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Sirius soon found himself begin pushed back, feet shuffling to steady himself as his mate pounced. Harry shifted his mouth from Sirius' lips to his neck, placing open mouthed kisses along the pale column. Pulling back slightly, the younger sank his teeth into the other's neck, putting only enough pressure to cause a response. At the sharp bite, Sirius snapped his head down to look at his mate. Harry lapped at the bite before stepping away and leaving Sirius' arms empty.

"I guess this is good night, Sirius." Said man watched the wicked smirk stretch over Harry's face. A challenge, eh?

With a growl, Sirius lunged forward, grabbing Harry's hips and slamming his back into the opposite wall. Instinctively, Harry barred his neck, longing for the sharp sting of marking. Instead, Sirius nuzzled his neck, deeply inhaling his scent. Harry squirmed. No, this would not do. He wanted to be marked, claimed as a bond mate to be. Grinding his hips, he emitted a low whine of frustration.

"Be patient, love. You'll get what you want." Sirius said, wedging a knee between Harry's legs. The younger gasped. He had fantasized what it might have felt like if Sirius had been alive during his time. There had been many nights spent alone and several mornings paired with cold showers. Sirius ground his knee up, pulling a gasp from the teen.

"Shit, Siri." The older gave a wolfish grin, hiking one of Harry's legs over his hip and pressing himself forward. Harry pulled his other leg up so that he was braced between Sirius' body and the wall. He wrapped his arms around the other's neck and rolled his hips. Another growl from Sirius met his ears.

Sirius angled Harry's hips to meet his head on before rutting against him. Harry moaned, fingers diving into wiry curls and tugging. He latched his mouth to his younger mate's neck, sucking and bruising the skin, barely even nicking the skin with his teeth. Harry keened in annoyance. The younger fell into rhythm with Sirius' upward thrusting, rolling his hips against the motion. He curled his fingers into the dark locks , pulling them tight as they moved faster. Sirius ran his tongue down to Harry's collarbone, sucking the prominent points to leave angry red marks. His hands dug harder into Harry's lithe waist, surely hard enough to leave bruises in the morning.

"Fuck Siri, I'm so close." Harry purred, rolling his hips faster and arching his back against the wall. He felt Sirius smile against his neck.

"I am too. Come with me." Sirius' hot breath washed over his mate's skin, causing goosebumps to rise in his wake. A short moment more of frantic rutting had Harry arching his back, throwing his head against the wall, and barring his neck to Sirius as he muffled a moan. Sirius bent down as his own climax hit him, picking the beautiful curve of Harry's neck between his teeth and clamping down. Harry wasn't sure what pushed him over, the sharp bite or the sensation of magic flooding his body as the mating bond spread open.

Sirius lapped the mark as Harry came down from his high, falling limp in his arms. Once they had caught their breaths, Sirius cupped the underside of Harry's rear and pushed the door to the younger's room open. He gently dropped the teen to his bed, flicking his wrist with a murmured cleansing charm. Harry shivered, but curled onto his side, back facing his mate. The animagus placed a hand on Harry's hip, leaning over and kissing the younger raven's temple.

"Good night, Harry." With that, Sirius pulled a quilt from the end of the bed over Harry's slender frame and closed the door.


It hurt.

Piercing, searing, white hot fire dancing down his spine. Every cell in his body was burning. His mouth opened in a scream, but not a sound came out. His back arched against a cold surface, sharp edges prodding his shoulder bones.

You let them die, Potter.

His eyes shot around the empty space, searching for the voice's source.

Everything is your fault.

The pain renewed itself, biting into his vulnerable flesh. Suddenly, green eyes were staring down at him. They were wide, unfocused, and glossed over with death. Flame red hair draped across his face. He could feel the dry texture sweeping his skin and its dirt scent. A weight fell upon him. It was a body, a young woman's body. With red hair. And green eyes.

You killed your mother.

He shoved the weight off of him, rolling away while screaming silently in pain. Another body landed with a thump next to him, this one being the mirror image of himself.

You killed your father.

He glanced over the body next to him and pushed himself away in a hurry. Another thump landed behind him. This one had shaggy, curled back hair and goatee. His eyes were open, a lifeless blue-gray staring through him. Another heavy thump. A long body with tawny, gray streaked hair and a line of scars running over his closed eye.

No. No. God, no. Please, god, no.

You killed everyone. Everything is your fault.

Harry shot up from the bed with a scream, turning to his back and failing to find bed. He fought with the quilt as he fell to the floor. The quilt was tangled between his legs and stuck under his arm. He sucked in gasping breaths, staring up at the ceiling while he willed his heart to slow.

Once his heart wasn't hammering against his chest, he pushed his body from the wooden floor and stood. The cold air wrapped around his sweat-washed body. In all honesty, he really shouldn't be surprised. Voldemort was alive here. He hadn't thought about it last night and allowed his occlumency shields to fall. His hand carded through his hair. Harry threw the quilt back over his bed and grabbed a clean towel from the desk by the door. A shower would do him good.

After his shower, he dressed in light washed jeans and a charcoal gray v-neck. He banished the towel and made tracks to the kitchen. The idea of food wasn't pleasant. Instead, he settled for a quick cup of tea.


The snake-faced bastard was alive here. Meaning, he needed to find the horcruxes once more, but this time without Hermione and Ron. He looked down into his tea, sighing at the milky hazel color. Sipping from the cup, he felt his stomach twist again.

That meant he had to infiltrate the Ministry alone and face Umbridge alone, break into Gringotts alone, retrieve the diadem intact this time, and kill Nagini alone. The piece of soul that had been inside of him was already gone as well as the diary. There were only four left to collect. Pushing away from the table, he left his cup to grow cold.

All of it meant he had to go back to Hogwarts. He needed to get Godric's sword from the Sorting hat again. But how could he leave? It was unlikely that Remus would let him go alone this time. He had fought before and only backed down when Harry mentioned that Hermione and Ron were going along. Now, he had to go alone. Remus wouldn't back down this time. And how could escape Sirius' watchful eye? They were mates that hadn't consummated their bond yet. His neck stung. Raising his hand, he ran his fingers along to subtle divots left from Sirius' teeth. A small smile crept over his face before falling flat.

With the mark, Sirius wouldn't let him out of his sight. Harry was marked, but not claimed. The mark made their bond open and, as alpha, Sirius would stand at every corner watching for even if the dust was falling the wrong way. There was no way in hell he could get out. Glancing back at the table, he looked down into his tea. He had three choices.

He could hunt with Sirius and Remus. Like most situations, the risk always increased when more people were involved. Now, they were both extremely skilled wizards. There was no question about that. They could easily help him throw down against some Death Eaters any day. But the last time he had put Sirius in a tight spot, his godfather didn't make it out alive. He couldn't risk that. He wouldn't be able to live with losing Sirius a second time.

He could tell them he was hunting. Oh yes, because that would go over so well. It'd wind up like the first scenario. But he couldn't risk them. What excuse could he use? Well, Remus is a werewolf and Harry knew that he wouldn't want either of the men around him during transformations. Sirius wouldn't be allowed in half of the places they needed because he'd technically still a wanted convict.

Or he could leave. Just up and split, leaving them to guess if he would be alright. He'd write a short note and tell them he had to do this, any questions could go to Dumbledore. Harry lifted the tea cup and placed it in the sink. He watched as the cup was magically cleaned and set in the drain board. With a sigh, he turned to the doorway. Thinking about it, he only had two choices. Either put Remus' and Sirius' life in danger or run before they could catch him. A smile tugged at his lips.

He only had one choice.


"So, you're leaving them? Alone? No explanation?" Snape asked, staring at the teen lounging on the corner of his desk.

"I left them a note. It's brief, but if they have questions then they can ask Dumbledore. You know as well as I do that I need to find the horcruxes or this war won't end." Harry slipped from the desk and turned to face his old professor.

"I just can't risk them. I've been in a world where they don't exist and I can't do it again." Snape nodded, dropping his pen and standing.

"But what happens if they decide you go after you?" He asked, suddenly concerned for the teen.

"That's why I came to you. I asked them not to follow me, not to try to find me. I'll be under a notice-me-not charm anyways, but I'm asking you to please don't let them follow me. They need to trust me with this. I will come back. I have to come back. And I need you to help me." Severus took a step back, leaning back against the front of his desk.

"I never thought the day would come that a Potter would ask me for help." Harry scrunched his nose at this, looking away.

"I like the Severus of my time more. He was still an ass, but he didn't see me as my father. I wish you wouldn't either. We had nice friendship. Never mind, Snape. I'll just ask Poppy to sedate them." The young savior spat, turning on his heel to the door.

"Potter...Harry, wait." The teen stopped, glancing back to the potions professor.

"I'll do it. You're right. I won't ever forgive James, but that doesn't mean I have to take my anger out on you." Harry smirked.

"Don't worry, Sev. I'll still be plenty trouble to piss you off. Thank you." He waved his hand and left, making his way to the headmaster's office.

"Oh, I have no doubts, brat. Be safe on your journey."


A soft knock on the door interrupted his meeting with Minerva.

"Come in." He beckoned. In stepped Harry, a determined expression on his face.

"How can I help you, my boy?" The teen didn't even bother to sit. Instead, he moved to the fireplace and grabbed a fistful of floo powder.

"I'm leaving. I'm going to hunt the horcruxes." Dumbledore shot up from his chair.

"Alone? Harry, I know that you've done it before, but I imagined you had help." Harry sighed, stepping into fireplace.

"I did, but the terms aren't the same this time around. You know as well as I about the ring that will be on your finger. Riddle's diary and the piece in me have both been destroyed. That leaves Slytherin's locket, Huffpuff's cup, Ravenclaw's diadem, and Nagini. There are only two outside I can retrieve right now. Nagini has to wait. I will be back though, but you need to field both Remus and Sirius. They won't be very happy about any of this. I'll try not to take too long. Good bye, Dumbledore." With that, the raven threw down the floo powder with a shout of Diagon Alley. Dumbledore didn't have the time to even open his mouth. The teen was gone.

"We can only hope the items are where he believes they are." He said to Fawkes, sinking back into his chair. Minerva hadn't said a word. Her eyes were stuck on the floor.

"Minerva, are you alright?" She nodded, lookin up to face him.

"That boy has suffered greatly and he still fights. I don't know whether to be proud of his determination or upset that he won't let someone help him." Albus nodded in agreement.

"I must admit, I was shocked when he arrived. No one in the Order believed him to live after the final battle with Voldemort. I know the prophecy and still didn't believe it. But there he was, standing in my office drenched in dried blood. A man hardened by war and hardship. I can only hope he wins again." Minerva turned her nose up, standing from her chair and moving to the window.

"He will, Albus, I have no doubt."

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