Here is a new story, hope you enjoy it. Snow is Sage's twin sister, so technically she is supposed to be Ash's and Rowan's big sister but they treat her like they are older. Snow can have a little attitude, though, I hope it doesn't cost her to much.

I wake up with a start, I quickly pulled out my dagger and hopped out of my bed. I felt another presence in my room.

"Who is there?" I asked as I slowly spun around and put my back against my bed. Suddenly I felt a blade against my neck from behind. I spun around and threw my dagger, it made contact. I heard someone cry out in pain and then they laughed, I groaned.

"Good one Snow," Rowan's voice smirked as the lights came on, when I turned around I saw Sage and Ash standing by the light switch.

"I told you she could do it," Sage said smiling at me. My twin brother always had this strange way of bragging about me.

"Did you guys make a bet about me again?" I asked slightly annoyed.

"Of course, Rowan still thinks he can surprise you," Ash smirked. I walked over to Rowan and pulled my dagger out of the wall. You'd think if I had been living with them my entire life I would get used to it, but nope I still hated it when they did that. After 675 years of age they still treat me like I'm a young one.

"What was it this time?" I asked as I but the dagger back in its spot.

"Rowan said he could kill you in your sleep," Sage said, I laughed. Of course it was something that involved killing me.

"Great well now that it's clear he can't can I please get some sleep," I said moving back to my bed.

"It'll cost you," Rowan smirked moving closer. I rolled my eyes as I crawled into bed. Rowan stepped closer again but was met by an ice wall, I had encased my bed in ice.

"Well someone's grumpy," Sage smirked stepping through the wall as if it weren't even there. Sometimes I just hated how my twin was immune to my glamour.

"Naw really, did you think after being woken up almost every night for the past 675 years would but me into a good mood," I snapped.

"676 years tomorrow," Sage said sitting on the corner of my bed.

"Are we really going to celebrate that?" I groaned, I hated my birthdays.

"Well why not?" he asked looking at me.

"It's been over 600 years, there's nothing to celebrate anymore," I explained," I mean it was fun when I was 100 but not anymore."

"I have a special present for you," he teased.

"Really?" I asked poping up into a sitting position. Sage never got me something really special. He smiled at nodded.

"But you'll have to come to the party to see what it is," he teased before getting up. "Now get some sleep," he said while kissing my forehead.

"Sage?" I said stopping him before he could get out of my ice case. He turned around and waited for what I had to say. "Who is my father?" I asked. I had caught him off guard.

"I don't know, I wish I did," he said, I nodded with understanding. Disappointing understanding, but still understanding. "Just get some sleep, your designers should be here early tomorrow, mother is making everybody dress formally." I groaned and he laughed before he left. I sighed and put my head down on my pillow. I didn't let the wall fall but it didn't take much glamour to keep it up. Before I knew it I was in a heavy sleep a waiting the day ahead.

Well here is the beginning of a new story, I hope you liked it. Well please review!