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The Third Crack

Bridges connected all of the Land of water together. Haku didn't remember this until he was run out of the last village on his island and faced the long and treacherous bridge that connected his island to that of the main island in the Land of Water. He could cross it and hopefully find a village where he could scrounge for food, or he could stay and risk being recognized by the people of this island. He could already hear the whispers of a boy that killed an entire village of men. He could hear the people talk about blood lines and abominations, and how Kirigakure were going to send a shinobi out to investigate and kill him.

So far he had managed to go unnoticed, only being yelled at and chased by shop owners furious that he was digging through their garbage for scraps. But he knew that wouldn't last long. Soon the villagers would see him and connect the dots. A small boy that killed a group of men… they would take his life before the shinobi even arrived.

Looking behind him at the port city that held nothing but eventual death, Haku shuddered and looked away. He didn't have a choice really. If he wanted to live than the only thing he could do was to walk forward and cross the bridge. On a bigger island with more people and villages he could slip into the crowd and no one would look twice at a dirty street kid. He couldn't be the only orphan boy to wander around without a home, which meant that he was safer over there.

So Haku walked forward.

He walked along the bridge being battered side to side by the fierce wind that rolled off the water. He struggled along as he slipped on the ice, ignoring the fact that his backside had become one large bruise. He whimpered as he passed the bodies of people who had been frozen to death on their trek. He paused, only briefly, and rummaged through their stuff, taking what he needed. He stole some food, a container of water, and jewelry. Everything else was worthless to him and he didn't need their coats as the cold didn't affect him as much, but he did take a single sweater to cover his slightly blood stained shirt.

When he reached the other side he was still lonely, still hurt and confused over everything, but he felt a little freer. He didn't need to constantly worry about the whispers and wonder when they would find and kill him. He didn't worry that a shinobi would notice he was the only homeless child on the island. He didn't need to worry about his father coming back from the dead to finish the job, because there was no way his dead boy could cross that bridge. It was too long, too harsh, and too open for someone not to see a battered corpse crossing.

With a small spark of hope, Haku walked into the village. He found a merchant quickly and sold the jewelry he had plundered. It wasn't much, merely a gold necklace and some pretty hair pins. The merchant sneered at him but roughly grabbed the items and gave him money. He didn't say anything before he walked away, but Haku didn't mind. Clutching his money close to his chest, Haku walked the streets until he found a ramen stall and scooted inside.

"Hello dear, what can I get you?" The woman behind the counter asked.

Haku shivered, not quite used to the warmth of the stall. "One bowl of miso ramen, please."

She gave him a smile and got to work. The ramen was good; it filled his belly with warmth he hadn't felt in weeks since he killed his father. Food was scarce when on the run, and living on an island during winter was harsh. People didn't tend to waste the food they worked hard to get and unless it was rotten they threw nothing out.

It was hard, but Haku was trying to come to terms with the death. He loved his father, had looked up to him but when his father had said those things… had tried to kill him… His uncle had hated him, he knew that, but he never thought his father would act the same. With his death, Haku felt like his world had collapsed. He got away from one bad world only to enter another and be rejected and scorned the same. The truth that even nice people could turn on you confused him. Nice people were meant to be nice, evil people were meant to be evil, and shinobi were meant to be bad. But life wasn't going like that, which meant either Haku had it wrong or he was missing something.

Tired of pondering over it all and full from his meal, Haku paid the woman and left. He knew he didn't have money to rent a room, and he didn't trust accepting charity from people who looked kind because he didn't know what to think of kind looking people anymore. Without being noticed, Haku slipped into the woods and found a hollow tree to sleep in. the bark was hard and splintered his arms, the wood unforgiving, but what Haku hated the most about the tree was that although it wrapped around him and protected him, it didn't offer any of the warmth his mother's embrace had.

Scrunching his sweater together to create a pillow, Haku leaned back and closed his eyes, resigning himself to such a life until he understood the world better. Who do you trust and who don't you?


Haku tried to stretch his money as long as he could. He tried finding food in the wild and some days it worked and others it didn't. He would look through garbage cans behind restaurants, hoping to find something to eat. When neither approach worked, he went a few days without substance before unwillingly dipping into his little pot of money and buying ramen. He would eat the noodles the first day, eat the vegetables the next, and then try to stretch the broth over the following two days.

One night he had the opportunity to make more money, and as hard as it was, Haku accepted.

"Hey little girl!" A man called as he roughly grabbed Haku's arm. Haku flinched at the touch and slowly turned to face the stranger. The man looked him up and down before smiling, showing off his crooked yellow teeth. "If you come with me I'll make it worth your while."

The man was tall with black hair and dark eyes. His mouth was foul, but what Haku noticed the most was the metal plate he wore on his forehead. He was a shinobi. Haku learned a lot about shinobi in the month and a half he lived in the woods, and knew that it didn't matter what he said, the man would drag him of anyways. Nodding, Haku allowed himself to be dragged away.

The shinobi took him behind a popular bar and slammed him against the wall, "Now here's the deal kid, you get on your knees, open that pretty little mouth and I'll give you some money. If you're any good, I might come and find you next week."

Haku blinked several times rapidly to keep his tears inside. He knew what the shinobi wanted. During his night time hunts for food he had seen some woman and girls doing exactly what the man wanted. They would follow the men behind buildings and then drop to their knees, eagerly accepting the strangers penis into their mouths. They would suck until the man shuddered and pushed them away. Sometimes the men ripped their clothes off, but Haku never stuck around to see what happened after that.

Haku nodded and slowly lowered himself until he was level with the man's trousers. The shinobi laughed and pulled a fat money pouch from his jacket and waved it in Haku's face. "So eager pretty one. Don't worry, you will get some of this when you're done."

A noise caught his attention as the back door of the bar slammed open. Haku looked over to see a woman stumble out, her clothes and hair a mess, her make up smudged, and she carried one shoe in her left hand. She took a moment to orient herself before looking at Haku and the man. Haku blushed at the position they were in. Although he may have agreed to this he had hoped it would forever remain a secret. Even if he didn't know the woman, she would still remember in some part of her mind that Haku had gotten own to his knees for a man.

"Interrupted something did I?" She asked with a slur. She cast the man a long look before she smiled widely and sauntered forward. "You look like a man who would prefer experience. Why are you wasting your time with such a filthy little brat when you can spend it with me, a woman who could give you the pleasure you desire and more," she purred.

Haku watched as she trailed a hand up the shinobi's arm and along his jaw. "Leave the little bitch here and I can take you straight to my room," she whispered.

Eyeing the two of them, Haku didn't know what to do. A part of him wanted the man to go with the woman, to leave him here so he wouldn't need to perform such acts, but another part wanted the woman to leave so that Haku could be paid. He needed the money, and looking at her clothes she didn't.

The man leaned forward, biting the woman's lip and pulling away with a smirk. "Tempting, but I already got her on her knees. Go back inside and I might fetch you after."

The woman looked down on him and sent him a look full of scorn and greed. "Fine," she bit out before turning and exiting the way she came.

The man laughed and looked at him . "Better make this good, cause it seems I have a line of woman wanting my time tonight."

Uncertain, Haku reached forward, his hands trembling in fear. He didn't want to do this, he didn't want to degrade himself to the level of those women who looked so broken and lonely, eyes filled with that scornand greed he just saw. He didn't want to but he had to. He was broken, he was alone, and he needed the money to live. The money would make this worth it.

The moment the man's dick entered his mouth Haku wanted to cry. It was disgusting. The man smelled, like he hadn't showered or cleaned the area in weeks, the organ was so big it didn't fit, and most of all he wanted to cry because he hated life at that moment.

He tried his best to get over his feelings, to block the entire experience out of his mind by thinking of the money and the food he could buy with it. The man grunted and groaned, his hands grabbed Haku's hair tightly, and pushed his head forward. Haku pictured steaming bowls of ramen, delicious sticks of dango, and fresh dumplings. The man muttered dirty comments under his breath about Haku's mouth, his slutty ways, and how his pussy would probably be so tight. The words felt like they were chipping away and destroying Haku's resolve but he pushed forward, holing his grumbling tummy to harden his determination. Finally, the man lurched forward, he grunted, and Haku's mouth was filled with a foul liquid.

"You need practice but not bad," the man laughed as he fixed himself. "I'll see you around." The shinobi turned and started walking away and Haku frowned.

"What about my money?" He asked.

Laughter. The man laughed at him followed by a glare. "You think I was actually going to pay for such a shitty blowjob? Think again kid. Maybe in a month when your mouth can actually it's job I might pay out. Just be happy I'm not going to fucking slit your throat. Now stop wasting my tiem so I can get the horny bitch inside."

Anger started bubbling inside him at the man's words. He had lowered himself to such a vile act with the promise of money and now he wasn't going to get anything? He put himself through that torture and the man laughed at him? The silky cold under his skin cried in protest at the treatment and called for revenge. Haku agreed.

The man laughed in his face again, telling him he had nothing to be angry for, but Haku didn't care. He did have a right to be mad and the man, shinobi or not, was going to pay.

The silky cold burst out of him, shooting towards the ground at the man's feet. The ice started slowly, trapping the shinobi's feet and crawling upwards. He didn't notice, still laughing and taunting Haku with his money pouch. The ice reached his knees before he caught on. Looking down he cried in horror before shooting a mutinous glare at Haku.

Haku stared right back, his face blank. "You should have paid me."

The man growled as he struggled to get free, the money pouch dropping to the ground as he did several hands seals. He tried melting Haku's ice with a fire Justu, but it didn't work. Haku's ice wouldn't melt with such a simple trick. His ice was there to stay.

Walking forward, Haku picked up the pouch, content to steal the man's savings. "May you forever stay here, trapped because of your deceit."

And he walked away.

He heard more whispers. The people talked about the shinobi that was stuck frozen in ice, his chakra unable to free him. They talked about how he cursed and ranted all night about little whores, but Haku didn't care. He hadn't killed him but he had gotten his revenge and money. Now, it was time he moved on. He would venture further and find a new village, find someone else to stay. He had the shinobi's money and it was triple what he earned for the jewelry. Content that he had enough to travel with, Haku stopped by a store and bought some food to hold him over for a few days as he walked on.

He stuck to the roads, not walking on them but in the foliage at the sides. Roads led somewhere and as long as he followed him he was sure to find a new village. It was better than wandering the woods and getting lost. Who knew if he would ever find food again, especially in winter.

It didn't take him as long as he thought it would to find another village. He had been walking beside the road when he saw something slowly rise and emerge from the mist. As he walked closer he could see they were buildings, hidden among the fog. He could feel hope growing in him. When he approached the village he could see a large gate, its doors open and stream of people passing by on the other side.

Digging into his memories Haku knew where he was. Kirigakure. The shinobi village his father once spoke of. Did he dare to enter it? His father had been so hesitant about even talking about it that Haku didn't have a good opinion of the place.

A sudden noise caught his attention, dragging him away from the gates. There was something nearby, sneaking through the woods. Haku crouched down, trying to make himself as small as possible in case it was a wild animal.

In a flash, before he could even scream, Haku was snatched from behind and strong hand covered his mouth. Someone held him behind and chuckled darkly, "Little boys and girls shouldn't be left alone. Not while I'm around."

Haku was jerked and pulled away from Kirigakure, away from the large gates that seemed much more inviting now. He was hauled through the woods and off to a campsite where three other men sat.

"What did you find?" An old cruel looking man asked.

"A little one just perfect for our client." His captor boasted. "So small and pretty… just the age our Client likes. We should get a pretty penny."

The old man stood up and approached them. His eyes were narrowed, his expression fierce. "Is it a boy or girl?" He asked.

His captor dropped the hand holding his arm, leaving one to cover his mouth. His free hand squirmed up his shirt, and roamed over Haku's chest, feeling every inch of his skin. "Still too young to see if she's developing properly." Next the hand dropped down his trousers and squeezed his private bits. "Oh! Oh ho ho! We got ourselves a boy!"

Haku wiggled and squirmed, wanting the man to release him but most importantly get his hand off his penis. He didn't like the situation he was in. From what he heard it sounded as if the men were going to sell him off as a slave.

"Gato likes boys… At least this worthless little bastard will be good for something in his life, eh?" The old man reached into his robe and pulled out a single black collar. He snapped it around Haku's neck before beckoning another man over to attach a chain. "There, that should keep him 'til we get there. Throw him in the back of the caravan with the other one, we'll leave in the morning."

Haku whimpered as his captor dropped him to the ground and pulled harshly on the chain. "Alright you little bastard, move it."

Pain blossomed against his side as he was thrown into the caravan, falling against a metal cage. His captor looked at him and smirked. He lifted a hand to Haku's face, but Haku shied away, not wanting to be touched again. His captor laughed quietly as his hand snapped forward and snatched Haku's chin between his cold bony fingers. "You really are too fucking pretty to be a boy. I bet Gato-sama will just eat you up. He likes them young and pretty. Last one was pretty too but he only lasted a few weeks, but then his face was too fucked up that Gato-sama lost interest. I wonder how long you will last…" The man trailed off. Once he snapped out of whatever thought he was in, his eyes narrowed and suddenly Haku found himself being shoved into a cage, his chain was yanked and a heavy lock was threaded through it and locking the door shut.


The trip took a week. They had to sneak around the outer edges of the island to avoid any shinobi since human trafficking wasn't exactly legal, and Kirigakure took offense when one of their citizens was sold off. Every morning Haku was visited by either the old man or his captor while the other two men focused their attentions on the other boy they had captured and stored in the caravan.

Haku was told he had to always listen, never talk back, and most importantly he would need to please his master. The old man, Karasuno-san, told him the basics of pleasing a man. He refused to touch him, telling Haku his body needed to be virginal for Gato-sama, but he did tell him how his tongue was supposed to work, where he hands should be, and most importantly that when he begged it was to always be for more and never to stop. If Haku listened to these words, he was promised to live a longer life, and not be shredded and thrown away like the rest.

They reached a port city right at the edge of the Land of Water territory, close to the border of the Land of Lightening. As they arrived, Karasuno-san told Haku and the other boy what would happen next. "Chirou's buyer is already in town waiting. I'll personally take you to him, and you better put out well boy! You don't have a face to keep you in their good graces unlike Kura over there," Karasuno-san threatened. "Tomorrow, Gato-sama will be here to get you Kura. I have sold him countless children and he hasn't been disappointed yet. If you do screw this up, I will personally appear and cut you up myself, got it?" Haku nodded, not wanting the mans' wrath directed at him.

Getting a sneer in return, he was quickly dismissed as Karasuno-san unlocked Chirou's cage and pulled him out. The poor boy looked frightened; his eyes wide, his body trembled. Kura wished he could help, but he couldn't do much.

Chirou scrambled to hold onto the caravan as he was pulled out. His nails scratched the wood, his eyes closed tightly as he tried to hold on tightly.

"Enough of that, let's go!" Karasuno-san snapped as he bought his arm down and slapped Chirou's arms. The boy cried out in pain and let go.

The fabric closed, leaving Haku in darkness. Outside he could hear Chirou pleading to be let go, and Karasuno-san yelling at him. Next came a loud roar that sounded like it came from Karasuno-san and it was quickly followed by a loud scream, like a pig squealing. Then everything went silent until a wet smack hit the ground.

Haku held his breath as he asked his ears to hear better. He didn't know what was going outside, but the lack of Chirou's cries couldn't mean anything good. Suddenly, the fabric door of the caravan was ripped back and bloody and scowling Karasuno-san stood there.

"See this? This is that little's bastard blood. He tried to bite me and run away but I stopped him. I stopped him from every running, screaming, or breathing again." Haku inhaled sharply and looked past Karasuno-san to see Chirou's bleeding body lying on the ground with a head. "If you don't want the same fate you're going to stay here and stay quiet, got it?"

Haku nodded quickly, not wanting to anger the man further. Karasuno-san scoffed at him but left. Haku stayed motionless for several minutes, trying to comprehend what happened. Chirou had tried to escape, but was killed. Would he face a similar fate if he tried? Or would he face something far more worse if he played along and allowed himself to be sold. Remembering the shinobi and the alley, Haku shuddered at the thought of ever being forced to so that again. Wasn't death preferable to that?

Reaching behind him, Haku stuck his hand down the back of his trousers and clutched the money pouch in comfort. The men never searched him, probably believing him too weak and poor to have anything of value. Haku had hid his money there at the start, not trusting his ripped pockets and now he was glad. If he could get away, he would still have money. He could hide, come out occasionally for food, but he could wait out the men if they searched for him.

Mind made up, Haku decided he would try to escape too. But not like Chirou. That didn't end well. No he would wait until tonight, when the men were asleep, and then he would run. Glancing at the door and listening hard, Haku tried to figure out if anyone was near. Not hearing anything, he closed his eyes and concentrated.

He hadn't tried to draw out that silky cold on his own before, in fact he wanted to ignore it. He knew it was the reason his mother slapped him, his father tried to kill him, and why any mist-nin would capture him. But he needed it now, and he needed it to help him get out of here.

Slowly he tried to encourage the silky cold to the palm of his hand. It was a slow process, the cold preferring to stay where it was, but eventually he managed to get a small bit of it to move and form an ice needle. Proud of himself, Haku tried again. He would need two of them if he wanted to pick the lock. The second time the silky cold was easier to mold in his hand, but it was still a tough battle. Haku could feel himself sweating, he panted slightly, and the force required to create them when not fueled by fear or anger left him feeling tired. But he didn't mind because it was worth it if he got to run away.

After the man looked in on their nightly check in, making sure Haku was still there and still alive, they went to bed. That was when Haku got to work. He slipped his arms through the thin metal bars an inserted his ice picks into the lock. He jiggled them this way and that, he pressed hard and lightly, and he worked them until he heard a click and the lock popped open.

Joy, complete and utter joy washed through his body with that click. Haku smiled widely and barely restrained himself from cheering. Cautiously, Haku slipped out of his cage and to the fabric door. He listened intently for any noise but all he got was the snores of the man stationed outside to watch him. He knew that the other three had took off to spend the night in a motel, and that worked in Haku's favour. Pushing the fabric aside slowly, Haku peeked out.

Gathering the chain in his shirt to muffle the sound, Haku climbed out and ducked into the shadows. Eyes and ears open, he slowly crept around the caravan and to the side open to the street. The man on guard was sleeping, his head resting on the wooden side with a bottle of Sake clutched in his hand. Taking that moment to steal away, Haku ran and never looked back. He liked running, his body pumped full of adrenaline, feeding off the waves of satisfaction that he managed to escape, and boosting his confidence. He did it. He got away and with getting his head chopped off like Chirou.

Feeling like he was a good distance away, Haku slowed down and ducked into an alley to rest. He was still tired from controlling his silky cold; he needed time to gather energy before he could keep going. He closed his eyes and leaned against a wall, breathing in deeply.

Without warning, a hand clutched his throat and lifted him off the ground. "Thought you could get away eh? Thought I wouldn't see you through the window? Well I did!" Haku's eyes shot open at Karasuno-san's voice in fear. He had been seen? He started weakly struggling; scratching at the hand on his throat, clawing for freedom, but Karasuno-san just laughed at him and gripped his throat harder. "I'm gonna need to spend all night punishing you. Hopefully Gato-sama won't mind if his new toy is slightly battered and bruised."

Haku whimpered. He didn't want to go back. He didn't want to be sold off. Hake called out to his silky cold, asking it, begging it to help him, but it was staying still. It wasn't responding and that scared Haku the most.

"What's going on here? Do I hear something about selling people?" A gruff voice asked from behind Karasuno-san. The man froze, and Haku could feel his fingers fill with tension against his skin.

It only took a moment for Karasuno-san to recover and drop Haku to the ground before turning and using his foot to push Haku behind him. Haku didn't see much but in the one single instant that Karasuno-san turned, he had caught a glimpse of a metal plate and he knew a ninja had just saved him.

"I'm sorry, you must have heard wrong. I am but a simple old man who was trying to stop his grandson from running away again," Karasuno-san lied. Haku coughed and sucked in air, enjoying the benefits of an open and free airway, barely registering Karasuno-san's words.

"Really? You calling me a liar old man?" The gruff voiced growled. Haku didn't care to stay and listen. As soon as he regained himself and saw that he had an opening he took it, sprinting out from behind Karasuno-san. He ran down the alley way and narrowly managed to gather his chain before the man would grasp it properly. He sent a silent thank you to the shinobi for his timing, but he didn't dare turn around and give it to him personally. As far as Haku cared, he needed to just get away from there and hide where Karasuno-san and his men couldn't find him.

He ran and ran, fleeing another situation he couldn't avoid, until he collapsed. It was funny really. He spent his whole life running, from people things and situations. How long would he have to run before he found his place? Would he have to run until he died, because at the moment that's the only end Haku could see. He didn't belong in the perfect normal Dursley world, he didn't belong in the happy loving parent's world, and he didn't want to belong in the dirty world of Karasuno's and Gato's. So where did he belong? Where would be finally find happiness and purpose? Haku wanted to know. He wanted to know that his life wasn't worthless.

Haku looked around him, finding that he had run until he collapsed on a bridge. Should he cross it? Was there a point when you had nothing to walk towards?

"You alright kid?" Haku tensed at the gruff voice. He recognized it as the one form the alley and he wondered if the shinobi had followed him here. Looking up, Haku saw a very big man. He was wearing a thick vest, bandages around his mouth, and his forehead protector was slightly askew, whether form fighting or deliberately he didn't know.

But the one thing that caught his eye, something that screamed the answers to his questions, this shinobi had something that he saw every time he looked into a reflective surface. It was something he recognized and gave him a small bit of hope.

"You have the same eyes as me."