Daddy was playing with his food in the other room. Drusilla spun as she danced with her own meal. The screams of desperation and fear caused ripples of pleasure to trail down her spine. She lifted his thrall and let him hear his wife beg to die. His eyes widened and he tried to stop.

"No, we spin and twirl our days and nights away. You must dance." His eyes flicked to her. She dug her fingers into his body and made the dance continue. "Daddy will break her free, make her pure. Do you want to see?"

He nodded as she let his flesh free and slid her hands up his torso. He shivered under her hands. His eyes trailed from her hands up to her face.

"Daddy will have his nummy treat soon," Drusilla spun in a circle, clapping. "You'll need to see."

She grabbed his hand and dragged him along behind her. He stumbled, but she pulled harder, not letting him fall. She came to the master bedroom doors and politely knocked.

"Come in, Dru." Angelus called. She opened the door and dragged her meal in behind her.

"May I watch, Daddy?" She smiled and looked up at him through her long eyelashes.

"Keep the man quiet and still and we can share." Angel cupped her face. She leaned forward and liked a bit of blood from his cheek. He raised an eyebrow and she whirled about her long skirt belling out around her legs.

"You must be quiet, you must be still and let Princess drink her fill," She sang as she locked eyes with the man. She waved her finger in front of his face and then giggled. "Be very good or there will be no play time for you."

Angelus summoned her with a gesture, and she ran to his side. He wrapped an arm around her affectionately and squeezed gently. She leaned her head against his shoulder and hummed softly.

"This has been exactly what I needed. You are a clever girl, Drusilla." He touched the tip of her nose with one bloody finger and she giggled. He smiled and licked the blood away. He turned back to the bed with a grin and sat beside the young woman. "She really is quite lovely, has a bit of talent as well. What do you think, Princess?"

Drusilla slid her skirts up her legs and climbed on the bed. She bounced a bit and giggled as Angelus looked at her with an indulgent wink.

"So many lovely little heartbeats, Daddy." Drusilla swayed from side to side. "May I have one?"

"You'll have to serve." He smiled at Drusilla then turned to the woman on the bed. "You don't mind. Do you? You are the hostess, but she so rarely gets to use her finer manners."

The woman shook her head and Angelus smiled. He touched her chin with his fingers, studying the plains of her face.

"It's nice to see a bit of Irish beauty here, so far from home." He dropped his hand and squeezed her breast. The lacerations oozed blood and she gasped in agony as he bent to lick it from her skin. Dru clapped her hands happily.

"So nice to take out time and eat our fill, Daddy." Drusilla trailed one sharp nail across the woman's rounded stomach.

"It really is the little things that make it all worth while isn't it?" Angelus stroked the side of her face. "You are a treasure, Dru."

"May we have our treat before the main course?" Drusilla asked.

"I think you deserve it." Angelus lay down next to the woman and stroked the side of her face until she turned to look at him. "You've been a lovely hostess. The entertainments have been lush. My daughter and I had grown apart, but this weekend, here in your lovely home, has helped us so much."

She nodded, and tears poured from her eyes. He caressed her cheek, examining each purple bruise as it bloomed. He twisted her hair around his finger and watched it catch the light as he unspooled it.

"Perhaps I should have left your tongue in place," Angelus mused. "But you weren't very articulate anymore."

Drusilla smiled when he looked at her and nodded his head. She slid her nail into the flesh and cut back the skin. She licked along the edge of the wound and pulled up laughing as the meal bucked and thrashed, making harsh guttural sounds as her head thrashed about.

"I'd like my treat now," Angelus smiled and watched as his childe drove her hands into the open wound and pulled a large red, ropey mass from inside. She giggled and quickly freed the burgeoning life giving him one and bringing the other to her own lips. The woman sagged between them her heart beat slowing. He watched Drusilla swallow her treat down as he finished his. She was magnificent, true and perfect evil, his creation.

"We need to eat our meal or our food will be quite cold." He smiled, and tilted the woman's head to the side and bit deeply. Dru settled for the femoral artery. He watched her eat and held out his hand. She grabbed it and they finished their meal happily connected.

Drusilla reveled in the warm flow of shared blood. She was close so close to remembering. She could feel the knowledge just beyond the veil. She closed her eyes and the world spun away. The pixies sprawled about her, in drunken disarray. She heard a single voice singing. It was not fine, but a mother's voice, steady and loving. They were always full of love. She opened her eyes and looked to Daddy. His eyes glowed amber. She relaxed in the comfort of his care. Suddenly, heartbeats thudded, first one, then another, until her world began to throb around her. The song reached out to her through her addled mind. She closed her eyes and saw a blonde child, dancing about then another joined it. They waved at her then ran toward the voice. They ran to their mother.