Percy Jackson and Alex Jackson live in New York, New York .And they are green eyed siblings and black haired, just like there father. They love this city. But they wished they could love their life.

Percy Jackson wished he had his old life back. He wished that the car crash that had killed his parents never happened. He also wished he had friends. People at school thought he was a freak. Sure he had his sister, Alex, but it's just not the same.

Alex Jackson is Percy's younger sister. She also wished that the car crash that had killed her parents never happened. She also wished she had friends, friends that she could go to the mall with, go to the movies with. Also, she wished that the color pink was never invented. Unlike other girls, her favorite color was blue, black, silver, ocean green just like her brother. And no, they are not Goth.

But they are something even more special. Percy and Alex wish that their lives could change. That their lives would take an unexpected turn. Well, they're in for a very, very, very, unexpected turn.


It's Alex's first year in high school, and my third year. So basically I'm older than her by 2 years. Alex and me are sort of weird in a way. We have fighting skills, like the FBI, but better.

In eighth grade when Alex was in the 6th grade, this real stupid guy, who also was the school's top bully, challenged me to fight him. I guess he thought he could win because I wasn't too tough looking. So as always, I got angry because I was tired of all the taunting from other kids, because I was dyslexic and had ADHD. About 20 minutes later, he was carried away with a broken nose, bruised eye, and broken arms. After that nobody thought to taunt me.

Snickering at the memory, I went to go wake Alex.


"Alex, its first year of high school", someone whispered softly in my ear.

"I don't want to go."


Then suddenly water splashed onto my face. I blinked my eyes open and squinted through the sunlight.

I was still in bed, in my room in the hotel room. Only thing was I was soaked wet.

"That's it. That is the final straw.", I muttered to myself.

I got out of my comfortable bed to get a bucket of water. I knew he was hiding under my bed. He does this all the time.

I walked into my room and pulled him out from under the bed.

He gave me his puppy dog face that always made me forgive him.

I glared at him and said, "No not this time"

Then I poured the water on top of him. He knew it was water, but what he didn't know that it was ice cold. He froze, and I thought he was going to pass out. But then he looked up at me, or he looked down since he was like 5 inches taller than me, and glared at me. Then, "You are so going to pay for that".

Oops. Percy was usually serious when he said I was going to pay for things.

On the way to school, me and Percy walked 10 feet apart from each other. Usually Percy is fine with me pouring water over him but not ice cold. This really the first time I poured ice cold water over him, so I don't want to know what he's going to do now.

As we were entering the gates to the school, everybody that was always there turned to look at us. Then as we passed them the chatter started again. See? What did I tell you about us being weirdoes. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to face a guy I have never seen before in my 13 years of life. I'm going to be 14 on October 23. Anyways, he said, "You don't know me, I'm sure of that, but you need to meet me in the playground that's around the corner after school. Tell your brother that too." Then he added, "don't worry", probably because of the expression on my face, "I'm a friend, well as a friendly a son of Hades can be. Anyway I've said too much. Go."

All day I was thinking about what that guy said. He looked older than me, but not by much, probably, 14 or 15 years old. Cool, I thought, he's sort of cute….no stop thinking like that…..what did he mean by 'son of Hades'.

I've been thinking so much, which I rarely ever do by the way, that Mrs. Gottschalk, (I burst out laughing without trying to stop myself at the beginning of the class. But I think the whole the whole class was restraining their laughter also, 'cause they started to laugh seconds after me), had to yell at me 4 times to get my attention back.

At the end of the day I forgot all about what the strange guy said to me. I found Percy and we both went to our hotel. Yeah we're staying in a hotel because since Percy's 16 and all that, he can take care of himself. And when our parents died, he was, 6, and I was 4. So after being in foster homes and all that, when Percy hit sixteen, he packed our bags, and we came to stay here. We still have legal guardians but we decided to stay by ourselves.

Anyway, after lunch and a shower, it came to me that we were supposed to meet that guy in the park.

"Oh no. PERCY! COME ON WE HAVE TO GO TO THE PARK", I yelled at him.

"What, why?" he came out while pulling on a shirt. Let me tell you something, my brother's pretty cute, so I'm sort of protective and possessive over him. But he's still annoying. So if any girl came near him…..getting off track.

I ran the down the hall and Percy came after me. I don't why, but I have feeling that the guy has something real important to tell us.

I explained while running what he told us to Percy. Then Percy got this strange look on his face.


What Alex told me was so related to my dreams I was having. When Alex called me I was sleeping. I was having these dreams about mom telling me to go meet this guy that would tell me everything I would need to know. I just can't help hoping that it would be this guy I was waiting for.

"Percy?" I looked at Alex and she had a worried expression on her face.

We just arrived at the park. "Let's go meet this 'son of Hades'."

We walked around the park for about 5 minutes when Alex started walking towards a guy I have before seen in my 16 years of life( I'm going to be 17 October 23, yeah I know I have the same birthday as my sister).

"You're late", the guy started talking, and "I told you to come after school. Anyways…."

But we never got to hear what he said because we all of a sudden we fell through the concrete, literally.

We landed with a loud thud. "Percy?" I heard Alex call from somewhere off towards my right.

"Right here", I said.

"Weird guy?" I heard Alex call.

"Weird guy? I'm offended. I have name you know." said a voice above me.

Then I saw weird light right in front of me, and felt a cold wind. Alex must have noticed because she was next to me. Then Alex stood up and then she sort of wobbled and fell.

"Handle that, I'll take her away." said the guy we were supposed to talk to.

"No! But she was already being dragged away. I started to run towards her, but my path got blocked. A misty figure that sort looked like my mom was standing in my way.

"What are you?" I asked.


"No you are not my mom. My mom died when I was 6. I'm sixteen. She died 10 years ago." I said angrily," just by saying you're my mom doesn't make you my mom."

"But I am, Perceus. I'm your mom just not in the flesh….. yet"

"Prove it. What did I do most, which I liked but you got annoyed." I smirked because nobody knew that except dad and mom and Alex.

"Fine. You loved swimming a lot and pretended to drown but then you weren't drowning. Believe me now?"

I was awed. So she really was my mom. Just in…

"Ghost form? But ghosts aren't real?" it wasn't a statement.

"Oh no I'm not a ghost, but they are real, but they're rarely allowed to come into the mortal world." said G Mom. Then, "come on lets walk, or you walk while I float, and I'll explain everything."

"Where's Alex? Is that guy a threat? What are you then?"

"I don't know, and now let me explain. Your dad is a Greek god. We met when I was in college. And then we married after I finished college. So now I'm a goddess, but I had you guys while I was a mortal. Your dad turned me into a goddess after the accident. I didn't die yet, so yeah. You two are demigods. And powerful ones. See when you and Alex were born, the gods gave you guys a little bit more power because they adored you. You got some of Zeus's power, Artemis and Apollo, Athena, Ares, and Hades, which is surprising because Hades rarely is very nice towards heroes. So yeah you guys are the most powerful demigods in history."

"What about Poseidon, why didn't he- ", mom had this smile on her face. Then it dawned onto me, "dad is Poseidon."

"Yes, God of Oceans, earthquakes, and father of horses", mom dad.

"Then which goddess are you?"

"The Goddess of Sea Life." said mom.

Then came a roar so loud, my teeth rattled. I turned around and saw this bulky dude that had horns and a bull head for….well, a head. I turned to mom, "What are we going to do?"

"Here take this.", she gave a bronze ballpoint pen and I looked up at her questionably, and she said, "Well go on open the cap."

I did and out came a beautiful bronze sword, 4 feet long, with a leather grip. The bull-man, otherwise known as the Minotaur, ran at me and at full speed too. I did the thing that came naturally. I attacked, drove the wicked sword through him, and he disintegrated. I looked at the dust that had been the Minotaur, amazed at myself.


I remember seeing this misty form that vaguely looked like mom then I felt as if some one knocked me out.

"Good you're awake." said a voice next to me. I turned around and saw The Guy. I swear if he doesn't tell me what his name is, then I'm gonna call him The Guy, from now on.

"Sorry. Didn't introduce myself properly. Hi, I'm Dylan, and I'm a half- blood. Parentage: Hades." he said. "I sort of dragged you here, so I'm sorry if you're clothes are ruined. A hellhound back there knocked you out. It retreated because Sally, a goddess, and your mom, was there. And I just got this feeling I should take you away. Sorry, come on lets go look for your brother."

My head was spinning. Mom was alive, but a goddess. How? What's a half- blood? And then me being dragged…. I looked down at my self. My pants were ripped at the knees.

"You ripped my favorite jeans." I growled at him.

"Sorry", he said simply. My beautiful black and midnight blue jeans, ripped and all he can say is sorry? He's got nerves to mess with me.

Oh he's gonna pay me back, I thought.

He looked back at me, and said," hurry up do you want to meet your mom or not?"

I did so I followed him.

After a few minutes of walking, I saw a faint glow up ahead. I started to walk toward, then after a few second I started running. When I saw what it was, I was so shocked. Then I got bound up and gagged.


Alex had started running. I thought it was just her mom and her brother; the gods have that faint glow.

But I didn't hear any shrieks of excitement. Then:

"Dylan, love?" that was sounded like Alex's voice, but 'love'?

I had my suspicions, and then I said, "Where are you?"

"Here come on" I stayed dead quiet, which being a son of Hades isn't very hard, and then, "I told you Dot, that if you talk, the guy will go away." said another voice that wasn't Alex's. "Fine whatever Dish, it was probably the girls boyfriend, that's what her thoughts said.", said another voice, it was probably Dot's.

"I don't want the girl, she's too dressed in black, and I want something that's nice and red, like meat. She looks like rotten meat", said Dish, then, "I do not look like rotten meat", said a more distant voice that was clearly Alex's. You idiotic Cyclopes are idiots. Now let me go if you think I'm rotten meat."

Sooooooooo. Cyclopes. They probably had a fire glowing. Some fires of Cyclopes are magic and they can attract 'food', in Cyclopes terms.

I'm gonna have to create a diversion, I thought and I got set to work.

After, I walked straight into the Cyclopes hiding place. And saw Alice… I mean Alex tied to a rock. I ran behind the Cyclopes, and went behind the rock. I looked turned around and whispered in Alex's ear:

"Chill, don't worry I got a way. I'm going to loosen the rope and I'm going to distract the Cyclopes; no don't try to look at me. Now look the way you were before."

With that said I started to loosen her binds, and then I went right in front of Cyclopes. "Hey you idiots, guess some demigods, are smarter, then falling for you idiots."


"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR RRRRRRR! Nobody calls Cyclopes idiots, unless the person her or himself is an idiot more. Wait I'm confused….. Any way I will eat you first and then girl." he turned to look at me but I wasn't there, "ARGGGGGGGGGGH, she escaped. Wait till I eat you I will go find and eat her.", said Dot.

"Here you big bag of nose drool", I called out to Dish and Dot.

Dylan had handed me a weapon this Stygian iron blade. I don't know how I know that, but I guess it was made for him specifically, because it didn't feel right in my hands. Anyways, I was really bad at aiming for stuff; I closed my eyes and hoped I impale the Cyclopes, not Dylan. Then-

"Alex, you don't want to kill me do you?" said a voice much like Percy's. No. Percy does not have a caring, gentle voice. Then-

"Ha too late", said a gruff voice, and I opened my eyes and saw an angry Cyclopes running toward me. I panicked, and I threw the blade right in the center of Dot's stomach. He looked down at me with a surprised, angry, and a look of pain, and his impaled stomach. Then he disintegrated.

Dish apparently, didn't like seeing his friend turned into dust, so he came at me and of course, I turned him into to dust also.

"ALEX!", said a voice that I knew really well. Of course my brother.