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Chapter 2

"This is all your fault Teme!" Naruto yelled.

"My fault? It's you who never pays attention, loser!" Sasuke yelled back, his obsidian eyes narrowing.

The two were still walking as they were yelling and didn't notice they were getting too close to the edge. Naruto took one step over, blue eyes widening, and began to fall down to the water. He grabbed onto Sasuke without thinking and he was also pulled over the edge.

They crashed down to the water, soaking their clothes, but also, as they hit the bottom, their two faces smashed together perfectly. They were both so shocked they didn't realize they had stopped falling. That was until a large hand went down and grasped the back of the raven's shirt and lifted him up.

"Sasuke, I would appreciate if you wouldn't molest Naruto in the middle of the woods." Kakashi said, a strange light visible in his eyes.

"I WAS NOT MOLESTING NARUTO!" Sasuke yelled, blushing ear to ear and clenching his fists.

Naruto pulled himself up and thought back to what just happened. That was… kinda nice… He blushed crimson. NO! WHAT AM I THINKING! HOW COULD I EVER LIKE KISSING THAT BASTARD?! He looked up at Sasuke and blushed again. He's kind of pretty…

'Hey Kit, if you liked it so much, why don't you just get up and kiss him again?! STOP THINKING ABOUT IT! I HAVE TO HEAR IT! LET ME SLEEP IN PIECE.'

Of course Kyuu! I wouldn't DARE disturb your sleep! Naruto sighed. His mind was of no use now since Kyuubi was just going to yell at him for thinking…

"Kakashi-sensei, did they get the water?" Sakura walked up, holding tons of sticks.

"Sadly, Sasuke and Naruto were too busy with other things. Looks like we can just camp here though. There's plenty of water for all of us." Kakashi said, as smirk plastered on his face.

"Damn…" Sasuke mumbled under his breath. "How are we supposed to get new clothes for the dobe?" He asked.

"Hmm… I didn't think about that… but thanks to your overall care for him, I definitely know now. He could take a pair of your spare clothes." Kakashi replied.

"But they won't fit him!"

"What's the problem with that?" Kakashi asked. He had that glint back in his eyes.

"N-Nothing I guess…" Sasuke was getting kind of getting scared. Not that he was literally scared. Uchiha's don't get scared. He just didn't like that look Kakashi was giving him. Uchiha's know when something's not right. He turned to Naruto who was smiling at him. What is going on today?! He thought.

Kakashi had gone back to the other camp to get their stuff and Sakura had stayed behind because she had to 'watch these two' as Kakashi had put it. Sasuke and Naruto had walked back slowly and were not sitting on the bank next two each other in awkward silence.

"Thanks… for letting me wear your clothes…" Naruto whispered.



Naruto smiled back but instead of just smiling, he had an urge to hug the raven. So he did. He leaned towards him and wrapped his arms around him and leaned his head on his chest.

"W-what are you doing dobe?" Sasuke muttered.

"Giving you a hug, what else?" Naruto replied.

Instead of pushing him away like usual, Sasuke actually hugged him back. That made Naruto very happy and he felt like he was falling.

"Hey, I'm back. Sakura I told you to watch them. Now their hugging and it's your entire fault. That's okay though because you managed to make a fire without Sasuke's or my help. Good job." Kakashi walked over to them and pried them apart. "I got your clothes. Enjoy them." Kakashi said, smiled, and walked away.

"What's with him…?" Sasuke whispered.

"I have no idea…" Naruto replied, a blank expression on his face.

The two walked into separate tents and changed. Sasuke finished first and sat down by the fire. As he got warmed up, he looked to see Naruto coming out of the other tent, a slight blush on his face. That was soon transferred to Sasuke.

Sasuke's clothes were way too big. The pants hung dangerously low on his hips and the shirt was very baggy. Sasuke never realized how small Naruto was. But he didn't actually mind this. The dobe actually looked quite… cute…

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