I tried to control it, tried to maintain it

tried to contain it, but I failed terribly

And I don't know what to do

Jen woke up with a pounding in her head. She sat up quickly, she couldn't figure out where she was. She sat up to quickly, causing her head to hurt more and the dizziness crept over her. Laying on a bed she didn't recognize, confusingly looking around.

"Aunt Jen!" Coco Arquette came running into the room, jumping onto the bed.

Shocked, Jen smiled. "Hi baby!" as Coco climbed into bed with her.

"Mommy said you were gonna feel sick this morning," Coco smiled innocently at her Aunt and snuggled up in the bed with her.

"Nooo! Your Aunt Jen feels just fine!" Jen smiled at her best friend's daughter.

"Oh yeah?!" Courteney leaned against the door panel, yelling.

"Ah!" Jen shrieked holding her head.

"Feeling fine huh?" Courteney smirked.

Jen stared at Courteney, she knew as soon as Coco left she'd be getting a lecture.

"Co, honey, why don't you go get some clothes on and put your pajamas in the laundry room while Mommy talks to Aunt Jen?" Courteney smiled at her daughter.

"Okay…." Coco went skipping out of the room to do what her Mother told her.

Jen started counting down the seconds before Courteney flipped. 3, 2 ,1

"Do you know" here we go.. "how stupid you are for what you did last night?!" Courteney was screaming now. Jen held her head at the piercing noise.

"That man broke your heart! And you were stupid enough to go crawling back to him when you're supposed to be happier than you've ever been right now!" she stared at Jen.

"I know, I know, I know! You don't have to tell me I'm stupid Court! I know exactly what I did! I'll deal with the repercussions!" Jen was annoyed, she wasn't a little girl anymore.

"Seriously?" Courteney stared at her. "You are so damn lucky I took you here instead of home to your FIANCE" she bolded the word fiance and Jen got even more annoyed.

"Okay, look! I fucked up! Everyone makes mistakes! Stop acting like you're so perfect!" Jen knew it was a bitchy thing to say, but she didn't care.

"Tell me about it! The only mistake I didn't make was Coco! Otherwise David is so fucked up, I can't even tell you how big of a mistake he was!" Courteney shouted out.

"Well then there, we both have fucked up ex-husbands. So, stop yelling at me!" Jen rolled her eyes.

"You better come clean to Justin, so I don't have to." Courtney walked over and sat on the bed.

"Wh-why does he need to know about this?!" Jen was lost to why they had to make a big deal out of this and not just make it their little secret.

"If paparazzi caught you, you're fucked Jen…." Courteney stared at Jen sincerely.

"Fuck….." Jen held her head, looking down. She knew the whole night was just bad, she just didn't think.

Tried to hold back and accept the fact, we ain't perfect

And what we got goin' on, might leave us both with bruises

Jen got into her car back at the restaurant. Courteney and Coco waved goodbye to her as they pulled away. Her mind flipped to Justin, he was probably freaking the hell out about where she was. She quickly went through her purse to find her phone and saw 15 missed calls from Justin. Dialing his number, she waited for his voice.

"Where the hell have you been?! I've been worried sick!" He shouted over the phone. Now her head was really starting to hurt with everyone yelling at her.

"Hey, honey. I'm fine! Can we talk when I get home?" she knew she had to do it.

"Okay…" He sounded worried.

"I'm on my way now." she hung up quickly because she heard her phone beeping with another call, figuring it was Courteney , she looked on the screen. Brad Pitt is calling.

Is this a fucking joke? She answered bitchy, it was his fault she was in all this shit with her best friend and fiancé now.

"Hey. Have a good morning?" Brad chuckled over the phone.

"What do you want? You've screwed up enough," she answered bitchy again. This time, she didn't even care.

"Woah… I didn't do anything now darling! Courteney needs to settle down!" he said.

"Um, Courteney has the right to be pissed because I obviously wasn't thinking clearly Brad! Neither of us were! We both have someone waiting at home for us, although, that's never been an excuse for you before, has it?" Yes, She went there. Court would've been so damn proud of her for that remark.

"Are we seriously going to get into that right now?" He sounded pissed she brought it up. She didn't care though. It was the truth.

"I don't know Brad, are we? We never talked about it anyways." She could feel the verge of tears coming on, just thinking about all the shit he put her though. Maybe Courteney was right.

"You just gotta live in the past, don't ya Jen?" he said pissed off.

"Excuse me? I don't live in the past Brad! You for one should know that!" she hung up quickly on him. She hated this. She hated him. But yet, something about him still made her feel like the woman she once used to be, who was held in his arms every night. She didn't know how she was gonna explain this to Justin.

Damn (Damn)

This wild heart of mine

It's gonna get me in trouble