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Sam kept his eyes on the Swat-Team as they moved in, what seemed to Sam, slow motion and watched as they marched forward towards them. Even though he knew it was for the best to let Dean go, he involuntarily tightened his grip around his Brother's waist and felt Dean do the same.

The only sound Sam could hear was the pounding of his Heartbeat, the Blood rushing through his ears. He saw the arrogant smirk on Hendrickson's face and frowned before he buried his face in his Brother's neck and breathed him in for what was possibly the last time.

A moment later he felt Dean get wrenched backwards and away from him and time resumed as normal. People moved around, going in and out of rooms and sounds came back as the Cops shouted orders to each other. He stood there, his arms now empty, and watched as they pushed his Brother to the ground on his knees and handcuffed his hands behind his back.

He heard the Swat-Team move towards the stairs, heard them drag his Dad down and pin him against the wall, heard the grunt his Dad made when they weren't careful with his injured side, but ignored it all in favour of keeping his eyes on Dean. Dean's eyes were locked onto his own and his lips moved as he mumbled under his breath. Sam tried to block all the sounds out around him and focus only on Dean and what his Brother was saying.

"It's okay, Sammy, it's okay." His Brother repeated and Sam could have laughed out loud. Dean was in the middle of getting arrested and put in prison, possibly for life, and here he was still trying to comfort Sam.

The Cops dragged John, now handcuffed, away from the stairs and towards the back door, ignoring the wound that he reopened in their struggle. John, who was quick on the uptake, strained his head back to shout out to Dean. "Dean! Don't say anything, Son. You don't say a word, you got me?!" He let out a strangled cry as the two Swat-guys holding him pushed him forward, pressing on his open wound, and out of the door.

Dean ignored his Father and continued his mumblings to Sam, wanting to calm and reassure the crying Kid, giving him a soft smile and nodding his head a couple of times. He was forced to break eye contact when he was hauled up off the floor and thrown backwards into the wall. He never allowed the groan to fall from his mouth or the grimace on his face to show; no way in Hell was he giving these Bastards the satisfaction.

Sam kept his eyes on Dean, taking a step forward when he saw the Cops toss his Brother into the wall. A hand on his shoulder stopped him from going further and he swirled his head around to see an FBI Agent standing next to him.

"Mr. Winchester?"

Sam nodded his head but couldn't do anything else before the sound of Dean's enraged voice shouted around the room.

"Get your hands off him!" Dean strained against the hands holding him as he struggled against the wall, eyes blazing with fury at the man that was touching his Brother. "Get your Goddamn hands off him before I cut them off, you no-good, filthy Bastard!"

Sam stepped to the side and away from the Agent, allowing the guys hand to fall off his shoulder, hoping to calm Dean down. His Brother was gonna get himself hurt if he continued to thrash about like that and Sam didn't need more things to feel guilty about.

Hendrickson smugly strolled forward, ignoring everyone else in the room until he stood infront of Dean, who had stopped his shouting when the guy was no longer touching Sam. Looking him up and down, Hendrickson smirked as his eyes lit up in excitement.

"Dean Winchester." He muttered.

Dean moved his eyes away from Sam and looked at the Jackass standing infront of him. Letting his own trade-mark smirk tilt his lips up, he answered back. "The one and only."

"Been looking for you for a long time." Hendrickson let out a small chuckle as he looked over his shoulder at Sam. "And thanks to your Brother, I've now found you."

Dean saw Sam put his head down and turn away, could hear his Brother's cries start up again. "You should be careful with what you say. That one sentence just told me a lot about you."

Hendrickson plastered on a bored expression as he crossed his arms and took a step forward into Dean's personal space. "Yeah? And what's that?"

"That you're incompetent." Dean tilted his head and let out another smirk. "And incase you're tiny little brain doesn't know the meaning of that word, it means you're useless, unskilled, lacking abilities." Dean listed, his smirk growing as Hendrickson's anger started to show on his face. "Things you're gonna need if you wanna hold me. As you've just said, Special Agent, if it wasn't for my 18-year-old Kid Brother, you wouldn't have gotten anywhere near me." Dean let his eyes sway over to Sam for a second before looking back at Hendrickson.

Hendrickson leaned in further, his nose inches away from Dean's, his eyes now hard. "Oh, you got it all wrong, Dean. I've got skills. Enough skills to put your sick, twisted ass away for life. And I can't wait to hear the Judge sing out your fate."

Dean moved his head to the side a little, making sure Hendrickson saw the disgust on his face as he smelled the Agent's breath. "I would feel flattered you care so much about me, but I'm a little worried that you're thinking about my ass at all. If you like me, Dude, all you had to do was say; you didn't have to stalk me for years. Though I should warn you that I don't swing that way."

Hendrickson stepped back and out of Dean's personal space, letting his arms fall to his sides. "Oh, don't worry about that. Where you're going, you'll have no choice but to swing that way." Hendrickson smirked and winked at him, before addressing the two Cops holding Dean. "Get him out of here."

Sam kept his head turned away, not wanting to watch his Brother leave. Even though he was the one that called them, even though he knew this was for the best, it still hurt deeply to know that his Brother wasn't gonna be around anymore. He heard them yank Dean across the room, and fell to his knees when he heard Dean talk to Bobby; grief, guilt and the sense of loss getting too much for him.

"You look out for him, you hear me?" Dean demanded as he was pulled forward. Locking eyes with Bobby, he carried on. "You take care of him, Bobby. You're the only one he's got left." He managed to get out before he was pushed out the door and dragged to the waiting Police cars where his Dad was already sitting.

Sam heard the footsteps behind him but didn't bother getting up or even looking to see who it was. Hendrickson's voice sounded out and Sam clenched his eyes closed. "Good job, Sam. You did good." Sam could hear the taunt in his voice but didn't rise up to it.

"Alright." Bobby wheeled himself forward, glaring at the Agent. "You got what you came here for; now leave."

With one last smirk, Hendrickson strolled out of the house, making sure to bang the back-door behind him.

Sam jumped with the bang and breathed deeply, keeping his eyes closed as he heard the sounds of the cars speed off. He jumped again when he felt Bobby's hand land on his shoulder.

"It's alright, Son." Bobby whispered and gave Sam's shoulder a gentle squeeze. "It's okay."

Sam shook his head but couldn't form words as he broke down, letting his sobs echo around the room.

1 Month Later!

Sam jogged up the steps to Bobby's front door, sweat coating his forehead and slipping down his face. He slowed his jogging to a walk as he went towards the fridge and took out a bottle of chilled water. He chugged half the bottle down before he heard Bobby wheel himself into the kitchen, and moved the bottle away just in time to catch the towel that Bobby threw at him.

"Thanks." He muttered, wiping the towel across his face and the back of his neck.

There was silence as Bobby watched him for a moment. "You're training's coming along." Bobby spoke up.

Sam threw the towel onto the counter and took another swallow of his drink before answering. "Yeah, I know." His breathing was still hard from his run and he counted his Heartbeats for a moment, trying to slow it down. He leaned back against the counter, letting his left arm bend as he rested his hand behind him. "I was thinking of hitting the books again tomorrow."

Bobby stared at him, calculating what his mood was like before speaking again. "Sam, I'm happy that you wanna train, and I'm proud of ya for wanting to get out there and fight, Son, but don't you think you should slow down?"

Sam frowned as he finished off his water. Turning to throw the bottle in the bin, Sam asked, "What do you mean, slow down?"

"I mean." Bobby paused as he watched Sam's reaction. "You've been training hard and researching non-stop for a month now. Carry on like this, Kid, and you're gonna run yourself down. You need a rest. Have a break for a day; lay around and watch T.V, kick back with a beer. Relax."

Sam spared him a glance as he walked past him and into the living room. Sitting down on the couch, Sam bent forward to massage his aching legs. "Don't have time to kick back and relax, Bobby"

Bobby followed him into the room, stopping near his desk and turning his chair to face him. "Look, Son..." He started but Sam interrupted him.

Sitting up, Sam let his hands rest on his knees. "Bobby, I appreciate your concern; I really do, but I'm fine." Turning his head away, he continued more softly. "I've got a lot to catch up on and a lot to learn. This...Demon...wants me for a reason, and even if it didn't, it's sure as Hell the reason why my Mother is dead." Shaking his head, Sam went back to massaging his other leg. "I know what's out there now. I can't just sit back and do nothing. And beside..." He stopped rubbing his legs and looked away again. "It's keeping my mind occupied and stopping me from thinking about my Dad and Dean." He whispered, fighting to keep his emotions down.

This last month has been hard and Sam had tried his best to keep going with life. But there were times, especially at night, where thoughts of his Dad and Dean ran through his mind. Thoughts about them in prison and how life was like for them, thoughts about whether or not Dean was lying when he said that he forgave him, thoughts about whether his Family now hated him.

Training how to Hunt and researching everything he needed to know helped keep those thoughts at bay. He needed to do this; for his Family and for himself.

Bobby looked on with sympathy as he watched Sam try to collect himself again. The boy had been through so much and it pained Bobby that Sam was still going through it now. He heard Sam cry out in his sleep at night, heard him shout out different names each night; John, Mary, Dean, Jess. Bobby's even heard Sam shout out his name at one point. He's tried to be there for the Kid, tried to be the shoulder for Sam to cry on, but Sam didn't want the comfort. All Sam wanted was to train and learn.

Sam shook himself and stood up, going to Bobby's desk and picking up a book. "If you're not prepared to teach me, I can find someone else to." Sam muttered, not looking up as he turned the pages.

Bobby took a moment to stare at him before answering. "I'll teach ya, Son." Bobby turned and wheeled himself out of the room, shouting over his shoulder as he did so. "Fourth book on the second shelf. Read it, learn it, memorise it. You're having a pop quiz tomorrow."

Still keeping his eyes on the book, Sam smirked. "I've got work to do." He mumbled to himself, slamming the book closed and walking over to the bookcase.

2 Months Later!

"A Shapeshifter is born different. They can change their appearance to look like someone else; anyone else. Some can change faster than others, probably depending on their age or skills." Bobby moved his chair around the desk, handing the book to Sam. "They can be identified by a retinal flare in the eyes that shows up on camera. They can also download the person's thoughts. Become that person completely if they wanted to."

Bobby moved back to his desk and picked up a clean silver bullet, holding it up for Sam to see.

"Silver bullet through the Heart is the quickest way to kill them. The other way is a silver blade. Decapitation can also do it. You'd want to kill the sucker before it finds the time to change into you. Otherwise it'll use your knowledge and skills against you."

Loading the bullet into the gun, Bobby passed it on to Sam. "Go and take this outside. Practice hitting the Heart. You'll only get one chance to kill it before it changes to look like someone else and you lose it for good."

3 Months Later!

Sam tosses and turns in bed, frustration growing inside him as his eyes start to tear up. Quickly sitting up, Sam bangs his fist down onto the mattress beside him and lets out an annoyed grunt. Once again he can't fall asleep. Swinging his legs off the bed, Sam sits there, hunched over, his arms resting on his knees, as he stares into the darkness of his bedroom, hearing voices from the past.

The sound of a little boy laughing as his running footsteps echo around the room makes a tear slip down Sam's cheek.

1988 - Sam: 5 - Dean: 9!


Five-year-old Sammy continues to laugh as he races through the Motel room, his nine-year-old Brother chasing him.

"Sammy, come on." Dean chuckles as he lightly jogs to keep up with his hyper younger Brother. "You're bath's ready."

Sam runs into their bedroom, climbing onto the bed and jumping under the covers. His muffled giggles sound out in the room, making Dean stop and stand in the doorway to just listen for a moment with a grin. After another second goes by, Dean tip-toes towards the bed and carefully grabs the edge of the blankets, hearing Sam's giggles get a little louder.

Pulling the blanket back quickly, Dean jumps onto the edge of the bed beside Sam. "Found ya!" Dean says with a grin, and Sam lets out an excited bark of laughter, shrieking in delight as Dean spends a minute tickling his sides.

"No more, De. No more." Sam laughs breathlessly, trying to twist away from his Brother's fingers. A moment later, Dean stops and sits back, staring down at Sam with a smile.

"Come on, Kiddo." Dean says, patting Sam's knee once. "You're bath's nice and warm."

Sam sits up on the bed, grabbing the blanket and holding it to his chest. "No bath, De." He enthusiastically shakes his head, his hair flopping side to side with the movement and making Dean chuckle, even as he worries that Sam would make himself dizzy by doing that. "I wanna play."

Dean chuckles again as he slides off the bed, grabbing the blanket and bringing it down with him. "You need a bath, Sammy." Placing his hands underneath his Brother's arms, Dean pulls him forward to sit on the edge of the bed as he starts taking off his Brother's shoes.

Sam lifts his tiny hand up and pushes his hair away from his forehead. "But why?" He asked curiously.

Having removed Sam's shoes, Dean starts on his socks. "So you can be nice and clean. Then it'll be more fun for you when you get messy again." Dean takes his Brother's hand and helps him slip off the bed to stand infront of him. Undoing the buttom on his Brother's jeans, Dean kneels down to help Sam take his pants off.

"But bath times are no fun." Sam pouts, placing his hands on Dean's shoulders for balance as Dean lifts one foot and then the other and throws his pants on the bed.

"It can be fun." Dean reassures, standing back up. He takes ahold of Sam's Superman t-shirt and raises it over the Kid's head.

"How?" Sam's muffled voice asks, as he wiggles around to try and remove his t-shirt from his head, only doing so when Dean pulls it off altogether.

"Well, I could put bubbles in it; they're always fun to play with, right?"

"Yeah!" Sam shouts out, nodding his head excitedly, as he runs past his Brother and back into the bathroom. "Come on, De, its bath time!"

Dean laughs and shakes his head before following his Brother back into the bathroom.

Present Time!

Sam stares into space, not even noticing his tiny sad smile as more tears continue to fall. Letting out a tired sigh, Sam falls back on the bed and stares at the ceiling for a moment. With the sound of his Brother's laugh ringing in his eyes, Sam closes his eyes and falls asleep.

4 Months Later!

"100." Sam grunted out as he pulled his chin over the bar. Breathing hard, he let his arms straighten out, hanging there for a moment, before dropping down to his feet.

As soon as his feet hit the floor, the rest of Sam's body follows as he starts doing his routine push-ups. "One. Two. Three..."

5 Months Later!

Bobby slams a picture down onto the desk and Sam looks down at it as Bobby starts quizzing him.

"What's this?"


"What is a Wendigo?"

"A perfect Hunter. A creature that was once Human but was transformed into that when it started snacking on people."

"Name its skills."

"Superhuman strength and speed. It can mimic human voices. Gotta watch out for its claws. And it has immortality until you kill it."

"How do you kill it?"

"Guns are useless. So are knives. Best way is to touch it. Anasazi symbols keeps it at bay; it can't cross over them."

Bobby pats Sam on the back as he picks up another piece of paper. "Good job, Son." Bobby drops the paper down and carries on. "What's this?"

"A Woman in White..."

6 Months Later!

Sam jogs down the street, music blasting through his earphones as he pants out his breaths and does his best to keep them even. Glancing towards the small park filled with little Kid, Sam slows his jogging down as two little boys catch his attention. The younger boy plays in the grass, picking something up and showing the older boy before they throw it away and run toward the swings.

Sam stares at the spot where the boys were sitting, not noticing that he's now standing still, as he feels his chest tighten up.

1987 - Sam: 4 - Dean: 8!

4-year-old Sam kneels in the clean-cut green grass, watching with fascination as a line of ants climb their way through. He heard footsteps running towards him but didn't look away from the small creatures.

"Sammy." Dean says, panting a little from his run. "I thought I told you to stay by the swings?" Grabbing his Brother's shoulder, Dean kneels down to his level, frowning as he lightly scolds. "You know better than to run off like that, Kiddo. I was worried."

Looking up, Sam's face was written with guilt as he apologies. "Sorry, De. I not mean to."

Giving his Brother one last stern look, Dean lets his face soften and ruffled Sammy's hair. "I know you didn't, Buddy. Just don't let it happen again, or we're not coming to the park anymore." Looking down at the ground, Dean changed the subject. "So. What's gained your attention, anyway?"

Sam, now completely forgetting about being told-off, pointed excitedly down at the moving ants. "What are they, De? They look funny." He lets out a chuckle and goes to poke one of them but Dean catches his hand before he can touch.

"Don't touch them, Sammy. You don't know where they've been; they could be dirty." Dean lifted his top up and wiped his Brother's hands with the bottom of it before answering. "They're called Ants, Sammy."

"What do they do?" A forever-curious Sam asks, looking up at Dean before looking back down.

Dean pauses to think for a moment before shaking his head. "I'm not really sure. I once saw a cartoon about Ants that collected food for Grasshoppers, but I don't think that's what they really do. We'll have to as Dad tonight." Shaking his head again, Dean stood and held out his hand. "Come on, Sammy. Let's go play on the slide before we go home."

Sam stared at the ants for another second before standing up and taking Dean's hand. With Dean pulling him along, the two boy's ran towards the slide where Dean helps his little Brother climb to the top and waits at the bottom to catch him.

Present Time!

Sam comes back to the present as his music changes songs. Shaking his head with a sigh, he glances back once before turning and jogging away.

7 Months Later!

The Spirit throws Sam across the Graveyard as it lets out a scream.

Sam, gun still in hand and barely missing hitting his head on a Gravestone, rolls onto his side with a grunt as his breath rushes out of him. Aiming his gun at the Spirit, he fires off two shots; one bullet hitting the tree behind the Ghost and the other hitting the Ghost square in the chest.

Bobby keeps the flash-light shining in the open grave as he shouts over. "Sam, hurry up, Son. Gotta finish it before she comes back."

Sam climbs back to his feet, keeping his eyes and ears open for any sign that the Spirit was back, as he rushes back towards the grave. Digging around in his jeans pocket, he grabs his lighter and flicks it open. He doesn't even flinch when Bobby fires off a shot behind him. He throws the lighter inside the grave and watches as the borns burn, not letting the Ghost's screams bother him.

"Alright, Son. Good job." Bobby praises. "Grab the shovel; we gotta get out of here before the Cops show up."

Bobby turns his chair around, grunting when the wheels get stuck in the mud. With a single push, Sam gets him unstuck and follows him out towards the car.

8 Months Later!

Rain pours from the open blue skies, drenching everything that wasn't sheltered. Sam flicks his head to the side, trying to move his hair out of his eyes as he aims the gun at the targets 20 yards away. He blinks a couple of times, trying to clear the water from his eyelashes. Squinting his eyes to get a better look, Sam fires his gun five times in rapid speed.


Lowering the gun, Sam smirks and listens to Bobby clap his hands in praise a few times from the cover of the doorway.

20 yards away, five hitting-targets lay on the floor, a bullet-hole dead center in each one.

9 Months Later!

"You ready for this, Son?" Bobby asks from the passenger side of the car, slight concern in his voice.

Sam doesn't bother answering, just nods his head and climbs out of the car. Bobby watches through the windshield as Sam rounds the car and goes into the abandoned old house, taking his gun out from the back of his jeans.

"Good luck." Bobby whispers in the empty car and watches Sam enter the house.

With his gun raised, Sam enters the dark living room with caution, swinging his eyes around the room to make sure it's all clear. Once he's sure there's nothing there, he continues his way through the house. He pauses by the old fireplace and stares at the dusty urn that holds the ashes of the Ghost he's Hunting. Shaking his head, he moves past it and starts slowly climbing the old wooden stairs, keeping his back to the wall as he points his gun upwards.

With the man already cremated, Sam has to look for the thing that's keeping him here. With him being in a wheelchair, as much as they both hate to admit it, Bobby would only get in the way, so Sam's taken on this job on his own. When he reaches the first bedroom, Sam knows there's something in there that the Ghost doesn't want him finding, as a loud shriek of anger fills the house and objects starts flying towards him. Ducking down to miss a picture-frame heading towards his head, Sam stays in a crouch and pushes the bedroom door open, pausing a moment before running inside.

The bedroom's a mess and it doesn't help when things starts flying around the room and the undisturbed dust starts swirling around. Sneezing into his shoulder, Sam squints his eyes and looks around, trying to determine what object he needs to burn.

After a moment, he decides that it could be absolutely anything and takes the lighter-fluid from his pocket. Swinging his arm around, Sam soaks the room with gas as he back away towards the door. He brings his left arm up, the arm holding his gun, and bats away the ripped-up pillow before it can hit him. He flicks open his lighter just as the Ghost appears in the room and starts screaming at him, jumbled words that Sam doesn't understand. He throws the lighter on the bed and barely has time to get out of the room before it goes up in flames.

Running down the stairs, Sam covers his mouth and nose with his sleeve, coughing a few times as black smoke goes above his head. He stumbles and hits his shoulder on the door-frame before he wrenches it open and runs outside.

Bobby sits in the car, his door now open, as he stares wide-eyed at the house. "What the Hell is that, Boy?" Bobby shouts out as Sam runs around the car and jumps into the driver's seat.

Coughing a few times, Sam smiles at Bobby as the older man closes his door and stares at Sam with disbelief. "I couldn't find the object." Sam shrugs.

"So you burned the whole bloody place down?!" Bobby waves his hand towards the now burning-down house.

Sam shrugs again. "It was the best option I had." He lets out a chuckle as Bobby shakes his head and drives away just as he hears the fire-engines drive up the road.

10 Months Later!

Sam stands in the Graveyard, the sun shining down on his back. His holds the flowers in his hands as he stares down at the headstone.

Jessica Moore

Beloved Daughter

1984 - 2001

Sam stares at the picture of the woman he loved for a moment, before bending down and gently placing the flowers on her grave. "I'm sorry." He whisperes, feeling tormented and guilty. He doesn't think he has the right to be here, but he had to show up; he had to at least visit her once.

Standing back up, Sam puts his hands into his pants pocket and doesn't move. He continues to stand and stare until the sun goes back and his legs ache.

"I love you, Jess." He whispers before slowly backing away and walking to his car.

11 Months Later!

Sam grips the toilet seat in his hands, his knuckles turning white as he throws up for what feels like the hundreth time. Tears slip down the corner of his eyes as he feels his stomach muscles clench and tighten. Once he's sure that there isn't anything else to throw up, he rests his head down on the seat, moaning as his headache gets worse.

The bathroom light comes on, making him moan once again, and he feels someone place their hand on his back.

"Food posion, probably. You're burning up, Kid. Let me get you a cold cloth."

The room spins a little as Sam turns his head to try and see the person. "Dean?" He mumbles, slurring his words a little.

There's a beat of silence as whoever the person is freezes for a moment. "No, Son." The person whispers sadly. "It's just me."

Sam frowns and squints his eyes, trying to see better. "Bobby?"

"Yeah, Kid. I'll get you that cloth."

Bobby runs the cold tap and puts a cloth under it as Sam drops his head back down, more tears escaping his eyes as he wishes for his Brother.

"I want De." He slurrs.

Bobby wheels himself closer and places the cloth on the back of Sam's neck. "I know you do, Son." He whispers, keeping his voice soft.

Sam lets out a sob, unable to stop it anymore as he feels his stomach turn. Spitting into the toilet, Sam cries into his arms. "He makes everything better. Why isn't he here, Bobby? He's always here when I need him."

Sam continues to mumble into his arms, coughing now and again and misses the tears in Bobby's eyes as Bobby rubs his hand up and down Sam's back.

1 Year Later!

Sam turns the radio up as he sways around the kitchen, moving to the beat of the song as he makes tea for him and Bobby. Placing the frying pan on the cooker, he smashes two eggs and jiggles the pan around for a moment. Moving to the side, he starts to butter the bread when the song on the radio gets cut off and the news comes on.

Sam doesn't pay attention until he hears the name of a certain prison. The same prison that his Dad and Dean got sent to a year ago. Slowly placing the butter-knife down, Sam turns his head and stares at the radio.

"The Police are baffled as to how this could have happened. Yesterday morning a riot broke out in Fox-Hall prison. Four prisoners' ended up dead, while 15 were injured and 10 are in critical condition. When the Warden of the prison did a head-count, he found two prisoners' missing from their cells and are not among the numbers of the deceased. John and Dean Winchester, Father and Son, broke out of Fox-Hall approximately yesterday afternoon, roughly between 1:00 and 4:00pm. If anyone sees these two men, please tell your local Police department. These men are very dangerous and needs to be captured as soon as possible..."

Sam stares at the radio, blinking continuously for a few minutes until Bobby wheels over and turns the thing off. Both men stare at the radio in stunned silence, both their eyes wide and their Hearts banging in their chest. Bobby, very slowly, turns his head to look at Sam. "Did I just hear right?" Bobby croaks out.

But Sam either doesn't hear him or choices or ignore him as he continues to stare at the radio, the woman's announcement ringing in his ears.

1 Year and 5 Weeks Later!

3 o'clock in the morning and Sam still couldn't sleep. Sitting at Bobby's desk, Sam looks through the books, reading up on Devil's-traps and possession charms. Thinking he heard a noise outside, Sam tilts his head and listens for a moment before shaking his head and going back to reading.

Ever since the announcement that his Dad and Dean were free and on the run 5 weeks ago, Sam had been on edge; jumpy and always looking over his shoulder. He wasn't sure if it was because he didn't want to see his Family or because he did.

Sam's head shot up as he definitely heard a sound coming from the other room. Slowly closing his book over, Sam reaches for the silver knife sitting on the desk, and stands up. Wearily opening the kitchen door, Sam pokes his head around first, before stepping into the room and turning in slow circles.

He tip-toes over to the window and peaks out, squinting into the darkness for any signs of movement. A noise behind him has him turning quickly, knife held out infront of him. The kitchen light suddenly turns on, leaving Sam blinking and trying to adjust to the change. He doesn't have much time to adjust before he sees the figure standing in the middle of the room.

Taking in a deep breath through his nose, Sam stares at the person and slowly lowers his knife.

"Hello, Sammy."

Sam's chest tightens as he hears the voice. The deep rumble of the familiar voice he's missed so much.

Letting his shoulders slump, Sam says the name on a sigh. "Dean."

Standing in the middle of the kitchen in his dirty jeans and brown leather jacket, Dean smirks as he stares back at his little Brother.


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