Hey, Everyone!

Thank you so much for the all reveiws and interest in this story!

When I started writing this story, I was still a little inexperienced and trying to find my own writing style. Even though I'm still trying to find it, I've decided to rewrite this story. "Escape Rewritten" is bascially the same storyline, just better written. I've taken some scenes away and added new ones and I've changed some details in it.

Hopefully the new one will be up in a few days, if not sooner. I don't know if I should delete this story when I put the new one up; what do you think?

Anyway; again THANK YOU for the reveiws:

Nupinoop296:Thank you for reviewing, Hun. And I know it took them awhile but a prison break ain't easy, especially when you don't have the Warden on your side lol xx

AmaraRae:Thank you for reviewing, Hun. And hopefully, after the new rewritten story is up, I can than start on the sequel and prequel to it, so you can have your more lol xx

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Funus Nex:Thank you for reviwing, Hun. And I could never kill Bobby! I love the grumpy old guy far too much for that! lol xx

Sarah:Thank you for reviewing, Hun. And you should have hunted me down long ago lol Hopefully your sequel should be up soon! Thanks again :D xx

Miss221B: Thank you for reviewing, Hun. Awww, thank you so much, Hun. Glad you loved the story. Hopefully you'll like the new rewritten one better. And yeah, I seem to do that to; as soon as life gets too complicated, I end up reading stories all day long and getting my answers from there. Thanks again, Hun. xx

Sara: Thanks for reveiwing, Hun. First of all; thank you so much, Hun. Sadly they still don't know what could be wrong; and things got a LOT harder before I started getting better in myself; It's still slow going, but I'm getting ready to move on and live my life. And I'm so glad you loved the last chapter :D And I never liked Hendrickson like in the show; even though he was just doing his job, I still felt he was being unneccesarily evil to the Brothers (trying his hardest to split them up.) And I'm not sure about him returning just yet. - And I thought the weechester flashbacks would make a nice touch lol. And yeah, it's gonna be really hard on Dean when he gets to know the new Sam; Sam and Dean both will have some adjustments to make. Thank you for enjoying the story, and hopefully the sequel/prequel will be up soon after I've posted the new rewritten version of this one. And best wishes back, hunnie :) xx

Souless666:Thank you for reviewing, Hun. And in the last chapter, I wanted to show Sam's struggles to get his life on track but still not forgetting his past; his struggles for moving forward while trying to deal with everything the poor guy went through with his Family. - And yeah, Hun, that's one of the things I'm hoping to change in the new rewritten verison; I'm hoping to show more interaction with Sam and John. - And I never really like Hendrickson, so maybe that kinda showed in the way I wrote him? lol And thanks, hun, glad you enjoyed it. And, awwww :D, thanks so much for the support and hopefully I'm on my way to feeling a lot better now! Take care of yourself as well, hun and hugs back! xx

Rohopretender:Thanks for reviewing, Hun. And I'm really glad you liked the story, hunnie. Hopefully I can start writting the sequel and prequel soon! And I'm sorry that you also have that problem: depression sucks in so many ways! I still suffer with it now and again but thankfully I'm getting better; hope you are too, Hun! Thanks again. xx

MDarKspIrIt:Thanks for reviewing, Hun. Glad you liked it :D Thanks again. xx

Amandous:Thanks for reviewing, Hun. And awwww, thank you SO much :D :D :D! You're reveiws always make me smile! And as for you never knowing who to root for; I'm exactly the same. I think I understand Sam more than Dean (as I'm the youngest in my Family), but I love Dean just the same lol And I know what you mean, Hunnie: My Grandma has not long passed away and it absolutely gutted me, but after awhile I realised she would never want me to give up and stop doing what I loved to do. A lot has happened in my life since I wrote this last chapter, and I sadly I did end up losing my inspiration a little but I realised that my writting will always make things better in a way and it's something I will never give up on. Thank you again, Hunnie, for reviewing! You'll always make me smile and inspire me to keep writing! xx

Original:Thanks for reviewing, Hun. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story! And I'm feeling much better, thank you, hun! xx

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Izzie: Thanks for reveiwing, Hun. And thank you, Hunnie! I've never felt pressured by my readers; just total happiness that people are interested in it :D Thanks again, Hun. xx

Just want to say THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH! You have all helped me more than you know, and you'll never know how sorry I am that it took me this long to get back on track! Hopefully you are still interested and like the new rewritted version of this story! LOVE to you all! xx