Ice Ice Harry

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Harry Potter or Naruto. I am NOT making any money from this, but I do own the lovely plot and a top hat, which I tip towards you for reading my story. A slashy 'Harry is Haku' story.

Summary: It started as a fever and became something more- he became something more.

Warnings: I don't know but I've been told, this story is something to behold. It's got violence, abuse, death and drugs, pain and suffering and a few little hugs. Nothing too queer or sexual, but enough boy love and affection to make you full.


The First Crack

(or the prologue)


Harry hated heat. It was the worst feeling in the world when your body felt like it was on fire, scorching every last bit of skin and deep down into your muscles and bones. He wanted it to stop, but he knew it wouldn't. He could see the fire bleeding into his skin, consuming him from his infected wound.

It had started a few days prior when Harry had been gardening. Dudley had come outside in a fit of boredom, and pushed Harry into the shed. Harry braced himself for the impact with the concrete floor but instead had landed on a pair of rusty shears, cutting his side. Being six years of age, Harry knew nothing about medical treatment and first aid, so he did the first thing his young logical mind could think of to stop the bleeding. He walked to the freshly watered garden, gathered some mud and caked it on over his wound to stop the flow of blood. Feeling dizzy, and wanting the mud to dry, Harry lay down in the sun and closed his eyes, falling asleep quickly.

As time passed the wound grew sorer, it looked angry in Harry's eyes, and then the chills hit.

He didn't mind the cold. He was used to it. The chills were easy. It was the heat that hurt.

Harry had heard Aunt Petunia tsk disapprovingly at him and tell him that he had a fever, but he didn't understand much after that. The heat was pain, the heat took all his focus, and the heat was destroying him.

As the chills passed and the heat set in, his uncle had taken one look at him and locked him in his cupboard, telling him to stay there until he was better. Occasionally, Aunt Petunia would open the door and give him water and a bit of food as she covered her mouth and nose with a dish towel, but she never stayed long after receiving her dishware and spraying an entire can of aerosol. There was nothing motherly or nurturing about her actions but Harry didn't care about his treatment, because all he wanted was for the heat to stop. No matter how much water he drank, it didn't extinguish the fire like it should.

He wanted the chills back, he wanted ice. If only he could be ice then he wouldn't have to deal with this fire anymore. Ice…being frozen sounded a lot better than being burnt. Ice…Harry wanted to be ice. Deep within his soul he wished to become ice, to be able to freeze, to be able to extinguish this fire. He wished so hard, he concentrated everything that he had on wishing for ice, to wield ice, to be ice and he thought he could feel his wish, his desire solidify and mix with power within him.




He wanted to be ice!

A sharp sound pierced his ears, and through his green hazy eyes, Harry could see the cupboard around him shatter and fall like sparkling diamonds. The scenery shined like the sun over a frozen lake, and the edges of his vision faded into white. The rough wool blanket under him faded away and the cool, refreshing sensation of snow tickled his skin. Harry sighed as he closed his eyes and let his head roll to the side, allowing part of his forehead to rest comfortably on the frozen ground. It was cold… wonderful, beautiful cold.

The soft sound of crunching met his ears and with his last bit of strength, Harry opened his eyes and lifted his head to see a pair of well-worn boots walking towards him. A soft, fatherly voice reached his ears, whispering "Oh you poor thing," and as the man trailed off, Harry's vision went black, wiping away his heavenly white.


A/N: This will be a 4 part story. This being the first, then Harry's time in snow, him meeting Zabuza and his time with him, and finally the end. The chapters will vary in length but this will be the shortest.

This is a gift for my friend Ireadtomuch, who pestered me endlessly to write a Harry is Haku story.