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Chapter 1 –

He stepped over the dark puddle of blood, taking in shallow breaths. Already the blood was coagulating and flies buzzed around the sight, waiting impatiently to claim their territory. But then, they weren't the only unsavoury things lurking in the alley. He could feel eyes watching him with hunger born of desperation and pure starvation. The people that lived in these places were some of the worst humanity had to offer, spending their days pumped full of the latest drug they could barely afford and nights prowling for whatever flesh they could get their hands on. That's probably exactly what had happened to this poor bastard.

Ichigo bent down in a crouch and ran a critical eye over the pale body sprawled on the trash infested ground. The man was face down, his clothes shredded around his mangled body. He wore no shoes or other accessories. 'Probably stolen' he thought. In life, his hair had probably been a dark brown and his skin retained signs of a recent sunburn even in death.

Footsteps sounded behind him and Ichigo's hand automatically landed on his sidepiece. In one quick motion, he stood up and turned around to face his possible assailant, only to relax once he saw who it was.

"Whoa their Ichigo, didn't realize ya wanted me gone so bad." The cheeky and playful tone suited the overly brash man in front of him. A wide grin splayed across a narrow, tattooed face, topped with a head of spiky red hair that had often made him the object of ridicule from both friends and enemies alike. The package was complete with a loud yellow shirt, boasting flashy red zigzags across the chest and a pair of faded blue jeans.

Renji Abarai. His partner of 5 years and husband of two.

They'd met back in high school. It had been Ichigo's first day and already he's garnered some unwanted attention because of – 'sigh' – his hair again. For some reason, people took one look at his mass of neon orange hair and labelled him a delinquent. Some part of him had hoped that it would stop as he grew older, but apparently the world was crowded with immature people, ready to pick a fight for the stupidest things. That day had been no different. He'd been buy trying to figure out where his class was, determined to show up on time, when suddenly his path had been blocked. Startled, he'd look up to see a bald man in a leather jacket sneering down at him, flanked by two others. One had jaw-length black hair and weird feathers sprouting on his face but it was the other one that really got his attention. 'Shit, this guy must get bullied more than I do. I mean who goes around wearing a wearing a Chappy shirt at this age. And I thought my hair was bad'. The guy in question noticed him staring and narrowed his rust-coloured eyes.

"Yo watchu lookin' at shit-face?" he snarled.

Ichigo felt the anger coiling in his stomach and he knew it wouldn't be long before it exploded. He decided it was best to leave quickly.

"Hey guys, I'm really not interested in this shit right now so if you could please just not start anything…," With that he turned around and started to walk away, but stopped when his arm was roughly grabbed.

"Hey hey, what's the hurry cone-head? We just wanna get ta know the new guy right? Ya seem like ya might be in-te-restin'." The bald man leered.

Ichigo tensed and his eyes narrowed, ready to fire back, but stopped when he heard a sigh from feather-face.

"Really Ikkaku, why are we even bothering? This is not at all beautiful."

Ikkaku just grinned. "That's okay Yumi. Ya don't hafta play if ya don't wanta. Me an' Renji'll manage just fine, right Ren?"

Ichigo looked over, watching the red-head shift on his feet. "I dunno Ikkaku…I kinda agree with Yumichika. He doesn't really look like he could hold up in a fight." His eyes flicked to Ichigo, glinting in amusement. "I don't wanna beat up on a little kid."

At this, Ichigo felt his anger boil over and he yanked his arm out of Ikkaku's grip. Without giving them time to react, he punched Renji as hard as he could in the face, feeling satisfied at the sound of something squelching under the force. He was pretty sure he'd broken his nose and a triumphant grin streaked across his face.

"Who're you calling a little kid, asshole? Come say that again!" He raised his hands up, ready for a fight. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Ikkaku clenching his hands, running full blast at him with his hands raised. In front of him, Renji's face had turned red and he also charged, giving a loud yell full of pain and anger. Flicking a quick glance at the third person in the group, he saw Yumichika casually flicking his hair out of his face and reaching into his pocket for his phone.

'Well at least it's not three-on-one then.'

That was his last thought before his brain shut went on automatic for the fight. Ikkaku reached him first and swung at his head, tendons standing out angrily in his neck. In one smooth move, Ichigo ducked while ramming his fist into Renji's stomach who had just come in for his own attack. Both teenagers stumbled and Ichigo took that opportunity to sweep their feet from under them, watching in satisfaction as they fell on their backs with a loud "oof".

Ichigo stood back up, expecting the fight to be over and so he didn't react quickly enough when he was grabbed by his shoulders and kneed hard in the stomach. Wheezing harshly, he fell to his knees, clutching his stomach and trying to keep the painful shudders at bay. Looking up, he focused on his assailant and was surprised to find Yumichika looked passively back at him. Breaking eye contact, the effeminate man sniffed delicately and turned away, prodding his friends gingerly.

"I think we've seen enough. I would rather we just take him into the fold already and be done with this tiresome business."

Ichigo, still dazed from the kick, stumbled to his feet, as did Ikkaku and Renji. The red-head grinned at him. "Looks like ya got some moves on ya pansycake. What's yer name?"

Ichigo scowled at the loud man before him. "It's Ichigo. Kurosaki Ichigo."

Despite the heavu scowl directed at them, all three teens burst out laughing. Ichigo felt his expression grow darker, his scowl becoming more pronounced by the second.

"Sorry about that strawberry. Welcome to the club."

Despite his initial hesitance at joining the rag-tag group of people, Ichigo quickly found that they were not at all that different. Both Renji and Ikkaku shared his same taste in old rock-and-roll music and both had a penchant for causing trouble. Renji had also been bullied for his hair when he was younger and didn't know how to defend himself. Ikkaku and Yumichika were step-brothers and they both lived with their dad who was insane as Ichigo's own. The one time Ichigo had met Kenpachi Zaraki, he'd spent the entire evening hiding in the basement, for fear that Kenpachi would find him and "see fer himself who'd made a fuckin' pussy outta his son!" Suffice to say, he was definitely staying out of that man's way. But what really had surprised him was the especial closeness he'd developed with Renji.

Renji, from what he'd been able to tell, was a simple guy. His life's mission seemed to be to eat, sleep and fight. The man was fiercely loyal and Ichigo found himself strangely attracted to this loud-mouthed happy-go-lucky guy. Every time they were together, Ichigo had the time of his life and was always strangely ecstatic when it was just the two of them together.

Now, Ichigo had never really paid attention to his sexuality or what gender(s) he might have been attracted to. But with Renji, the issue quickly became forefront in his mind. In the day, he enjoyed whatever time he could have with his crush (yes he'd admitted to himself that that was exactly what it was) and at night, he agonized over what he could do about it. Should he ignore it or should he say something? But what if he got rejected?…but then what if he didn't?... Even his flighty father noticed his brooding and at dinner one night decided to ask his son outright.


The twins sighed, anticipating another dinner with the two hormonal men going head-to-head until they either screamed themselves raw or one of them lay on the floor in a bloody heap, which these days was usually Isshin.

Ichigo's face turned red and he drew in a harsh breath. "GET THE HELL OFF MY CASE YOU RETARDED FREAK! THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH ME! LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!" And with that, he pushed his chair back in a huff and stormed upstairs to his room.

Isshin meanwhile flew to the giant poster of Masaki and started bawling his eyes out. "OH MY WONDROUS MASAKI. OUR SON WON'T TALK TO ME ANYMORE! WHAT SHOULD I DOOO-" Blood spurted out of his nose as Karin slammed his head against the wall to try to get him to shut up.

"Finally, some peace and quiet around here," she muttered while Yuzu looked on mournfully. The bloody heap on the ground stirred and a weak "Daddy loves his Karin…" could be heard before Isshin passed out altogether. Yuzu sighed, rubbing her hands together. Just another day at the Kurosaki household.

Ichigo lay in his bed fuming. The situation was already stressing him out enough – he didn't need his idiot father to get involved too. Sighing, he let the anger slip as around him the house slipped into quiet, enough so that he could hear the normal night noises filtering inside his room. Lulled by the constant sounds, his mind wandered again to Renji. He knew he was acting like a coward about his feelings, but he didn't want to imagine what he would do if Renji rejected him. Especially if it impacted their friendship too, which he knew it definitely would. He couldn't stand it if the other man barred him from his life completely.

'God this really is hopeless!' Ichigo groaned and decided he could make his decision tomorrow. Tonight, he wanted to sleep.

He felt a warm wetness trailing down his body, stopping occasionally to leave little bites and kisses. Ichigo shifted, still half-asleep, as his body reacted to the pleasant sensations. He could feel a sudden pressure in his groin as the strange sensation travelled down slowly, leaving a trail of molten fire in its wake. Suddenly, Ichigo felt cool air meet his hot core and he hissed, coming fully awake. Abruptly, he sat up on his elbows to see what the hell the thing was and almost dropped back down in shock as brilliant red hair greeted him. Slowly, the head in his lap raised its eyes and rusty brown clashed with warm honey in a fierce exchange.

Ichigo regained his breath in a rush. "Wha-what the fuck are you doing here Ren?!" he screeched beathlessly, trying to scramble back, but Renji's weight stopped his movements effectively.

"Jus' giving ya what ya wanted berry," Renji smirked and lowered his head back down to Ichigo's fully erect penis. Without warning, he placed his warm lips onto the swollen head and Ichigo's head fell back with a groan. God, he'd never felt anything like that in his life and…he wanted more. As if reading his thoughts, Renji hummed in response and swiped his tongue over the slit before slowly moving down the length of it. Ichigo couldn't help but buck into the enticing heat, heart thundering in his ears. He wanted – no needed – more friction, more of that moist heat. Renji chuckled at Ichigo's eagerness and bobbed faster, mouth sucking frantically all the while. Ichigo cried out from the overstimulation – this was unlike anything he'd felt before and he could feel himself going insane from the pleasure. He brought a trembling hand up from where it was clenching the damp sheets and pressed it onto Renji's head, urging him to go faster.

"Mo-rrrrreeee Renji! Please, oh God I need it sssso baad!" He could feel the tight heat coiling around in his body, centering in his pulsing member. He thrust up, wanting relief from the pressure so bad he could taste it.

"Ah ah! Faster Renji! AH!" he cried out at a particularly hard suck from Renji's mouth. Yes he was close, oh so clo-!


The harsh beeping from his alarm clock jolted Ichigo awake, wrenching him to harsh reality. Taking a once-over, he realized he was covered in sweat, not to mention sporting a massive hard-on.

'Shit it was only a dream!'

Ichigo could scream from the pure frustration bubbling up inside of him. He couldn't live like this anymore.


Today was the day he'd tell Renji everything.

Ichigo finally cornered Renji at the end of lunch. He felt fear and anxiety zing through him, but forcefully tamped it down. 'This is it Kurosaki. Be a man and own up to your feelings!' Taking a deep breath, he plunged forward.

"Look Ren, I know classes are gonna start real soon but I gotta talk to ya about something." He looked up into Renji's face, hoping he wouldn't dismiss him. He wanted this off his chest.

Renji grinned. "No problem there Ichigo, what's life without a few skipped classes eh? So what's up?"

And here Ichigo's heart stuttered but he pushed on. "Look Renji, we've gotten to know each other pretty well over the last year or so and I…well I just…" Knowing he should get it off his chest as soon as possible, he rushed forward. "IlikeyouRenji."

"Wait, wait hold up." Renji laughed, holding his hands up. "Run that last part by me again will ya? And jeez, slow it down a bit."

Ichigo gulped. "I-I like you Renji."

"Well sure I like ya too bud," Renji replied, giving him a quizzical look.

Ichigo screwed his eyes shut. "More than a friend Renji."

"More than a…wait…are you saying…?" There was a pause for several moments.

"Yeah I am." Ichigo could feel his heart thundering in his chest as he waited for Renji's response, too afraid to open his eyes and see his face.

He heard Renji suck in a shaky breath and then say in the softest voice, "Ichi…look at me Ichigo." A warm hand cupped his chin, forcing him to raise his head. Slowly, he opened his eyes, taking in Renji's gentle expression. 'Oh God…what if he…I think he's gonna-'

His mind staggered to a halt as a soft pair of lips brushed his own, the kiss deepening as Ichigo let out an unconscious moan. Renji's lips molded to Ichigo's, letting the barest hint of tongue come into play, but when Ichigo opened his mouth willingly, he plunged in without a thought and lapped up everything Ichigo had to offer. Their tongues ensued in a brief battle dominance, stopping only when the need to breathe became to much. They sood there gasping, Renji slumping down to rest his forehead against Ichigo's.

"You don't know how long I've waited to hear that." Ichigo smiled at that, glad that it had been him who had reduced Renji to such a state.

"Well why did I have to be the one who said it first? Why couldn't it be you?" There was no real anger behind the question – he was too happy to just be in Renji's arms to even think about ruining the mood.

Renji tightened his arms around him. "Well I – I didn't know if you were gay or not –"

"I didn't either." Renji winced then smiled.

"Well then I guess you're definitely the man in this relationship!"

Ichigo huffed and grinned. "I goddamn better be!"

Life seemed to fall into a rhythm after that. His dad had taken the news surprisingly well, which meant that he'd only needed one kick to the head to stop wailing ("DADDY'S BEAUTIFUL SON WILL NEVER SEE THE PRODUCT OF HIS LUSTFUL LOINS! OH MASAKI THIS IS A VERY SAD DAY!") before happily jumping onto his son and loudly proclaiming that he supported his son's sexuality for the whole goddamn neighbourhood to hear. Another punch had made him go down for the count and the rest of the evening had gone peacefully, with Ichigo promising to have Renji for dinner soon.

Ikkaku and Yumichika also had the same attitude. After a heavily blushing Ichigo had spilled his guts to the both of them, all they'd done was given each other a long look. Ikkaku had then tuned to Ichigo and said, "So now that you're officially a pansy, ya think ya can handle a night out on the town with tha rest of us?"

Ichigo's face had gone red, this time with anger and it didn't help that Renji beside him had burst into loud guffaws. It wasn't long before Ikkaku and Yumi joined in, followed finally by Ichigo.

"Still ain't got nothin' on me Ikkaku. I can drink you under the table no matter whose ass I'm getting."

Time had rolled by and before they knew it they'd been together for 15 years. They'd graduated together, gone through the police academy together, and had become partners in every sense of the word. They had a house in a nice middle-class neighbourhood and a white German shepherd named Shiro. They woke up together, ate together, worked together, went out on the occasional date and slept together. Life was as perfect as either could imagine.

Back in the sun-dappled alley, Renji walked towards him and came to stand in front of the corpse.

"Huh, looks like another one of our mysterious killer's victims." He sighed and raked a hand through his hair. "Did ya call it in yet?"

Ichigo snorted, "Course I did, I ain't a rookie ya know."

Renji laughed but sobered quickly. "Anywhos, that's the 5th victim in as many weeks it seems, and we probably even haven't found them all. God, what a waste of life."

"Yeah, I'm gonna push harder to take over this case from Hanatarou. The guy's okay, but this is obviously way outta his depth. Waddaya say? Wanna help me on this?" he asked, even as he knew the answer would be the same as always.

On cue, Renji gave him his trademark wide-toothed grin. "Ya know me Ichi. Always got yer back. Never gonna be anywhere else."

Ichigo smiled at his lover, warmth rushing through him at those words.

Little did they know that no heaven can last forever.

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