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Terms Used

Fol= money, term is borrowed from Star Ocean; Till the End of Time ; copyright of Tri Ace

Aites or Aitis= Greek word for female lover.

Summary: The Princess of Mars and Venus are entered into an arrange marriage between their planets. Wishing to escape their fate they flee to the Moon Kingdom. On the streets a chance meeting turns into friendship with the potential for more. But soon they're ripped apart by their families. Later they are summoned to fulfill their duty as Senshi. Sparks will fly and hearts will break.

Arrange Marriage


Ch.1 Venus's Rebellion

A golden unicorn rode over the hill carrying the Princess of Venus back to the stables where she had just come back from her afternoon ride through the city of Aino. She had also visited the fields where the royal family had been breeding unicorns for the past two thousand years.

Bring Mria to a trot Minako entered the stables from the side door up to Mria's stables.

"How was the ride Minako-hime?" The friendly stables master asked as he saw her enter.

She brought Mria to a halt smiling down at him. "It was wonderful, thank you. And please just call me Mina, ok?" She winked at him with a small smirk. Her cerulean eye twinkled with delight.

"Now your ladyship if your mother were to hear nonsense like that we both be in trouble." The stables master chaste her as she dismounted from her unicorn. "Oh speaking of the queen, she sent you a message."

Taking the small scroll from him she opened the roll of parchment from her Mother, scanning the words quickly.

'Come quickly to the throne room. I have important business to discuss with you.'"

"Thank you. I need to speak with my Mother. Could you take care of Mrai then? She needs a good scrub down after that ride." She asked.

The old stable master gave a smile, nodding, "Be more than happy to Hime."

Bowing quickly Minako entered Magellan castle in search of her mother.



The scream sent the palace on edge with guards rushing through looking for any encroachers and others proceeding to scramble towards protecting the royal family. Calls to search for the princess and check on the queen in the throne room were issued. One unit burst through the audience chamber where they discovered the Princess of Venus glaring up at her mother dress in: an orange tunic, white pants, and black riding boots?

"Captain Tegmire is something the matter?" Queen Akiko asked pointedly rising from her station. Though the audience door being flung open was a surprise the guards' faces was another story. She was surprised at the reaction her twelve year old daughter had received from the men. Surprised, worried, and a bit pleased. This could go better then she thought.

"Nothing you majesty," Tegmire choked out kneeling before her while diverting his eyes from the princess lusty figure.

He, or anyone else, had never seen their princess in that attire before. Almost at thirteen she could rival their goddess Aphrodite. The black pants conforming to Minako's every curve hugging her shape in the way that men would drool or contest to do battle for. Her long golden hair pooled down her back touching near the end of her waist. With clear cerulean eyes that for the moment flared with anger at her mother. Yep, Princess Minako Taya was a sight to behold.

'Things are going be rough as she becomes older. Maybe women guards would be better for the princess. However I am sure they would swoon just as much if not more. But on Venus no one really cares who you're with as long as there is some form of love involved.,' He thought dejectedly.

Quickly becoming sick inside at how many would claimer for the princess's favor but if she returned it would be another story completely. One more unpredictable thing about Venusians: they either loved only one or loved many freely. It will be amusing to see which one the princess would become in the future. He truly hoped that she was a one lover kind of girl and her partner would be too.

Many times he and the princess had talked of vague topics from the weather to the other planets amongst the stars. Since her father's pasting she had come to rely on him a bit. While he himself had no designs on her personally he had heard of many in the kingdom that already did. Too many Venusians in history had or almost had, gone to war over sharing a lover or two. Another rule; do not evoke the jealous of a Venusian. You'd find yourself with more sorrow then most think possible.

Turning her attention back to her daughter Akiko steeled herself for an argument to ensue. "As I had told you a moment ago Minako, tomorrow is your thirteen year. In a week the Martian royal family will visit during at which time you shall meet your fiancé. During the course of this stay you two of you will be presented to the Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom for approval of the match. At sixteen years, you both shall wed here on Venus. The joining of our two planets will become a time of celebration. After the wedding, the both of you shall go to the moon for a week then on to Mars." Queen Akiko replied coolly. She kept reminding herself that this was for the planets and Mina's own good. "After that you both shall spend six months here and six months on Mars unless some unforeseen circumstances should occur."

Minako stiffened at the chilled tone. The Queen had never in all her memories been so factual with a conversation towards her.

'Why? I'm too young to think about marriage. Besides I want it to be for love not duty.'

Clenching her fist she readied her words carefully. "Mother…" She faltered but tried again. She would not lose, she couldn't lose. "Mother, I want to share a mutual love with and for my partner. Not just some convenience, that I'm sure would be something to celebrate for the planets, but a true love. Can a Martian even feel love? All they do is fight. You said it yourself. They're a barbaric planet with a barbaric people living there. I want what you and father had shared while he was still with us." 'How did I end up in this?'

Akiko considered Minako's words and the truth they held. Through out Venus, the Queen and prince consort Alister had been the most beloved soulmates in ever sense of the word, but when he had passed away in the accident she mourned to the point of where she had wanted to die with him as well.

The whole planet had mourned his passing but what Akiko felt then she could never articulate to another. The kingdom loved them both and believed that never in its entire history held a greater monarch than them.

The Martian people maybe rough around the edges but Minako would be better off with someone who could never return her affections then to lose that person in a tragedy. The heir was said to be a force of reckless intentions and cold nature but a kindness to others when needed. However much she wished her daughters happiness she could not condemn her to a life if that loved one was lost. No, that would never happen if she could help it. "No."

That one word filled with the final note ending the conversation crushed Minako's hopes for reason. Holding back her tears consumed her as she held her head high, "Why Mother?"

Barely a whisper the plea had the queen irate. Akiko face contoured with rage at Minako's insolence but quickly schooled herself. Her daughter had no knowledge of the wars breaking out amongst the planets or of what it was to lose your other half. An alliance between Venus and Mars would settle many disputes that have long standing.

Mars was in need of food supplies which Venus held in abundance. While Venus had gold and silver in abundance they lacked iron to forge into weapons and armor that would serve well if the tension between planets increased more then what the current rate was.

The marriage had to proceed as planned.

"I will not have you question me or my will Minako. You will resign yourself to this marriage. You are as headstrong as it is. Do not embarrass me or this family. You are a shame as it is to this court and your father's memory." Akiko look over Minako to the captain still kneeling before her. "Captain Tegmire."

"Yes your highness?" He stood swiftly awaiting her orders.

"Escort my daughter to her chambers."

"At once my lady," He walked to her side grasping her arm lightly.

Throwing him off Minako took a step forward. Tegmire let her be but stayed by just in case he was needed to help.

"No Mother. We are not done here. Let me choose for myself. I know that I can find a good partner that you will approve of. Just let me try, I won't bring shame to this family."

"Enough Minako! You will never understand. You WILL be married to the Martian heir. This conversation is over!"

"So you say but what about what I want! Papa would have listened to me! Which is more then I can say for you!" Minako shouted back.

Quicker then Minako ever thought or had seen, her mother shot off the dais towards her. The slap didn't hurt as much as it was the one who struck her. Shock covered her face as tears sprang to her eyes. Even in her most outrageous of stunts her mother had never once struck her.

Reeling the force of it would of sent her to the floor however Captain Tegire had been close enough to catch her. He helped her stand as the queen resume her place by the throne. Minako jerked away from his protective embrace glaring up at him. Shaking off the other guard that surrounded her she pivoted and walked away towards the double doors. Stopping at the threshold she looked back at her mother's back nodded and left.

Akiko turned at the sound of the door closing proceeding to slump back in her throne. Had she done the right thing by not telling the truth? 'I hope someday you forgive me Minako. You are everything I could ever want in a daughter. Alister, please watch over our daughter and her future bride.'

Realizing that at some point the members of court had disassembled with the room empty she surrendered to her tears.


The hinges were almost ripped from the door as Minako stormed into her room shrugging off her boots, throwing them one by one at her wall and flopping back on her gold silken bed fuming.

"I won't marry the Martian heir! They can't make me! She won't make me! I am a shame to the family? Papa wouldn't of done this. Why is she?" Shooting up she began pacing the room. Four times around the room rational thoughts began to surface halting her steps.

"If I am not here then I couldn't be married can I." A grin formed but slowly faded as she continued to think. "But where would I go? The Outer rim is way out considering the fact that it's banned. Mercury is forbidden unless you have a written permit. And the only way to get that would be Mother. Let me think. Mars… they find me and I would be sunk and as good as married. Plus I doubt that I could pass for a Martian. The Moon maybe? Yes that could work. It is too close to even be considered that I would go there," she nodded to herself grinning again.

Walking swiftly over to her closet and chest she considered what to bring. "My cloak is a must. What else? Tunics, pants, nothing fancy so as to stand out, money, and… oh yeah my dagger that father gave me two years ago as a birthday present."

It was a small golden dagger with an amethyst gem embedded within the hilt. At the bottom of the pummel her name had been neatly engraved with small letter that were easily miss and the insignia of Venus next to that. Light weight but wickedly sharp. The sheath was hand crafted leather carefully tool fitting the dagger snugly.

"Here, Minako this is for you." Prince Alister handed his 11 year old daughter her dagger as she sat on the floor of her room.

"What is it Papa?" She had never seen something so beautiful. Her eyes roamed over it lovingly.

"It will protect you when I or your chosen one can't be there." Alister patted her head laughing at the pout on her face.

Carefully Minako took hold of the dagger. Unsheathed it and examined the blade. Alister watched his daughter in amusement. She had never expressed any interest in weapons but if he hadn't know better he would have said that she was ready for battle. Curious.

"Thank you Papa. But you will always be here. And I want someone who will be my friend and partner. I can care for myself you know." Drawing her lips further into a pout line he could only laugh harder.

Smiling at the memory she pulled the articles out she wrapped them up tightly in one bundle except for the dagger. That she strapped to her waist under her tunic. In the second bundle she placed money, jewels, and a couple bottles of pomegranate oil. A rarity on other planets.

Placing them in her saddlebags she then shoved that under her bed. Her mother would be coming to say good night and it would be odd if she was not in attendance. But the last transport ship would leave at midnight and she would be on it. A soft knock on the door startled her out of her thoughts.


The door opened slightly as a head popped in. Minako smiled at who it was. "Seginus-san, what are you doing here?"

"Oh, I heard about what had happened with your mother and was concerned."

Minako waved her hand in dismissal at the boy. At fourteen he tried to act the part of a grown man but he just made her laugh. While most Venusians' had blond hair with blue or green eyes, some even possessed molten silver that was very rare to behold. Seginus wanted to stand out and with blue hair that looked like the ocean when the breeze blew by with chocolate eyes. Yes he was different all right.

"Oh and what did you hear?"

"That you are to marry in a few years. To a damn Martian no less. They are a barbaric people who couldn't love anyone. I've heard tell that the heir is a god of war second to Ares himself. What could any Martian," He spat the word, "know? You will be so miserable. Are you going to go through with it Minako-hime? If you don't I will do anything to help you." His voice was tense but his face seemed composed. He hoped she wouldn't. He loved her with every fiber of his being; desiring to kiss her here and now swelled up with in him begging to take her now and damn the consequences of his decision later.

Mina chose her words carefully before answering. "I don't see where I have a choice. I suppose in a week I will met my intended." It was a lie she knew but to tell him the truth would do her no good. Push come to shove Seginus would try to stop her if he knew what she intended. "I suppose maybe in the future we could be friends with each other."

"What if someone else stepped in as a replacement?"

The question caught her off guard and left her puzzled. "Seginus-san there is no one I know that I would want that way."

"Mina-hime I understand that but what if someone approached your mother and made an offer. Would you except?"

"They could make an offer but since there is no one on Venus that I love it would be pointless for anyone to do so. I will know my soul mate when I see them."

Her word grated on his nerves. "Hime-san the love of your life could be anywhere. How will you know if you never give anyone a chance?"

Mina frowned. This conversation was quickly becoming tiresome. He was also out of line, friend or not. "Seginus-san I understand what you are saying however my partner will see me for me."

"You're the princess. What more is there?"

His words seemed to make the room smaller with each breath he took choking off her freedom.

"There is a lot more." She wanted him to leave. He needed to leave. She searched her brain for a reason and found one. "Also you had better leave now. My Mother should be coming soon to wish me good night and the maids as well to turn down the bed." She hoped it came out as the suggestion that she wanted to convey and not the order she was desperate to give.

Anger coursed through his blood. Why couldn't she see him as her love? He would never let anything hurt her. If he had it his way he would shut out any hurt or pain that would come upon her. No one, not even the queen, would touch what is his. Someday Minako would be his at any cost whether she liked it or not.

"Very well Minako-hime. I bid you good night." He left leaving Minako to her thoughts.

She stared at the door after he left. Something had change about him in the past year. Honestly she didn't like it. His emotions towards the Martian had shock her. Barbaric they may be but how could she decide that if she had never met them. Oh great, that made her a hypocrite.


A soft knock sounded at the door. Minako looked up already aware of who it was. "Enter mother."

"I have come to say good night. I hope you sleep well. Don't forget you have weapons training tomorrow and in the morning your tutor wants to start you with lessons about Mars."

Minako nodded her head in compliance. She was going to miss her mother but it was better this way. She would no longer "shame" her mother's throne or her father's memory.

"This is for the good of everyone on this planet. I know you're mad but trust me. Losing someone you love is a harsh path to walk Minako. Worst when the person you lose is your true soulmate. As people from Venus we feel more Mina. Think of our goddess. We hurt more, love harder, and hate to lose to anyone that crosses our path, just like Aphrodite herself."

No reaction could be seen by Akiko if her daughter even understood her.

"Minako! The Martian heir could never break your heart. Love is not an emotion they feel like we do so enough is enough! Do you understand what I'm telling you?" Akiko asked in irritation.

The cold tone chilled the air. Mina continued to sit there with out saying a word.

Seeing that she still was not ready to talk yet Akiko turned and stopped first at her daughter's vanity. On it she placed the Necklace of Eros and the Necklace of Aites. It was the gift exchanged between lovers depending on which kind you had. A thin golden ring with a silver dove seeming to fly over a ruby rose were engraved into the medal with a threaded gold chain looped through.

Those who wore the band swearing their love bound their souls together for eternity.

After setting it down Akiko bid Minako good night shutting the door as she left.


An hour and a half before midnight Minako ducked her head out of her door and checked the hall for any personnel. Looking back in her room Mina made sure that everything she needed was with her. The necklaces still laid on the vanity untouched. She would take nothing of her mother's. Seeing none of the guards she slipped out staying as close in the shadows. Suddenly a sound to her right stopped her. Ducking into the shadows Minako stayed hidden as the voices approached.

"Captain Tegmire!"

"Yes, private?"

"I wanted to ask you about the upcoming nuptials."

"What of it?"

"Is the princess really going to marry the Martian heir? That name strikes fear amongst many in the inner alliance."

'Great my intended is cruel as well as being a Martian. What is mother thinking?' Minako thought as she stayed in hiding.

"The queen knows what she is doing and we as lowly soldiers should not question her wisdom." Under his breath he mumbled, "Though right now I wish I could."

Mina watched them pass her hiding spot. When it seemed that the coast was clear she continued on her way. She slowly made her way out of the palace hiding when ever a noise caught her attention however luck was with her. When she reached the streets she ran for the shuttle port.

When she got there Minako checked if any Venusian guards would be there. No sense in escaping if she was going to be made to be right back where she had started. Pulling the hood tighter over her face Minako adjusted her bag strolling up to the pilot.

"Is this the shuttle to the Moon?" She asked tentatively.

He eyed her warily. He had flown a long time. It had become second nature to smell trouble when dealing with people. Something about this girl was just screaming trouble. "Yes. Five Fol and your name for the record books on passengers miss. "

Minako froze. 'I didn't think about my name. Damn what should I do?' Fidgeting slightly she dug into her pocket and showed him a hundred Fol instead. "No name. No questions. You never saw me. Deal?"

"Agreed. Board please, Miss." He motioned her on glancing around quickly.

She passed him the Fol then found her seat and rested. "Finally I'm free."

Soon the engine of the shuttle started and departed for the moon leave Venus forever.