Giles stood stock still in the kitchen doorway and watched his slayer bounce on the balls of her feet as she dug through the refrigerator. She was singing a Sex Pistols song. Loudly.

"Pretty Vacant, she does a nice rendition." Spike smiled as he came up behind the watcher. He sidled around the man and laughed as she tossed a bag of blood over he shoulder to him without looking.

"Eat it cold. You're too hungry to wait. I'll heat you another." Buffy smiled as she spun on the balls of her feet and skipped to the microwave with a mug and a bag of blood.

"You need to eat as well love. We have some hunting to do tonight." He ripped open the corner of the cold bag and gulped it down.

Giles looked at Buffy's short, black skirt. It was made of some sort of stretchy material and moved with her. It made her silky halter-top seem conservative. The outfit was designed to enhance her delicate femininity. Her hair was braided back in a complicated design and held together by two slim pieces of wood. Spikes close fitting jeans and tee were equally baffling.

"What is going on here?" Giles demanded.

"Well, breakfast for some and lunch for others." Spike smiled and popped up on the island to sit.

"Why are you both tarted up?" Giles winced at the strangled note in his voice as he asked the question.

"We are off to cause a little mayhem, crack a few heads, enjoy the finer demon catering establishments in the area." Spike's flippant attitude clear in his body language, he ripped open the corner of the bag and poured the liquid into his mouth.

"Spike, be serious. Giles needs to know what we're up to. I know you said this will help keep the others safe, but it means being ready for an attack." Buffy rolled her eyes when he saluted her.

"Luv, it means fighting. Something you and I are better at than most. We are picking the venue and we have the control." Spike watched as she tucked into the cold Chinese food with relish.

"What are you doing?" Giles demanded.

"Taking the fight to Peaches, forcing him to play our game." Spike took another long sip from the bag and grimaced.

"Why do you believe this will help?" Giles asked. "You've done no surveillance. Just going out to fight seems risky."

"Yeah, if we were going to be predictable. Angelus knows how to fight predictable. He hates chaos, never learned to enjoy the fight. . We are going to pick different spots. Let him come to us. He's a mastermind. Great for the long game, not so good for a game that changes locations and rules every night. If we go to ground, he just has to find us. If we take all comers every night in a different location, we thin the minion herd and keep him busy trying to figure out how to get an advantage."

"You've got to keep Mom bust tonight. It's her first time, knowing what I'm headed out to do. She's gonna freak." Buffy shook her head sadly. "I think you're facing the tougher situation."

"She is less than thrilled about the sleeping arrangements," he glared at Buffy. "You might consider starting this new plan tomorrow and helping her get settled in."

"That is so not going to happen." Buffy grinned and handed Spike his mug. "We are off to some demon bar to play pool in just a few minutes."

"We need to hit three separate parts of town in the next three nights. Maybe more. Depends on the force he's gathering. Even one night without us drawing him out could give him an advantage. Stop thinking chess and start thinking knife fight." Spike spoke in his most sober voice and made eye contact with Giles and held it. "You've been in a few, I'd wager."

"Giles, he's a planner. It's Angelus' strength. He likes to take his time, play with his food. If we can keep him off balance and fighting on our terms, we have a better chance." Buffy rested a hand on her watcher's arm. "I know Mom will be difficult tonight. I'm sorry. Give her something to do. Research our bond. We are figuring this out as we go. Might be good to have an idea about what to expect."

"We will be coming back." Spike stared him straight in the eye again. "This is necessary. I need to know what kind of force he's marshaling. I'll know more once I see the response to this little foray."

Giles simply nodded, dropping his gaze to the floor and not making eye contact with either of them. "I am sorry about my earlier behavior. I should have gathered all the information before acting so rashly."

"You were just doing the enraged father bit. I respect that." Spike waited for Giles to meet his eyes. "She means the world to us both."

"Stop it," Buffy growled. "No sweet family bonding right now. I need to go burn off some aggravation. Let's go kick a little ass." She smiled up at Spike as she grabbed his arm.

"Where are your weapons?" Giles sounded shrill even to his own ears.

"Well, my hair sticks would serve in a pinch, but Spike worked so hard getting it to look just so I'd hate to mess it up. I have daggers in by boots. A stake in the sheath at the small of my back, and I'll have a cue stick in hand. They are made of wood." Buffy counted things off on her fingers as she spoke.

"We really do need to head out. We won't be back early." Spike smiled and shrugged into a short jacket.

"No duster?" Buffy asked.

"Not tonight. Too recognizable in it, and I don't want to be spotted until we want their attention." He cupped her cheek and stared down into her shining eyes.

Giles watched as they shared a brief kiss and then turned back to him with wide grins. They looked eager to head out. Buffy was bouncing on her toes again.

"Take care. We will all be researching until you return." He smiled at the blonde couple when they turned and waved. They were off to battle holding hands as if it were a date. He shook his head and watched them disappear into the night.