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Chapter 16 –

"Grimmjow, don't just lie there! Help me unpack!"

The man in question groaned, thoughts of getting up briefly entering his sleep-addled brain before deciding to turn his back to the fuming red-head and snuggling back into the pillow.

Narrowing his eyes at the clear rebuff, Ichigo stomped over to the ratty sofa where the blunet was snoozing and proceeded to kick him squarely in the back. Lightly of course. He watched in satisfaction as Grimmjow flailed wildly for a second, before bolting upright and aiming a heated glare at him.

"What's yer problem, Ichi?" he slurred. "Can't a man get any sleep round here?"

Ichigo just crossed his arms over his chest. "This stuff isn't gonna unpack itself. Now get your lazy ass up – I already let you sleep an hour extra."

"…Fine," Grimmjow grumbled.

Getting up was a hassle, but eventually he managed. Looking around, he winced internally at the amount of work that was sprawled all over the large penthouse. All of a sudden he regretted convincing Ichigo to leave the mansion his ex-fiancé used to own and get something of their own.

After the whole fiasco, he'd wanted something far from where the memories of his bastard father still lingered. Ichigo had agreed and so they'd started looking for a property far away that they could call their own. Grimmjow had wanted to live somewhere close to the sea, having seen it once and fallen in love with it ever since. And because all Ichigo could think of then was Grimmjow in a teeny tiny bathing suit, he readily agreed. After weeks of searching, they'd stumbled on a gem, a high rise apartment building under construction, but one with a penthouse suite planned. They'd immediately fallen in love with the specs of the place showcasing what it was supposed to look like at the end, but Ichigo had balked at the price the place was going for.

"70 million yen!" he'd exclaimed, and Grimmjow could see the regret clear in his eyes. "Grimmjow, there's no way we can buy that!"

Grimmjow had just rolled his eyes, used to his little penny-pincher. "Maybe we couldn't afford it now, but once we sell this house we sure can."

He could see that Ichigo was still not completely assured, but he knew that once they bought the place and his strawberry stepped into their house for the first time, he'd know it was the right decision.

In the meantime, they'd had other things to take care of. The most pressing one being the divorce, a task Grimmjow had readily volunteered to help take care of. The day Ichigo went to the station to give his two-week notice, Grimmjow had gone to the courthouse, lawyers in tow just in case, and picked up the necessary divorce papers. The clerks had given him a strange look, knowing who he was and wondering who Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez was getting divorced from, but one cold glare from the blunet had cowed them back into their hiding holes.

The process itself had been relatively easy, though it wasn't all smooth sailing all the way. There had been a certain strain around Ichigo's eyes when he'd signed the documents and especially when it came time for Renji to do so. Grimmjow had asked for a minute and quickly pulled Ichigo aside.

"What's wrong?"

Ichigo had fidgeted on his feet, stuffing his hands into his pants and driving Grimmjow insane with worry. "It's probably nothing. I'm just being stupid as usual."

Grimmjow had grasped him by the shoulders, pinning him against the wall and trapping him there. "Don't bullshit me, Ichigo. I know there's something bothering you, and if you don't tell me, I'll be forced to consider something drastic."

A small smile had flitted across the smaller man's face before he leaned his head against the Grimmjow's chest and spoke against the fabric. "I'm scared…I'm scared that once this is all over I'll lose Renji completely."

Personally to Grimmjow, that didn't sound like a bad idea because frankly, he didn't want that cheating bastard anywhere near his Ichigo, but he knew the thought probably didn't appeal to Ichigo. And so he had sighed and resigned himself to possibly having to endure that annoying redhead for a while longer.

"You know you have nothing to worry about. You guys'll still be friends after this. Maybe the whole shtick will be a bit strained—"

"A bit strained! Goddamn it, it'll be the most awkward shit in my life! All I want is for us to go back to the way things used to be…before we were ever lovers."

Brushing a thumb gently against his cheek, Grimmjow had tried to keep his voice soothing. "Baby, I'm sure he wants the same thing. Tell you what. Why don't guys just sit down and have a talk."

"A talk?"

"Yeah, you know, talk about what you want from now on, right? But not right now though. Give yourselves time to sit on your feelings for a bit and then you can talk rationally."

Ichigo had looked up at him with something akin to wonder in his eyes. "Grimmjow," he'd laughed as a teasing twinkle entered his eyes. "I didn't know you were such a deep thinker."

Grimmjow had huffed and tugged at a lock of sun-kissed hair. "There's a lot of things you don't know about me. Now, why don't we go back inside and finish up the business. God knows it's long overdue."

Ichigo had nodded and with one last smile, they'd entered the room again. And when Ichigo had walked out next, he'd been a free man.

It had all been stressful then, but now Grimmjow smiled remembering the event. They'd gone out after that, celebrating Ichigo's newfound bachelorhood (though Grimmjow had promised he wouldn't stay that way for long…) and finally being able to let go of the last hurdle in their relationship.

The second thing had been finalizing the Aizen case. Grimmjow had refused to give a public testimony for fear of Aizen's partners coming after him and so it had fallen to Ichigo to relay everything he'd told him, masked as evidence he'd uncovered of course. Nowhere had the name Grimmjow ever been mentioned and the ex-con was extremely grateful for that. In the end, Aizen was given the death penalty, with the sentencing to be carried out in the week. They'd all let loose a sigh of relief at that.

And now here they were, almost a year later, finally able to enjoy their new home, free of all ties of their past. Grimmjow knew this was a second chance for him to live his life as he wanted, make their own memories free of the aches and pains of the past. A small grin stretched his lips as he thought about the future and all of the things he could do now – all the things he could be, free from Aizen.

"Grimmjow!" he heard Ichigo's voice thunder from behind a stack of boxes. "Stop smiling and come help me!"

Cracking his knuckles, Grimmjow felt the last of the sleep slipping away from his system. "I'm coming!" he shouted back, not wanting to anger his lover more than he already was. He needed his Ichigo to be in a good mood for tonight.

He had a surprise waiting for him.

"Mmm, this is nice," Ichigo sighed, snuggling back in against his boyfriend's hard chest. They were at the beach, enjoying the ocean breeze and the waves crashing against the shore. It was late, the time when night was just starting to bleed into day, creating a riot of colors in the sky. If anybody asked Ichigo, he'd say that this was his favorite time of the day, with the stars just starting to twinkle and the bright sliver of the moon hanging high against its vibrant backdrop.

"Thought we needed a break from all the mess and just…enjoy our new home," Grimmjow's voice rumbled deep in his chest, causing the most pleasant of vibrations to run up Ichigo's spine.

"You're right," he chuckled. "I'd forgotten how stressful moving could be."

"De-stressing. All part of the services I provide of course."

Ichigo grinned, feeling the tension in his body skyrocket. Turning around, he straddled the blunet, wrapping his arms around the other's corded neck.

Trailing a finger down his firm chest, Ichigo smirked coyly. "And as a faithful client, do I get a taste of those other services?"

Grimmjow licked his lips, thoroughly enjoying this game. "I dunno. You sure you can handle it?"

In response, Ichigo just leaned forward and sealed their lips together. They groaned into each other mouths, tongues laving at each other's languorously. Ichigo couldn't help but let his hand's trail all over his personal Adonis, fingers eagerly seeking the heavenly place where his shirt ended and his skin began. Grimmjow growled his approval as Ichigo continued mapping his chest with feather-light touches, stopping to tweak the erect nipples forcefully.

"Goddamn Ichi," Grimmjow panted. "You make me so fucking hard."

Ichigo smiled as he shifted his hips, coming into contact with a very excited part of his body. Teasingly, he ground their cores together, moaning when the movement sent flames through his veins.

"Don't tease," he felt Grimmjow's breath shudder in his chest. "I want to be inside you."

Ichigo bit his lips as the heated plea sent all his blood rushing south. Meeting Grimmjow's lustful gaze, he proceeded to slowly pop the buttons on his shirt, making sure to brush his fingers against the hot flesh every time.

Leaning forward, he bit at the blunet's earlobe. "Good things come to those who wait."

Grimmjow growled, tightening his arms around his berry. "I don't want to wait. I want you now, writhing and moaning under me."

Ichigo closed his eyes, feeling his dick throb. No way could he handle another statement like that. He knew his limits and with Grimmjow around, it was never long before he reached them. Sometimes he hated the effect the blunet had on his libido, but on occasions like this, he knew he wouldn't give it up for the world.

Feeling a new sense of urgency seeping into his body, Ichigo locked their mouths together into another heated kiss, while his hands practically ripped the material from his boyfriend's body. He felt his mouth water as soon as that expanse of smooth tan skin came into view, looking almost ethereal in the soft light of the moon.

Placing deep kisses along his collarbone, Ichigo's hands strayed to Grimmjow's jeans, uncomfortably tight from the pulsing organ it covered. Brushing his hands over the large bulge, Ichigo squeezed, delighting in the heavy moans it produced.

Grimmjow didn't like staying idle for long, especially when it concerned his pleasure and so he got work slipping Ichigo free from the confines of the figure-hugging clothing he preferred. He felt his dick pulse as slowly but surely, his man's golden skin emerged, lighting a fire deep in his belly. He couldn't wait to taste that skin, stretched so temptingly over those mouthwatering muscles.

Taking charge, Grimmjow pushed Ichigo back against the plaid blanket they'd been sitting on. Ichigo landed with a slight "oof",licking his lips invitinglyat the large man hovering above, intentions clear in his electrifying eyes. Making sure his lover was watching, Ichigo hooked his hands into the waistband of his jeans, lowering them a bit before wiggling his hips provocatively. He saw Grimmjow's eyes darken even farther and had enough time to mentally congratulate himself before he was pounced on. His pants were peeled of his body, Ichigo helping by raising his butt in the air. As soon as they were completely off, he turned around on his hands and knees, sending Grimmjow a smoldering look over his shoulders.

"What are you waiting for? I want those services now please."

Grimmjow grinned, divesting himself of his own jeans, before draping his naked body over that of his other half. Capturing his swollen lips, he sucked the bottom one into his mouth, hands parting the round globes that hid his entrance and nestling his dripping cock inside.

"No lube baby," he said, cursing himself for the oversight. He should've known they'd be in this position sooner or later.

Ichigo groaned, his overheated body aching for Grimmjow to fill him already. "Spit, cum, I don't care. Just do it!"

Grimmjow grinned, presenting the oranget with three digits, all of which he eagerly sucked in. Coating them thoroughly in saliva, Ichigo ground back against the erection, signally his need, and Grimmjow couldn't agree more.

Taking the fingers away, he circled Ichigo's twitching hole, giving the ring of muscle a little kiss before thrusting a digit deeply inside.

Ichigo keened at the feeling, feeling the faint burn, but it was soon gone as Grimmjow worked his finger inside the hot passage, twisting and turning until Ichigo was a writhing mess. Adding a second, then a third finger, Grimmjow could feel his control wearing thin, as his berry literally fucked himself on his digits. It snapped completely when he touched his pleasure center and Ichigo cried out in pleasure, calling Grimmjow's name in desperation.

"Please, please," he almost sobbed. "Grimmjow!"

The blunet had to grit his teeth to keep from thrusting in right then. Instead, he carefully lined himself up, nudging the trembling entrance and easing himself inside, inch by inch. Twin moans split the night as Grimmjow finally sheathed himself fully, feeling like he was about to burst already. Clenching his jaw, he started a steady pace, fuelled by Ichigo's needy cries urging him on.

It wasn't long before he felt the inferno swirling in his gut, the tension spreading up his thighs and he knew it wasn't long before he'd explode. And judging from the increasing volume of his partner's cries, he knew he wasn't that far off either.

Bending down, he nipped at the sweat-slicked back looking deep into hazy caramel eyes. "Come with me, Ichigo."

Ichigo opened his mouth, harsh cries turning into soft croons as he neared his peak. "Grimm…"

Grimmjow captured his mouth for one last deep kiss as his hands wrapped tight around Ichigo's bobbing length, giving it one harsh tug. Words escaped him as his berry's passage squeezed impossibly tight around him, signaling his orgasm and triggering his own. They came together, Grimmjow painting Ichigo's insides with his essence and Ichigo spurting thick globs onto the blankets. With the high came the bone-deep exhaustion and they both collapsed in a tangle of limbs. Ichigo squirmed as he felt his cum coating his stomach, but forgot about it when Grimmjow gently pulled out, gathering the oranget into his arms for a post-coital snuggle.

"I love you so much," he whispered, letting all that was Ichigo wrap around him like a warm embrace.

Ichigo shifted on his chest, placing a chaste but loving kiss on his lips. "I love you too…even if you are stupid, arrogant, violent, sarcastic –"


"—rude, disrespectful, domineering, inappropriate, overconfident—"


"—let me finish Grimmjow! You are all that that, but under all that you're honorable, sweet, tender, you have the most vibrant personality I've ever seen, and you're basically the best boyfriend in the whole world." Smiling down at Grimmjow's shocked expression, he ruffled his hair fondly. "You're mine Grimmjow and I love you with all my heart."

Grimmjow couldn't help but stare up at him openmouthed. Hell, tonight it was supposed to be Ichigo floored by his declaration, not him. Tracing a hand over down his face, he blurted the one thing he'd been itching to ask for over a month.

"Marry me."

Ichigo's breath caught in his throat. His heart skipped a beat as his mind and soul screamed for him to say just one thing.


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