Ugh I hate stupid f-ing tests.

First I had to take the Athena test:

Was I good at weaving?

Did I come up with a worthy battle strategy?

Do you have gray eyes? Nah just kidding. They didn't have that.

Next, was the Ares test. I had to be stronger than normal Ares demigods. And what i thought about the idea of war.

I had said that I wasn't too fond of it, but if it was necessary, then ok. Its fine.

More tests I had to take was the Hermes and Apollo. I got sneaky and healing done nicely. Music was a piece of cake for me and Alex.

So you get the idea. I had to take a bunch of tests. My favorite test was the test my father gave me: The Poseidon test.

" Alright Percy and Alex,", he said, "Now that you're done with those tests, I think you'll find this test to be of your liking."

What we had to do was simple: talk to the animals under water, breathe under water, and all that other stuff.

I passed all those tests. But somehow, i couldn't get this one thought off my mind: Did the gods really give us these powers because they adored us? Or is it because of a completely different reason?

I don't know why these thoughts came, but I locked them in a mental drawer for later.

Right now, I just want to sleep.


"Alright everyone that's enough for today!", said Chiron. We just finished the tests, and i was tired. I want a bed.

So to keep myself awake, i took out my phone and plugged my earphones in. I started Dagger by The Wanted. Then i switched the song to Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday. I like that song.

I don't know why, but I got this shiver that made the hairs on my arm stand up.

I turned around and saw this guy.

He was tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, a bit on the lanky side, but still seemed pretty strong. Not my type of guy at all. He had this weird aura. It gave me the shivers. Then the panic began.

I whipped my head around, and saw Dylan reaching for me, Percy bringing out his sword, Chiron bringing out his arrows. The other gods in defensive stances.

Then beyond that, a whole horde of monsters. I recognized only one though: the Minotaur.

It wasnt hard to make it out form the group of monsters. Man's body and bull head. See not so hard to visualize either.

Dylan, as I had sated earlier, ripped my phone from my hand and earphones went along with it.

"Hey! That had all my stuff in it, you idiot.", I yelled at him.

"Well not only is it good for storing stuff in", he said calmly,"but it can also be used to attract MONSTERS! WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU THINKING, WHIPPING A PHONE JUST LIKE THAT?!"

I was staring at him with wide eyes the whole time. His chest was heaving, his eyes were wide, his nostrils were flared. I'm sorry I just had to bring that up.

Then I heard a screech behind Dylan. It was this bird-woman thingy. I racked my head to remember it. I learned it in mythology class. It was a harpy!

I quickly pressed the diamond on my ring, and slayed the bird before it bit Dylan's head off.

But weren't harpies supposed to be nice. Well not really, but they don't attack. Well, mostly.

What the hell was going on?

"Look Alex, we'll talk about this later", said Dylan.

Talk about what? But I let it go.

I ran off to fight alongside with my big brother. He had three monsters on him.

Another thing i noticed while fighting was that the gods had a whole army of monsters on them. But I was sure they could handle themselves. The monsters that were attacking us, looked pretty mild. I was sure they couldn't hurt anyone severely.


Whatever or whoever caused these monsters to decide to attack us, are surely going to feel the effects of my anger later, once I find out who did it.

The people of the camp had almost finished with the monsters. But the gods looked like they needed help. I looked at Alex, and we went off to help.

The whole camp followed not so soon after.

After we were done fighting, I realized that it was almost sundown.

Chiron had every one go to where they were sitting. It was pretty silent after that.

"Alex, you summoned those monsters.", said Dylan, breaking the silence.

" WHAT? How the hell am I supposed to ' summon' those freak shows?!", Alex exclaimed.

"You had a phone out. those attract monsters. I'm not sure why so many came, but i'm sure you sent them here."

Alex was shaking. The look on her face was murderous.

I felt moisture on my shirt. I looked behind me, and saw the river rising up, and then it crashed down of Dylan. The rest of us were dry. But Dylan was sopping wet. Dylan looked down right murderous.

Suddenly the ground below us started shaking, and skeletal like hands started popping up. Then, whole skeletons started appearing.

They all went for Alex.

I was too horrified to move. But I think Alex handled them well.

She was shooting spurts of fire from her hand toward the bones. Not soon after, she was on fire. Literally. She was smoking.

I quickly doused the bones and they went down. I doused Alex and soon she was sopping wet. Next thing you she was dry.

Then she ran toward the exit of the camp.

I didn't run after her. I decided to give her time. Chiron started to go after, and then dad and mom, but I shook my head at them and told them to stop. Mom and Dad may be her parents, but they haven't been around for a long time. They don't know her as well as I do.

"Give her time. I'll go to her later.", I said. They nodded. Chiron directed everyone to the mess hall. It was night, and it was dinner time.

" Dylan stop.", I said. He was starting to walk toward the exit at the same time I did.

"She's going to kill you if you go to her now. With her bare hands.",I said.

He protested. "No I'm going."

I sighed, I really didn't feel like arguing. I nodded and we both started toward the exit.


Why did I say that to her?

I should've known better.

She wouldn't have known how to summon?

I'm such an idiot.

I cursed myself the whole time I was walking toward the exit with Percy.

As we passed through the exit, I saw Alex sitting on a rock. The same rock I used to sit on with Alice. Stop thinking about her. She's gone. Forever.

I stayed behind while Percy approached her. She looked at him and as far as I could tell, she wasn't crying. The again, she didnt seem like a person that cries. She had fierce look on her face, in stead.

I'm such an idiot.

She leaned on Percy and her whole body seemed to relax. I sat there looking at her from my little hiding spot.

What was I going to do with her?

What was I going to do with myself? changing me.

And I'm not sure if I can handle that.

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