Spike woke up with the sound of a heartbeat ringing in his ears. He opened his eyes and realized the sound came from Buffy. He ran his fingers through her hair, loving the slide of it on his skin. He closed his eyes and listened to the steady rhythm of her heart. He felt warm and languid even though she had pinned him to the bed and fallen asleep astride his body. Her body heat was a gift to him, the illusion of life.

He wanted to stay like this forever. He was beneath her and he reveled in it. She didn't make him beg for crumbs, not his glorious girl. She gave of herself. She held nothing back. He opened his eyes as he felt a trickle of drool land on his chest. He smiled. He would let her drench him in her drool. He didn't care. Fill his homes with her living kith and kin, drown him in tears, just let him wake up every morning in her warm embrace.

Buffy shifted and he smiled as she woke up and blinked down at him. He watched her smile and blush as she realized their position. She tried to pull away, but he pulled her back and nibbled on her exposed shoulder.

"No need to rush off, pet. Waking up with you is almost as wonderful as falling into bed with you." Trailing his fingers along her sides, he shifted his body up against hers.

"But I haven't brushed my teeth and it's morning." She looked down at him and giggled. "It's morning and you're still you."

She went limp on him and kissed the side of his neck. He felt her relief and her joy, heard her heart race even as her body went soft and supple, her trust in him made physical.

"I'll be here as long as you want me, luv. I'm yours." He stroked her back then rolled their bodies so he could look down into her eyes. "I'm where I want to be, where I'll always want to be."

"You make everything good for me. This is the way it's supposed to be. We just fit." She stroked his body with her fingertips. He fought down the urge to tease her and kissed her instead.

"Would you like to check the fit again then, luv?" He grinned and thrust his cock against her thigh enjoying the look of surprise on her face.

She looked up at his sparkling eyes and felt her heart start to race. He gave himself to her body and heart, all that he had, with no restraint. She could hear Giles ranting about souls and Xander making comments about animated corpses, but they didn't get it. Spike belonged to her and she belonged to him. It was about the belonging.

"I want to give myself to you, Spike." Buffy's voice trembled.

"You've done that, luv. Blood and body, you've given me so much. I'm a damned thing and you've blessed me, knocked off a bit of the filth. I'm yours." He kissed her gently on the eyelids and the tip of her nose.

"They all think I'm stupid. Well, Giles knows I'm not, and I think Oz has an inkling, but the others put me one step above Xander. I like it that way. I like to be underestimated. I can remember that an ifrit is not a frittata. I actually do research. I've caught Giles out a few times, when he thinks he needs to protect me. I hunt vampires. It's the job description. Do you really think I haven't read the book, hell, the whole damn library?" Buffy blew tendrils of her hair off of her face and stared into his eyes.

"I think you haven't read my library. Your watcher's books are from the human perspective. Vampires have a culture of our own, traditions, rituals. You know what makes us weak but not what makes us strong. The watchers need you to see us as the demons we are, so the books they give you focus on that." He twisted a stray curl around his finger. The silk against his skin tantalized him. He closed his eyes and imagined her golden tresses as his jesses. He was her falcon, her merlin. "I'll always come to your hand."

"I've been thinking for a while but I realized last night, I think best when I'm sleeping, it's a slayer thing, I don't want a tool, a weapon, and a promise. I want a partner. I want to give you what I have and hold what you will let me. Angelus has done us both. Destroyed us and yet here we are on the other side. Am I making any sense?" She looked up at him with pleading eyes.

He ignored her question as he fully grasped what she was on about.

"Luv, you are seventeen bloody years old. You're glorious and stronger than you know. You're human, and you'll heal. Then you'll want free of me. No shame in it. Life wants life, not the imitation of it." He kissed her softly, fighting the urge to concede.

"Spike," she frowned. "William, you plan to be everything for me until I cast you aside. That's your plan. Then what? I get to be another Drusilla leaving you to starve as I dance around happily?"

"You could never be so cruel." Spike lowered his head and licked at the tears flowing from her eyes. They burned on his tongue, and he felt infused with power, with life. "You'll tell me to go with big sad eyes, and I will, luv."

Buffy stared up into his beautiful face, her lover, and his plan clicked into place. "You'll dust. You greet the sun or fight a losing battle. You'll do it well away from me, so I won't feel guilty." She broke inside. Her tears turned to sobs and she wrapped herself around him, lost in grief.

"Don't do this to yourself, luv. I'm here with you as long as you want me to be. Please," he begged. "Stop. I'm not going anywhere."

Suddenly she flipped him. He was reminded that his kitten was actually a lioness. Her hair fell around them like a curtain. "You aren't going anywhere, you stupid, noble idiot."

She lunged and bit hard on his neck until his blood welled in her mouth. She fastened her lips over the wound and sucked. He bucked beneath her, lost in the pleasure. She let the wound go and licked it once.

"Per vestri cruor ego vindicatum vos." Her voice didn't falter. He shuddered as he felt the magic take hold. "Per meus cruor ego altum vos." She bit her own wrist and pressed the welling wound to his mouth. He tried to fight it, but she straddled him letting his cock slide home inside her and his mouth opened letting her blood in. He surrendered and suckled at her wrist.

"I claim you, Spike, William the bloody of the Aurelian line. Your strengths to mine, our weaknesses diminish. I, Buffy the Chosen One claim you. You are of the Slayer line now and forevermore.

He felt like the sun was burning inside him as he bucked upwards driving into her as she filled him with her power. He let her wrist go and licked at it, sealing the wound.

She dropped her chest and flattened herself against him offering her neck. He bit her and let just a sip pass into his mouth. Sweet, rich, and burning it slid down his throat to join the conflagration. "With your blood I claim you."

She thrashed and arched away from him while driving herself down on his cock. He ran one fang along his wrist and offered it to her. She latched onto it and sucked hard. He felt her consuming his essence and the sun inside him expanded. It felt like he was made of light and heat.

"With my blood I nourish you." He stroked his hand through her hair as she settled into a slow rhythm. "I, Spike, William the Bloody of the Aurelian line, join you. My strengths to yours, our weaknesses diminish. I am of the Slayer line now and forevermore." He roared and felt his body explode as the magic locked into place.

She released his wrist and collapsed against him sweat and blood and semen dripping from her. He stroked his hand along her spine. His mind whirled. She'd researched this. Used Latin because the book was in Latin. It wasn't necessary, any of it. He'd have stayed with her. He pressed a kiss to her temple and reveled in the feeling of belonging. She claimed him and pulled him from his line. He closed his eyes. He was the first vampire in a new order, the Order of the Slayer.

"Stop worrying." She breathed heavily. "I knew what I was doing, I did the research. I started planning the day we moved the others in. I've been waiting for the right time. Sorry, I forced it on you."

"No, you're not. You are completely satisfied with yourself. Sated and happy, I can sense it." He chuckled and kissed her sweaty temple again.

"I told you I was happy you were mine." She yawned.

He held her close, once again blanketed in her warmth. He could feel her heart beat, strong and steady. He closed his eyes. She was his miracle, his slayer, his mate.