Adele gripped her sister's hand as they stood at the end of the driveway staring out over the desert, clutched tightly in her right hand was a vibrant pink tulip.

"Bella, Addie!" Phil, their mom's husband called. "You know I love you both, but we've got a plane to catch."

"Let's go," Adele whispered.

Bella nodded and picked up the cactus that she had placed in a ceramic pot; together they headed towards their mom, who smiled sadly, tears gather in her brown eyes.

"I'm going to miss you guys!" Rene exclaimed, hugging them one by one. "Especially our shopping trips, Addie."

"Me too mom, but it's not like we're not going to visit," she replied.

Rene sniffled, nodded and hugged them again. Her arms tightening around the two of them and causing them to shift slightly to keep their balance.

"Be good for Charlie, you hear?"

"Don't worry mom, we'll be fine," Bella stated.

"Yeah, I'll protect them." Adele crossed her arms over her chest and acted tough. "No one will mess with them if I have anything to do with it."

"Addie, it's the thought that counts," Bella started. "But you are as capable of protecting someone as a toilet brush."

"That's not true!" she protested. "I refuse to listen to this abuse!"

"It's true though." Phil laughed. Adele turned and glowered in his direction.

"We're not friends any more!" She sniffed dramatically.

"Oh the horror!" He clutched his chest. "I can feel my heart breaking."

"That's enough, kids!" Rene laughed, dragging her two daughters over to her husband. "We really do need to catch our plane."

"Come here Adele." Phil held his arms out; she walked forwards and hugged him.

"I'm gonna miss you Philip," she declared.

"I'll miss you too," he replied and released her. "Oh, and by the way, stop calling me Philip!"

"Sorry Philip," she smirked and walked over to her sister, who had been watching them in amusement.

"That girl," he shook his head, "is crazy."

"I heard that!"

"You were meant to!" he called back.

Adele let out a sigh as she followed her sister down the steps of the plane, she let out a shriek as her shoelace caught in the last step and she tumbled forward; Bella held out a hand and pulled her sister to her feet.

"Are you okay?" Bella giggled.

"I'm fine, I deliberately got my lace stuck the step," she replied.

"Sure you did Addie." Bella began to walk towards the terminal.

"I did, I had it all planned out in my head!" She raced after Bella.

Adele grabbed her suitcases and waited for her sister; they had just turned when they spotted their father.

"Bella!" Charlie called. "Addie!"

Adele dropped her stuff, ran over to him and threw her arms around his neck tightly, grinning happily as he lifted her slightly off of the ground, something he used to do when she was a child.

"I missed you dad."

"Missed you too," he replied. "Hey Bells."

"Hey Ch-dad," she smiled.

"Let's go, shall we?" He led the way out of the airport and towards a police cruiser.

The ride from the airport was silent and uncomfortable; Charlie glanced at Bella through his mirror.

"Your hair's longer Bella."

"Oh, I cut it since the last time I saw you," she replied awkwardly.

"Guess it grew out again." He cleared his throat. Adele giggled quietly, Charlie noticed and turned to her. "Your hair is straight for once."

"Yeah, I finally got it to cooperate." She ran a hand through her straight hair; it tumbled over her shoulders and down her back, appearing a deep red in the sunlight.

"Well, it looks nice."

"Thanks dad."

He nodded and turned his attention back to the road.

"This is your room Addie," Charlie stated, setting her suitcases on the ground.

Adele smiled as she looked around her room; it was a simple room with sky blue walls, a walk-in closet, a reasonable sized bed, a bed side table and a dresser, A blue quilt lay neatly on the bed with a white blanket on it, her room was situated at the back of the house, overlooking the woods.

"I love it Dad. It's just like my old room."

"Yeah, well, I thought it would be easier if it was familiar to you." He scratched his head awkwardly.

She reached over and gave him a one armed hug; he sighed and returned it.

"I'll leave you to it." Charlie turned and headed out of the room, he closed the door behind him.

Adele glanced around her room before grabbing her suitcases and putting her clothes and shoes in the closet. Once she had finished, she headed down the stairs and into the kitchen. She rummaged around the cupboards until she found a glass and filled it with water.

"Addie!" Bella called.

She took a gulp of water and met her sister in the hallway. Her twin tugged at her arm, gesturing towards the front door where a large, rusty red truck sat in the driveway.

"What is it?"

"Billy Black and his son Jacob is here."

She set her glass on the table before running out the front door and throwing her arms around Jacob's neck; he staggered backwards at the impact and hugged her back.

"It's good to see you too, Addie." He grinned.

"I can't believe you're here!" she exclaimed before pulling back. "You're towering over me now!"

"It's not my fault you're a midget."

"Hey! I resent that!"

"It's nice to see you two again." Billy smiled. "I'm glad you're here, your dad hasn't shut up since you told him you were coming."

"All right, just keep exaggerating, I'll wheel you down the hill," Charlie threatened, causing Adele to snort in amusement.

"Right after I ram you in the ankles." Billy rolled towards Charlie, who laughed and dodged him.

"Are they always like this?" Adele asked.

"It's getting worse with old age," Jacob replied, leaning in towards them. "I think they like to act like kids because of it."

"Mid-life crisis?" she asked quietly, a mocking smile tugging at her lips.

"Affirmative," Jacob smirked.

"Bella, how do you like your home coming present?" Charlie gestured towards the truck in the driveway.

"This?" Bella's eyes widened. "This is my present?"

"Just bought it off Billy here," he replied.

"No way!" she gasped.

"I totally rebuilt the engine," Jacob bragged.

Bella smiled and opened the door, only to hit Jacob; she immediately began apologizing.

"All you gotta do is double pump the clutch when you shift, but apart from that you should be good," he explained.

Adele rested her body against the side of the truck and glanced at Jacob. "Jake, do you want a ride to school tomorrow?"

"Actually, I go to a school on the reservation."

"That sucks, it would've been nice to know one person," Bella stated.

"Yeah, it would, but we can still hang out at the weekend."

"That would be nice," he grinned.

"I'll come down in the afternoon on Friday," Bella input. "If that's okay?"

Jacob nodded enthusiastically, much to Adele's amusement as she looked between her twin and their friend.

"That would be great."

"I don't know if I'll be able to make it, I have to go to Port Angeles to find a car." Adele shrugged when they looked at her.

"We could come with you," he said. "I mean, if you want to, that is."

"Sure, I would enjoy the company."

"Great, maybe you could use the truck and come pick me up?"

"Sure, We'll pick you up after school."

"Sounds good." He sounded a little too excited.

"Glad to know," Adele chuckled, nudging Bella lightly.

Jacob's mood only brightened and he swept them into a hug, pulling them tightly against his chest. Adele's ribs began to ache from the pressure after a couple of minutes.

"I'll see you tomorrow Addie, Bells."

They nodded and Adele hugged him one more time before he headed off and helped his dad in the car.

"I'm going to go up to bed now," Adele yawned.

"I'm going to turn in too," Bella replied.

"Goodnight girls, I'll see you in the morning."

"Night dad," they said in unison before heading up the stairs and going into their separate rooms.

Adele changed into her night wear before climbing into bed and turning the lamp off.

"Maybe this move won't be so bad," she thought as she drifted to sleep.