As I woke up,I smiled. I was still on the phone with Eli. I could hear him breathing on the other end."Eli?" "Hey blue eyes" he said in a sleepy voice. I can feel him smirking on the other end. "We were on the phone all night" I giggled. "You fell asleep and I didn't want to hang up". I smile, "I miss you". "I miss you too Clare, I haven't seen you since Friday. "Then come over" I say. "Okay, are your parents home?" "No, why?" I ask. "I have a feeling they hate me". "More like they hate each other". I say. He sighs, "I'll be there in fifteen minutes Clare". "Bye Eli" I grin as I hang up the phone. I think I was starting to really love Eli.

I get up from my bed and put on black shorts and a blue shirt. I carefully brush my curls and put on my mascara. I looked in the mirror. I guess I'm satisfied. I sit down on my bed waiting for Eli to arrive. I start to pace back and fourth waiting for Eli. I checked the time. I need to calm down, only six minutes passed. Seconds later, I feel hands wrap around my waist. I was really afraid and I turned around and slapped him thinking it was a robber. "Ow you sure know how to slap Edwards". "ELI IM SO SORRY. "You could have knocked". "Don't worry about it, and I'm to mainstream for that". He slowly kisses me. It was a short and gentle kiss.

When we pulled away I stared into his green eyes. He lifts me up and kisses me not being gentle anymore. We fall on my bed and start to kiss passionately. I lift up his shirt and he grabs my hands. "Woah Clare". Relax Eli, we're not going to do anything. We keep kissing until we hear a buzz. It was Eli's phone. He decided to ignore it, but seconds later there was another buzz. He groans as he pulls out his phone. He read the text message. "I have to go" he chokes out while his eyes are wide.