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Chapter 1: The Accident

Naruto Uzumaki was 18 years old now, he was a hero in every way to the village of Konohagakure but still Sakura Haruno wouldn't date him which frustrated him as he looked in his mirror. Naruto sighed as he looked at the mirror, there didn't seem to be anything wrong with him physically but thought maybe its because he was a guy that he thought that. Naruto sighed as he picked up a white button up shirt and put it on and left his bathroom and looked at his forehead protector and left it off as it was his day off. Naruto walked out of his apartment and started to walk to Ichiraku Ramen, it always cheered him up when he was down. Naruto walked down the street and all the woman looked at him and smiled at him, he noticed this and was now more depressed as he sank his hands deeper into his pockets as he walked while thinking, "I am just going to get over her, its obvious she wants nothing to do with me" then he accidentally bumped into someone. Naruto looked around to see he knocked someone to the ground and took out his hand and offered it, "...sorry about that."

A female hand took his and he helped the woman off of the ground and he saw that it was Ino Yamanaka, "Oh Ino, I am really sorry about that."

Ino saw that it was Naruto and gave him a friendly smile, "Oh hey Naruto, its not like you to bump into someone."

Naruto gave his typical fake smile and scratched the back of his head, "Yeah sorry about that Ino, I was just thinking about something, I can buy you some ramen to make it up to you if you like?"

Naruto expected her to say no, Ino was that friend that you always thought hated you, but she said sure and he was a bit surprised but he walked with her to Ichiraku. They sat down in the bar next to each other and Naruto ordered 2 bowls of ramen one for him and one for Ino, he had learned to eat in moderation recently which made people like eating with him more and he looked at his ramen, "Hey Ino, we are friends right?"

Ino looked up from her ramen and at Naruto a little surprised by him asking the question, "Yeah of course we are friends Naruto, why would you ask that?"

Naruto just kept looking at his ramen and stirred the ramen noodles in the bowl a little bit, "So if I ask you a question then you would give me an honest answer?"

Ino watched as the man was acting more depressed then he usually did, "Of course Naruto, we are friends so I will always give you an honest answer."

Naruto stopped stirring his ramen and took a bite and swallowed it and then looked at Ino, "Is there something wrong with me physically or emotionally or something? I don't understand why Sakura seems to be repulsed by the idea of even giving me one date when every other woman in this village seems obsessed with me, other then you and her."

Ino starred at the depressed man and knew why he was so depressed now, she had heard about Narutos recent attempt to ask Sakura out buying her flowers and chocolates and offering a expensive dinner at wherever she wanted to eat but she shot him down instantly. Ino actually couldn't help but feel bad for the man, "Naruto there is nothing wrong with you in any way, no one understands why Sakura refuses to give you at least one date."

Naruto sighed as he looked at the bowl of ramen and took a bite, "Honestly, I was hoping that there was something wrong with me that you would see, then I would at least know. I am just going to move on from her, she has made it very clear that she holds no romantic feelings for me."

Ino liked the sound of that, all of their friends were tired of watching Naruto suffer from his feelings for Sakura, "I think that is a good idea Naruto."

Naruto took another bite of his ramen and he saw Ino was done with her ramen, "Would you like another bowl Ino?"

Ino shook her head no and went to pull out her money but Naruto stopped her, "I told you that I was buying the ramen since I knocked you over on accident, hey old man can I get the check please?"

The old ramen chef got the check and handed it to Naruto and he took out his wallet and pulled out one bill that was way over the amount, "Keep the change old man, I feel bad that I don't eat so much anymore."

The old man smiled as Naruto stood up and walked out of the ramen bar and Ino came out as well, "It is getting kind of late, will you be alright getting home on your own Ino? I can walk you home if you want me too."

Ino smiled at Naruto, this was his typical thing for him, always being a gentleman and offering to help out his friends, "Sure Naruto, I would appreciate it, my apartment has a few creepy guys living there."

Naruto nodded as he walked with Ino to her apartment complex and there were three guys standing in front of the apartment complex and smiled as Ino came near, "Hey its the cutie in 4B, hey cutie you going to let me tap that tonight?"

Ino groaned and rolled her eyes at the three guys that were all smiling at her and making unsavory motions and Naruto looked at them, "Are they who you were talking about Ino?"

Ino just nodded as Naruto walked up to them and looked at them all, "I would appreciate it if you didn't talk to women, especially my friend, in such a manor or are we going to have a problem?"

Naruto looked at the three men who laughed and pointed at him, "What are you blondes boyfriend or something like that? Get lost or we will kick your ass."

Naruto smiled at the leader and delivered a hard punch into his stomach and he slouched over and fell to the ground. The two other friends went to punch Naruto and he ducked and delivered a uppercut to one and then kicked the other square in the nose and they laid there groaning and bleeding and he walked back over to Ino, "That will hopefully take care of them for you Ino."

Ino smiled at him and hugged him, "Thanks Naruto, I was thinking about moving to get away from them."

Naruto was surprised by her hug but put his arms around her and hugged her back, "Your welcome Ino, we are friends and I will always help you if you want my help."

Ino released him from the hug and looked at him, he looked very handsome in the moonlight and she blushed as she looked away, "I will always appreciate your help Naruto, and if you ever need my help then I can help you. I am happy that you are going to try and get over Sakura, you will be a great catch for whoever snags you up."

Naruto smiled at Ino, she wasn't sure if he was giving a real smile or not, "Thanks Ino and who knows I will look around to see who I could possibly see myself with and maybe I can finally be happy."

Ino smiled at the man as he walked away with his hands in his pockets as he looked up at the stars and sighed and looked back at Inos apartment and smiled, "Maybe Ino is someone I could be with...ah who am I kidding she wouldn't be interested in someone like me."

Naruto sighed again as he walked down the streets of Konohagakure to his apartment, he had managed to depress himself even more. Naruto laid down on his bed and though of all his friends to try and figure out if there was someone he could see himself with. Hinata wasn't his type, to quiet, and she was happily engaged to his good friend Kiba; TenTen was a bit frustrating with all of her gossip and was dating Lee, although they were fighting a lot; Sakura was a lost cause, she didn't want to be with him and he was over her then there was Ino, she wasn't dating anyone since she stopped dating Shikamaru after he started to cheat on her with Temari. Naruto thought about how he was able to talk to Ino about his issue earlier and he didn't have any issues talking to her but she was the most lusted for woman in Konohagakure and arguably the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, she wouldn't be interested in someone like him.

Naruto sighed as he thought it was hopeless, he was either too late or not good enough and he rolled over in his bed and went to sleep. Naruto wasn't seen very much for about two weeks, he was getting over Sakura and he was plagued by thoughts of who he could ever even be with. Naruto couldn't even think of someone who would want to be with him, he was a monster after all and sighed, "I am going to die alone..too bad huh..I would have liked to at least had the opportunity to try and make someone happy." His mind ran back to eating that ramen with Ino and how happy she seemed when he helped her with those guys at her apartment, "Should stop thinking that..she is too good for you."