in a far off land a young boy by the name of link put on his best dress, it was st. Patrick's day so he decided to wear a green dress with rose red lipstick and a long brown walked slowly in his steleto heals to the bar to start celebrating. as link sat down at a booth in the corner of the bar a young gentlemen entered the bar wearing a suit of royal armor. in his hand he held a single red rose. the knight looked around for a moment before he started walking straight to link.

as the knight sat down link at links table he said "you are by far the fairest lady in this bar, shall you do me the honor of taking you to the Patrick's day ball?".link pondered the question for only a second before shouting out "pick me up at 8".link quickly left the bar to get ready for the ball. he decided to wear a white Gothic dress and white dance shoes. the knight picked link up as promised at 8 and they left for the ball.

at the ball link and the knight danced for hours. as they danced link said "say i never got your name" to witch the knight replied "i am " link got a startled look on his face then he said "come with me i must talk to you in private. the knight followed link outside where link tore off his wig and said "i am link your brother"the knight got a startled look on his face. suddenly a black knight with no head came up behind and cut 's head off and replaced it with a pumpkin with a bushiness card that read "happy st. Patrick's day"