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Clare's Pov

"Stay back emo boy, or I'll just have to kill your little girlfriend" Fitz said as he was grinning. I closed my eyes shut. I felt the cold metal of his knife against my skin. I swallowed hard. I felt Fitz release me. I opened my eyes slowly. I saw Fitz with a bat. I looked beside me and saw a mini statue. I grabbed it and rushed over to Fitz before he can swing the bat at Eli. I hit him across the head and he fell down. "Let's get out of here" Eli said. He took my hand and we went out of me house. He took me into his car.

I sat down in the passenger seat of Eli's car. He started to drive off. I noticed he was holding my hand at the same time. I closed my eyes and laid back. I felt relaxed. "Are you okay?" Eli asked. I nodded slowly. "Can we stop here?" I asked. "The ravine?" Eli responded. "Yeah I just wanna relax somewhere" I responded. I saw a bunch of picnic tables. "Anywhere you want, but I heard its not that good of a place" Eli said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "I just heard that people like to hang out there to do drugs" Eli responded. "I don't really care right now, I just want to relax" I replied. He parked his car and stepped out.

We walked towards a table and just sat. I started to look around. It looked dirty everywhere. I saw garbage everywhere and a broken gate. I sighed. "What if Fitz comes back?" I asked. I was shaking really hard. "I wouldn't let anyone hurt you" Eli responded. "But I almost died Eli!" I screamed. I was starting to have a panic attack. "Clare I need you to calm down, as long as your with me he can't get you" Eli said. His fingers interlocked with mine. He kissed me softly. When the kiss broke he stood up. "I'm going to get you some water so your panic attack will go away". He stood up and walked to his car to get a water bottle.

Fitz's Pov

I got up with a huge headache. I got up slowly. I was in Clare's house. "That bitch must have knocked me out" I said to myself. I walked towards the door and checked my pocket. I had my pocket knife with me. I smirked. I started to walk to the ravine, the place I always go to just sit there and smoke. I'm going to pay Clare and Eli a visit later. I smiled. I was still a little dizzy. I walked and walked and finally I arrived. I saw a girl sitting at a picnic table alone. I looked closely. That was Clare. I smirked and took out my pocket knife. This was a perfect time to get my revenge. I walked slowly and quietly towards her. I grabbed her and stabbed her in the stomach.

I heard her cry out in pain. I felt no remorse. She was screaming loudly. I covered her mouth so nobody will come to help her. I stabbed her 6 more times in the stomach and threw her on the floor. I pretended it was Eli. Clare wasn't moving. I saw Eli walking from his car. He looked as if he saw me. He started to run over to me. "WHAT DID YOU DO!" he screamed. He sat next to Clare crying. "SHES NOT BREATHING!" he yelled. He picked up his phone and called the ambulance. When he was done he threw his phone. "WHY DID YOU DO THIS?" he screamed in tears. "WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST KILL ME?" he continued. I smirked. "You see emo boy, I thought it would be funner to kill your girlfriend, it would cause you more pain". "EVERYONE I EVER LOVED IS GONE!". He shouted "oh you mean your mom?" I said. "I killed her too, and you were to stupid to realize it" I continued.

Eli laid on the ground sobbing. "Can you kill me too?" he asked. I smirked. "No, its fun watching you suffer like this. "I can't do this anymore" he said. "There's no point to my life anymore!" he continued. He reached for the pocket knife I left on the table. I decided I'll let him kill himself. I smirked watching him. "Payback's a bitch Eli" I said. He stabbed himself in the heart numerous times. He laid on the ground lifeless next to Clare. His hand was on Clare's. Just then I heard the ambulance coming. I knew I had to run. I threw the knife at the gate and ran. This was the best day of my life.

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