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Chapter 2: The Mission

Naruto woke up and got out of bed and rubbed his eyes and got dressed in his black cargo pants and white shirt and put on his Jounin vest and headband as he walked out of his apartment to Tsunades office, she wanted to see him for something or another. Naruto knocked on her office door and waited to hear her say come in and he entered and saw Sakura and Shizune there as well, "Hey Tsunade, you wanted to see me?"

Tsunade nodded as the Jounin man stood in front of her, "Yes Naruto, we have a S-Ranked Mission that we want you to take care of with one of the best sensory Jounin that we have, enter."

The door opened and Naruto looked behind him to see Ino walking in and standing next to him and they looked at Tsunade, "We have news that Sasuke Uchiha is in the Land of Fire again and is looking for you, it is time that you finished this Naruto."

Naruto nodded and turned around and he heard Sakura yell for him and he stopped and looked at her, "Naruto, please bring my Sasuke-kun home to me."

Naruto just gave her a cold stare and answered her with a grim tone, "Sasuke will be coming home dead over my shoulder, you can have your precious Sasuke back like that Sakura."

Sakura was shocked by the tone that Naruto was giving her and the fact that he didn't add the chan like he always did, "Naruto...its me that you are talking too, its Sakura-chan."

Naruto kept starring at her and gave her a plain answer, "Oh what a surprise you notice me when you want something, your not Sakura-chan to me anymore, your just Sakura someone that I work with. I will complete the mission that I was given to finish what Sasuke started 6 years ago and that is what I will do."

Naruto turned and exited the room and Sakura had a wide eyed looked as Ino, Shizune and Tsunade were all smiling at Narutos actions and Ino bowed to Shizune and Tsunade and ran out after Naruto, "Hey Naruto! That was great, you are really over Sakura then?"

Naruto looked back at Ino and nodded, "Yeah, 6 years wasted on someone who only needs me when they need something is far to long. I need to go get my gear, meet you at the gate in 5 okay?"

Ino nodded and they both walked off into different directions to their apartments and grabbed their gear and meet at the front gate, "Alright Ino, we need to set down some rules, this battle is between Sasuke and I, I need you to stay out of it or you could get hurt alright? You are here because of your exceptional sensory skills, okay?"

Ino just nodded at Naruto and his serious tone and they jumped off and Naruto knew where he was suppose to meet Sasuke, the Valley of the End. Naruto and Ino arrived and Naruto looked across the waterfall at the Madara Uchiha statue and saw Sasuke standing there as he stood on the head of the First Hokage, "So are you finally ready for us to finish our war Sasuke?"

Sasuke smirked as he took off his coat and threw it over the waterfall and Naruto removed his Jounin vest and gave it to Ino and told her to leave. Ino took his vest and jumped back into the trees to watch the epic battle that was going to unfold in front of her. Naruto and Sasuke just starred at each other and Sasuke activated his Sharingan and Naruto started using his sage mode as he looked over at Sasuke and closed his eyes. Ino was worried about Naruto when he closed his eyes and then Naruto and Sasuke were gone in a flash, clashing katanas over the waterfall with Narutos eyes still closed. Naruto and Sasuke landed on the water and Naruto was sensing Sasuke with his eyes and then reached into his back pocket and put on some dark sunglasses and opened up his eyes and looked at Sasuke, "You can't beat me unless you use your Sharingan."

Naruto put his katana in front of him and then threw it at Sasuke and he blocked it and a huge amount of sparks came off and he looked back to see Naruto coming at him with a Rasengan. Sasuke went to dodge it but Narutos used his frog kata and it was delivered into Sasukes shoulder sending him flying into the Madara statue as Naruto stood there looking at him. Sasuke pushed himself out of the statue with blood coming out of his mouth and a dislocated right arm, "How the fuck did he hit me, I watched him miss."

Naruto stood there and looked at him and had a smile on his face, "While you were busy thinking that you were so great because you were an Uchiha, I was actually training myself to become a great shinobi."

Sasuke put his hand on his right shoulder and then pushed it back into place and moved it around and looked at Naruto, "Lets see how great you have become then dobe."

Naruto got into a fighting stance and then summoned 2 more clones and smiled, "Throw smoke bombs."

The clones through smoke bombs and one clone got a normal rasengan while the real Naruto made a rasen shuriken as the other clone thew smoke bombs and then kunai with paper bombs on them. The kunai came at Sasuke and he threw his own kunai at them and stopped them and they dropped into the water and then exploded creating a bigger diversion as two of the Narutos attack Sasuke, the one with the rasengan and the other throwing kunai at him. Sasuke dodged the kunai and threw one into that Narutos head and he disappeared in smoke and the other Naruto tried to hit him with a rasengan but he missed and disappeared into smoke. Sasuke looked around for the real Naruto who was up in the air and threw his rasen shuriken at Sasuke and Sasuke tried to evade but his left leg was caught in the blast shattering his leg. Naruto landed on the water panting as his sage mode disappeared and Sasuke smiled as he saw this and flashed at him and Naruto tried to block but got sent flying into the First Hokage and he coughed up blood as he hit the statue.

Ino was watching in horror as Naruto and Sasuke fought, barely able to keep up with their speeds and saw Naruto hit the wall and jumped to the First Hokages head. She aimed her jutsu and yelled, "Mind Body Switching Technique!"

Sasuke and Naruto both heard this and then Sasuke jumped back as Ino missed but her soul was now out of her body and she fell forward off the First Hokages head. Sasuke looked up at the falling blonde and Naruto delivered a hard kick to his stomach and sent him flying as he ran up the First Hokage and then jumped off catching the falling Ino. Ino opened her eyes as Naruto held her as he flew towards the water and landed on the water and put Ino down on the water, "I told you to stay out of this Ino, I didn't want you to get hurt."

Ino went to answer but was interrupted by the dark laugh of Sasuke and Naruto and Ino looked over at Sasuke and Naruto put his arm in front of Ino and moved her behind him, "Well, well, well if it isn't Ino Yamanaka, how is one of my dear fan girls doing?"

Ino looked over Narutos shoulder at Sasuke, "I am not one of your fan girls anymore Sasuke, I am here to support Naruto in his mission."

Sasuke gave her a disappointed look, "That is so disappointing Ino, you have become quite attractive and to think you are slumming it with someone like Naruto."

Naruto took a step forward and got ready to fight with Sasuke, "Ino get back please and so you know Sasuke, Ino isn't with me, I know she is far to good for someone like me."

Ino backed up giving Naruto a confused look as he flashed towards Sasuke with his Kyuubi chakra going, "Now you die Uchiha!"

Naruto started to form a small tailed beast bomb and slammed it into Sasukes stomach sending him flying with a hole through his stomach as Naruto brought his Kyuubi chakra back under control and panted heavily from the battle as he grabbed Sasukes dead body and put him in a body bag and his eyes rolled into the back of his head and started to fall over when Ino caught him, "NARUTO! ARE YOU OKAY?!"

Naruto didn't reply as he passed out from the strain that he had put his body through and Ino carried both Sasukes dead corpse and Narutos passed out body to the shore and Ino looked at Naruto and thought back to what he said to Sasuke before he killed him, "Why would Naruto say something like that unless he has thought about being with me..." Ino stared at the passed out Naruto and wondered if he had actually thought about asking her out, what would she do if he asked her out? Ino would at least give him a chance, he has always been sweet to her even when she use to be mean to him and the way he always acted towards Sakura was sweet to say the least.

Ino waited for Naruto to wake up and he slowly opened his eyes and looked to see himself on the shore and Ino sitting there looking at him, "Ino?"

Ino nodded at Naruto and smiled at him, "You won Naruto, but you passed out from exhaustion so I carried you and Sasukes body back to the shore."

Naruto looked from her over at the body bag and then back at Ino then up at the stars, "Well at least I won the war with Sasuke."

Ino looked at him and he seemed depressed by the fact and she was confused by this, "I don't understand why do you look so depressed Naruto."

Naruto kept looking at the stars and sighed as he didn't really know how to answer, "I don't really know how to explain it, I guess with Sasuke gone I feel truly alone, he was the one person that I could really relate too from our village."

Ino looked at the man as he stood up and picked up the body bag that contained Sasuke, "Are you ready to go Ino?"

Ino nodded and they started back towards Konohagakure and they walked through the gate and too the Hokages office where Tsunade, Shizune and Sakura were at and put the body down on her desk and unzipped the head portion. They all looked to see Sasukes lifeless corpse as well as the fact that Naruto had stabbed Sasukes eyes with a kunai so no one could get the Sharingan, "As promised the corpse of Sasuke Uchiha."

Tsunade nodded and pulled out a large sum of Ryo, amount 1 million for Naruto and 500,000 Ryo for Ino, "Naruto gets the extra money for the bingo book bonus."

Ino nodded in understanding and they both pocketed their money and walked towards the exit of office when Sakura started to yell, "DAMN YOU NARUTO! YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO BRING HIM BACK ALIVE!"

Naruto stopped and looked over at her and gave her the same cold stare again, "I told you I was bringing him back in a body bag and there he is as promised, don't talk to me anymore Sakura, your a terrible person and extremely annoying."

Naruto walked over to the door and opened it and let Ino walk out in front of him as he followed her out and walked out of the Hokages tower and he said goodbye to Ino and went to walk away until she yelled for him to stop.