waiting for the other to speak. Remus took another sip of tea before setting the cup back down.

"As you can tell, Harry is older now, nineteen to be exact. That's only four years in the future. He is from 1999, where he had just defeated Voldemort. Apparently, he learned a little earlier before his time that Albus had been manipulating him since he was a child. The whole Dursley thing was to make him obedient. I can't even imagine what he went through with those magic-hating monsters. His small frame when both his parents were of strong build and he was always so dangerously thin, we should have seen it. I think the worst part is that he didn't ask for help." Remus calmed himself before continuing. Moony was trying to breech the surface in order to protect his cub.

"Anyhow, I was in the middle of a meeting with Albus concerning the job he has offered me. He stopped mid-sentence and asked whoever was at the door to come in. In walked this boy, no man, who was so strikingly similar to James that I thought I was seeing a ghost. But the angles of his face and the color of his eyes are from Lily. When Albus addressed him as Harry, I didn't know what to think. Harry was furious, but he clung to me when he realized I was in the room. He said he was from the year 1999 where he had just defeated Voldemort. We don't know how or why. I think he should explain the rest. It'd be easier if someone who knew what he was talking about explains this." Padfoot nodded, running a hand through his shaggy hair. The fifteen year old Harry was gone and replaced with this nineteen year old young man that his animagus recognized as his mate. What did that make Harry? Was James or Lily hiding creature blood? Was Harry an animagus? If so, what is he?

"I finally found my mate, Remus. After all those years of nothing, I find him and he's my godson. I just can't believe it. I've officially missed his entire childhood. I met him at thirteen and had to hide, only seeing him for short moments at random intervals. He's nineteen now and he defeated Voldemort. I'm not even sure how or if we helped him, or if someone helped him at all." The dark haired man gasped out. Remus sipped from his cup, enjoying the sweet tang of tea. It was still hard to comprehend. Just yesterday, he was talking to Molly about Harry, a fifteen year old boy that was having a particularly hard year so far. They had just learned of his visions last month after saving Arthur Weasley. Now, there was this older Harry. He set his cup back on the table top and massaged his temples. Time travel will always be a complicated subject to him.

"Just wait until he wakes before jumping to any conclusions. It may not be as bad as it seems." The werewolf replied. His flinched as his sensitive hearing caught the rustling of clothing on the couch. Either Harry was moving or he was awake. Remus plucked up his cup and held it to his lips. In walked Harry, tousled hair and rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"Oh Harry, did we wake you? I know you're tired, but please say hello to Sirius." The raven haired teen dropped his hand and lifted his head to greet the man. His emerald eyes swept over the older man. The animagus' kind eyes darkened the moment their gaze met, pupils dilating as lust swirled in the molten pools. Sirius stood from his seat, walking hesitantly to his godson.

"It really is you." Harry titled his head to the side to expose his neck, a sign of submission.

"Yeah, well I can see how one could get confused. But yes, I—," He was cut short by a pair of strong arms embracing him tightly. He automatically brought his arms up to return the hug. He could feel the tears prick his eyes. The young raven fell limp in the arms, allowing the man to hold his entire weight. Sirius sighed heavily. The idea of being his godson's soul mate still struck him as odd, but the feeling was so natural. There had to be a good reason. Harry fit so perfectly in his arms and his weight was nothing other than a reminded in the back of his mind to make sure he ate better. Sirius pulled away, wrapping his hand around Harry's wrist and tugging him along behind him. Sirius sat back in his chair and pulled Harry down onto his lap. The dark haired teen colored brightly from being seated in his mate's lap. Remus could barely hide his snickering.

"So, you're really from 1999?" Sirius asked, picking up his cup and holding it to Harry's lips. Said teen sent a glance to him. With a curt nod from the older, Harry took a sip from the cup. Sirius then brought the cup to his own mouth.

"Yes. I'm still trying to understand what really happened to explain why I'm here, but I can't think of anything. Barely any spells hit me and I definitely would have noticed this one. I had just hit Voldemort with the disarming spell after he was mortal again and he crumpled. I was so tired that I fell as well. I didn't think anything of it until my limbs grew extremely heavy and breathing became a burden. There was this pressure of being squeeze, similar to apparating, but a much tighter squeeze. Then, a fifteen year old Ron woke me." Remus sat down his cup and rested his head on his knuckles. His eyes darted passed Harry's to meet his best friend's. With a shrug, they looked back to Harry.

"Can you tell us what happened? As in what happens in the future? I wouldn't ask but this," Sirius paused, gesturing the teen, "is definitely going to change things anyways, am I right?" Harry nodded, turning his head to steal another sip of tea. He cleared his throat and began.

"Can you tell us what happened, like what happens in the future? I wouldn't ask, but this," he said gesturing to his human seat, "is definitely going to change everything anyways, am I right?" Harry nodded, turning his head to steal another sip of tea. He cleared his throat and began.

"This year was when everything really happened. I began having visions that we thought were being sent to me from Voldemort at first. As it turned out, I was actually going into his mind. He realized this and started feeding me stories. At first, they were real. From Death Eater invasions to one about Nagini seeking out Author Weasley. I warned him and ultimately saved his life. Dolores Umbridge came to inspect the school. Dumbledore wound up running away. I kept trying to warn everyone about Voldemort. He really is back, you know. Rumors spread that I was crazy, seeking attention, or even conspiring with the Dark Lord. Umbridge finally heard enough of it." Harry let out a shaky breath and stood. He paced the counters, hand dragging through his dark locks.

"She gave me detention. I sat at a desk and she told me write lines. She gave a blood quill to me. Over and over again, I found myself in her office writing until I was light headed. I wouldn't give in. I wasn't lying." His left thumb subconsciously rubbed over the scar on his opposite hand. Seeing this, Sirius caught his hand, tugging him close. Five jagged words stood out.

"I will not tell lies. How humiliating it is to walk around having those words on my hand where anyone could see it. It was after I received another vision did the truth come out. But it turned out to be fake. Voldemort thought of you," the teen glanced up to meet his mate's eyes, "and he had you tied up in the Ministry. He was questioning you and torturing you when you refused to speak. I couldn't leave you like that, so, being the foolish Gryffindor I am, I charged into action. I took several students that are a part of Dumbledore's Army. Gods, I was so stupid. They could have all died. I should have just gone by myself." He pulled his hand away and grasped the collar of his shirt.

"Bellatrix Lestrange, your own cousin, blasted you into the veil. I tried to save you, I really did, but Remus held me back since we'd both probably would be dead then. When he let me go, I went after her. She escaped, but only because Voldemort decided to show himself. Dumbledore did as well, but it only served to aggravate him further. He possessed my body, attempting to darken my mind. When I finally rid him from me, the Ministry workers appeared and finally saw what I had been telling people for that whole year." His eyes averted their stares for the next part.

"The following summer was worse though. Since you were gone, the Dursley's were no longer threatened by you. My uncle wasn't afraid to touch me. He went all out. You name it: beatings with a cane, whippings with belts, thrown about, locked away, everything. When I returned for my sixth year, it was quiet until I saw what was happening with Malfoy. He was being forced to join the Death Eaters. Then Dumbledore told me of the horcruxes. Draco was ordered to kill Dumbledore, but as it turned out Dumbledore asked Snape to either make sure he did or killed him his self. Why? Because he was wearing a horcrux that was killing him, the Marvolo Gaunt ring to be specific. So Snape and Malfoy fled into hiding since they were then suspected murderers. I didn't go back to the Dursley's that summer, thankfully. No, I went to around hunting the Horcruxes. There were seven, six items and one living person. By destroying them, it would make Voldemort mortal. I brought Hermione and Ron with me, but it turned out that they were only in it for the money and fame. Dumbledore was using money from my vaults as incentive for them to follow me. They were so mad that I lived and Dumbledore died before he could 'get the recognition he deserved.' I even had to sacrifice myself because I was a horcrux." Harry ignored their sharp intakes of breath.

"The killing spell rebounded when I was a child and hit Voldemort. Well, the last piece of his soul went into the last living thing it could find. Me." Harry ranted, turning and twisting in his pacing.

"I had to lead an army that hated me, wanted me dead because, that way, Dumbledore would have been alive. When Voldemort threatened to kill off more innocent people unless I came forth alone, the remaining crowd turned against me. So there I was, standing in the forest to face my death. I had done everything to prepare for the war. Everything but fully accept my death. Everyone was so confident I would win, that the light would overcome." He decided against mentioning seeing their ghosts. With a deep breath, Harry calmed his racing heart.

"When I stood before Voldemort, he, once again, struck me with the killing curse. You'd think after the first time, he'd have learned something. The curse didn't kill me obviously. It went for the fragment of his soul. Narcissa actually pronounced me dead, even though she knew I was alive. She actually asked me if Malfoy was alright. After being carried by Hagrid back to Hogwarts, I sprang into action once more. Our sides launched separate attacks, acting as two raging waves clashing. As I faced Voldemort, the other three fought off Nagini. Once she was beheaded, Voldemort was mortal. The fragments of his soul were no more. His body cracked and chipped, disappearing in the wind. The Dark Lord was no more. In that little time that was Voldemort and I dueling, so much happened. So many died." Harry stopped his pacing, glancing up to gauge their expressions. Sirius sat blankly, but with untamed rage burning in his eyes. Remus was visibly fuming though. His hands were clutching the excess cloth of his trousers. The young savior leaned against the counter, letting his rushed story sink in.

"In the end, I defeated Voldemort by the skin of my teeth. I didn't know I was going to live when he flung the killing curse at me again. Even Dumbledore was sure I'd die. But as I looked over the field, I saw so many dead. Remus, you died in war. And Sirius, well, you didn't even make it long enough to see the war. My best friends were against me the entire time, my owl was shot down, and even Dobby died. I had no one. Not a single person. I was so tired and my body exhausted, all I could do was sink to the ground. As I felt my body dying, the magical draining from my soul, there was a pain I knew so well. It was like an icy vice grip on my heart, sharp talons piercing the soft tissue. And it only happened when I thought of one person." Harry flicked his eyes to meet Sirius'. He pushed himself away from the counter. His hand swept over the smooth marble counter, enjoying the cool surface on his palm.

"I had a chat with Pomfrey a while back. At the end of fifth year, there was this dull pain in my chest. I didn't think much of it until it started affecting my quidditch. I was in the middle of a match when the pain took over my body. I seized up on my broom and fell. When asked to describe it, Pomfrey looked horrified. She asked what I think of when the pain starts. I admitted I didn't know, so I left the infirmary with more questions. Where else better than the library to answer them? The pain grew worse every day. I stopped going to classes and hiding in the library. I didn't want anyone to see their savior practically dying. One day, I sat and thought about everyone I had lost. My father-nothing but the regret of loss. My mother-nothing except the same regret. Remus-the last father figure I could ever have. Dumbledore-I could have cared less. But you, oh Merlin, you. When I thought of you, my whole body sung. All the good times we had and the memories we shared trampled through my mind. But then came the pain, the loss of you. It was as if your memory was squeezing the life from my heart. I didn't understand it. I was so confused. How could my own godfather be my mate? I couldn't see it, but then I thought of Ginny and Cho, and every other person who wanted me for my fame. You had the wrong type of fame, but you already have the fortune. If there was ever someone who could just see me for me, it would be one of you two. And Sirius, you were it. You're the one Merlin chose to be stuck with me. I'd apologize, but I'm not even sorry." He finished with a wicked smirk. Sirius stood from the chair, expression dark and heavy. He slowly sauntered up to the raven, bright eyes staring the teen down. Like a vice grip, Sirius' arms wrap around his lanky frame and held him tight against his chest.

"That's the short version, censored and such?" Harry nodded, biting his lip.

"I can't even imagine what you left out." The younger raven wound his arms around his godfather to return the hug. Remus finished his tea and placed his and Sirius' cups in the empty sink before clearing his throat.

"I agree. As much as I'd love for you two to get acquainted in my kitchen, I believe we're all in need of rest. I know Harry has to be exhausted." The two pulled apart laughing slightly, followed Remus back into the living area and up to the next floor. He pointed to the first room on the right.

"That'll be your room, Harry. At least until you two—well, grow more attached. Sirius, your room is directly across the hall. My room in at the far end to the left if either of you find yourselves needing my assistance." He turned his body to face the teen. Placing his hands on the younger's shoulders, he drew him in for a hug.

"It's still odd that you're not the fifteen year old lad I'm used to, but this seems to make a more interesting life than you already have—or should I say had?" He chuckled at his joke for a moment.

"It will be awkward, but we'll make it work. Nineteen or not, you're still my cub." Harry laughed softly, pulling back from the werewolf. He thanked Remus profusely. Remus refused to accept his gratitude, claiming it wasn't necessary. The tawny haired man waved both dark haired men off, leaving them to stand in the hallway. As Remus' door clicked shut, an pregnant bubble of silence lingered in the air.

"So, good night?" Harry said, nearly asking if it was alright to part. Sirius nodded, pushing himself forth to gather the teen in his arms again. His lean body fit so well against his own. The sinewy muscle felt perfect aligned with his newly gained, hardened muscle. Glancing down, almond-shaped emeralds blinked up behind thick lashes. Sirius caught the sight of plush pink lips. The beautifully peeked cupid's bow of soft flesh looked so tempting. Harry felt Sirius' warm breath ghosting his cheek. Tilting his head up, Harry met metallic pools.

They felt the pull, the desire burning in their chests for attachment. Both moved in a similar fashion, brushing parted lips with an antagonizing soft pressure. It was neither passionate nor desperate, only an mutual understanding of their need. Sirius pulled away, nipping at the teen's lips, and Harry pushed forward, demanding more.

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