The Bash Street Kids get their wish

When I was a kid growing up in the 90's, often I would read about the Bash Street Kids getting rid of their school, and attempting to get rid of their teacher. Sometimes they would actually succeed and everything would go back to normal in the next issue with no explanation given.

So I thought for a laugh, what would happen in a little more realistic way if they actually got rid of their school?

The bash street kids all sat in school with smug grins on their faces.

"This is gonna be great!" Danny smiled. "Today's the last day we go to school!"

"Did you give the photos to the police station?" Plug said to Danny.

"Yep!" Danny smiled "The hardest part was finding the websites to find the photos to edit."

The Bash street kids teacher called….Teacher (how creative!) entered the room, he then took a punch of pills out of his drawer and took them. He then downed a little bit of whisky.

"Damn….he's now on alcohol too." Thought Toots.

"O.K class" spoke Teacher "Today we're going to be learning about our timetables. Could everybody take out their books and turn to…"

He couldn't finish as the police had just bust in to the classroom

"FREEZE!" he yelled at the teacher. "Put your hands up!"

"What's this all about?" the teacher said alarmed.

"One of your pupils gave us this photo!"

The police officer showed a photo of the teacher having sex with Danny. The photo clearly looked fake, only the heads were cartoon while the bodies looked real life. Oh dear…did I just make you think of a nasty image?

Normally any officer would tell this was a fake. But this is a cartoon. Screw all logic!

"Danny….tell them! That photo is a fake." The teacher said shocked.

"He's a liar!" said Danny putting on fake tears.

The police officer slapped a pair of handcuffs on Teacher. Teacher didn't try to resist. He was led out and put in a police car.

"Say Hi, to your new cell mate." Said a police officer slamming the door. He then saw the headmaster in the car.

"What did they do to you?" asked Teacher.

"A photo of me having sex with Toots."

"Tut tut…..I don't think she's your type."


The police car drove away leaving the Bash Street Kids without a school.

"We did it!" Danny cheered high-fiving Plug. "No more Teacher and no more school!"

"Now begins a life of Paradise!" Fatty cheered.

How wrong he was at that, after playing football at the park. Danny went home to discover that his mother had discovered the photos he had edited, when the explanation came through, his mother had disowned him and was thrown out of home. No other school was willing to take the bash street kids knowing of their bad behaviour and in the end, their parents had ended up disowning all the other kids and had ended up homeless just like Danny. With no education for a job and no home, the Bash Street Kids then turned to drugs, slowly killing themselves. They sat at the Bus Stop shivering from both the cold and drugs trying to get some sleep. Toots had tried to become a prostitute but had failed miserably at it.

"It just wasn't worth it." Said Danny sticking a needle into himself.

Fatty hadn't eaten in a few minutes and was already thinking about turning to cannibalism. He stared at Spotty licking his lips.

"Remember kids" said Plug taking a pill. "Stay in school or pay the consequences."