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Chapter 40: The Uzumaki Family


(12 Years Later)

Naruto sat there with his arm around his wife as they watched their daughter graduate from the Academy with Minato sitting beside him. Anko, just like her brother, had proven to get her mothers intelligence and been one of the top people in her class. She smiled the famous Uzumaki grin as she was given a headband by Iruka, who had complained for hours about having another one of Narutos children in his class. Naruto smiled at the memory of having to hold Ino back from trying to rip his throat out but Iruka meant well in the end and Naruto knew that, he was like a father to him.

Naruto turned his attention to Minato who was now 20 years old and a Jounin for their village and engaged to black haired kunoichi named Roze who sat next to him. Naruto smiled at this, he was happy that his son had been able to find love like he had with his wife and then looked back at the graduating class and smiled at his daughter. When Iruka dismissed the class and said they would get their Jounin Sensei assignments tomorrow they all walked over to the side.

Naruto already knew that Minato was going to be Ankos Jounin Sensei, Minato had been taught by Kiba which made him very skilled in battle. Anko saw her family and came running over to them and hugged Minato first as he leaned down and hugged his little sister, "Can you believe it nii-san I am going to be a ninja just like you and daddy are!"

Minato smiled at his little sister and kissed her forehead, "Yeah but you get to have me as your Jounin Sensei so I am going to make you life hell Anko. Also don't forget that mom was a kunoichi just like you are, I heard she is going to teach you the Yamanaka Clan jutsus as well."

Anko smiled and nodded and then ran and hugged Ino who smiled at her daughter and held her close, "I am so proud of you Anko, you make me so proud just like your brother does."

Anko broke from the hug and gave her a large smile that reminded Ino of Naruto and smiled back at her, "I am going to be a great kunoichi like you and grandma were mommy, just wait and see."

Ino smiled as he looked her daughter in the blue eyes to her just like her husbands and then kissed her cheek, "I know you will Anko, but remember that to be great you have to train really hard like your father and brother do, though probably not as hard as them, us Uzumaki women are tough as it is right?"

Anko nodded her head as Ino looked up at Naruto who was smiling warmly from the heartwarming scene and then Anko came over to her father. Naruto bent down and picked Anko up in his arms and smiled at her, "You are going to be a great kunoichi princess, you are as beautiful and fierce as your mother and I know what kind of damage she can deal out."

Naruto looked over at Ino who stuck her tongue out at him and he smiled at her and then looked back at his Anko as she whispered, "I am a little scared daddy..."

Naruto smiled at her and kissed her on her cheek like Ino did, "That is completely normal, I was scared when I was your age as was your brother."

Anko looked over at Minato who nodded his head at her and then she looked back at Naruto, "What about mommy, was she scared?"

Naruto smiled at her and looked over at Ino and then back at Anko, "Your mommy isn't scared of anything so I doubt it, but she is crazy."

Naruto winked at his daughter as Ino smacked him in the back of the head and he looked at Ino and leaned over and gave her a quick kiss then looked back at Anko as he put her down on the ground, "Just always try your best okay princess? If you just try your best then you will always be able to achieve whatever you want."

Anko nodded and looked at her friends and Naruto nodded at her and she ran off to celebrate with her friends as Naruto put his arms around his wife again as their son said goodbye and went with his fiance to go to their home. Naruto smiled at the image of both of his children walking away and held Ino close to him, "How come no one ever told us that they grow up so fast Ino-chan?"

Ino smiled as she leaned her head on his shoulder again and intertwined their fingers and watched their children walk away as well, "I don't know Naruto-kun, Anko will still be with us for about 6 or 7 more years before she moves out. Minato will eventually give us grandchildren as will Anko, but all we can do as parents is always be there for them."

Naruto smiled and looked down at his wife and leaned down and gave her a chakra filled kiss and smiled at her as she had the same happily dazed look she always did, "22 years of marriage and that kiss still has that affect on you huh Ino-chan?"

Ino smiled as she pulled herself closer to Naruto and made it so that he had his arm wrapped around her as she looked up at him, "Only works because of how much I love you Naruto-kun."

Naruto smiled at his wife and pulled her close to him and then lifted her up off of the ground and smiled at her some more as he held her up in the air and they stared into each others blue eyes and she saw all the love he had for her in his eyes. Ino ran her hand on his cheek and pulled him into another kiss and when they broke the kiss she smiled back at him, "I love you Naruto Uzumaki."

Naruto smiled at his wife and started to carry her home and kissed her on her cheek as they walked, "I love you more Ino Uzumaki."

Ino smiled at him, the argument that would never go away had come back and put her hand into his air and pulled his head down to her lips and spoke seductively, "Why don't you take us home so I can prove too you that I love you more Naruto-kun."

Naruto smiled and didn't have to be told twice as he used his wind transportation jutsu and took her home to make love to her. They both enjoyed it as always and they stared into each others eyes as they cuddled in the end and he smiled at her, "I think I won Ino-chan."

Ino smiled at him and reached up and pulled him into another kiss and broke the kiss with her blue eyed lover and winked at him, "I don't think so Naruto-kun, I never said I was finished."

End of Blue Eyed Lovers

AN2: Thats the end of BEL, hope you all enjoyed the story. There have been a couple of reviews about Naruto forgiving Inos mistakes too easily, I was applying personal ideals of relationships to Narutos personality. Naruto was a forgiving person already and when your in love forgiveness is something that you are able to come too easier when you talk about it. There were also reviews saying Naruto 'lacked a backbone' to that I say the philosophy that my father gave me that I will one day give to my son; "The Key to a HAPPY relationship is that she is wrong and you are wrong, even if your right then your wrong." In other words you want to have a happy relationship then get use to being whipped. Embrace those philosophies.