June 15th

I was biting my bottom lip harshly as the car as it drove up the long, winding dirt road to Camp Rock. My flight had gotten to LAX from New York too late to get the Camp Rock bus, so my Dad had arranged for a limo to pick me up and drop me off. Last year I was resentful, I didn't want to be here, I was forced here by my Dad. This year I was sick to my stomach with nerves. I was going to see Joseph again; last year at the end of camp we'd been adamant about keeping in touch, we'd talk and e-mail and tet and send postcards. Everything to keep in touch. And it had worked... for a few months; but long distance relationships never work, especially - as my Dad and older brother Jackson constantly reminded me - when we're only kids. Eventually the calls stopped being every day or every other day, then every week, every other week... And then they just stopped. Now I was nervous to see him again.

"We are here, Miss Stewart." The driver anounced through the intercom from the front.

"Thanks." I beeed back, unbuckling and getting out. I kept my eyes down, avoiding looking at everyone as I took my bag from the driver.

"Good day, Miss Stewart." The driver bowed formally before he got back in the drivers seat and started to drive away. I sighed, I was here again. Looking around the grounds it still looked exactly the same; the same cabins, the same canoes and boats by the lake, the same lake that Joseph and I had spent so much time on together.

"Cabin assignments!" Dee La Duke was yelling through a megaphone as kids filtered around; they would have only gotten here an hour or so before me. Which meant Joseph was probably here, did he think that because I wasn't on the bus I wouldn't come?

Through getting my cabin assignment, finding my cabin, unpacking, calling my Dad to assure him I got here okay, freshening up after the flight, and then heading to where orrientation was; I didn't see Joseph at all. Was he here? He loved music, he'd been looking forward to Camp Rock since he was a kid. I couldn't imagine him not being here.

"M-Miley?" I was sitting at the back of the crowd, near the trees, not listening to orrientation when I heard it. I looked up and I swear my heart stopped for a second. Now was the do or die moment; did Joseph and I still have that magical connection from last Summer.

Joseph was the same, but different as well; the same olive skin, the same shy smile, the same bright brown eyes with little sparks of gold and green. His hair was still short, but instead of slightly spiked, it was laying flat against his forehead. He wasn't wearing glasses anymore, and the faint outline of muscles he'd had last year was more pronounced.

"H-Hi, Joseph." I whispered, my heart was racing. We had said we'd keep in touch and we hadn't, we said we'd be together forever, but we're only kids - which Dad and Jackson felt the need to remind me of constantly - we said nothing would change in the nine months we were away from camp, but change was inevitable.

"You're beautiful." Joseph murmured and I blushed, he could still make me blush with only a couple of words.

"You're very handsome." I replied and he flushed pink too. He was still a beautiful boy, he'd always be beautiful to me, the most beautiful boy I would ever see, but he had started growing too, from beautiful boy to... Hot.

"I missed you." Joseph mumbled, looking down. "You weren't on the bus, I thought you weren't coming."

"My flight missed the bus." I explained and he nodded slowly. "I missed you too." Had it been me or him who stopped calling? Who called last? Was it me? Was I the reason we were so distant and awkward now?

"You wanna talk?" Joseph asked; did he even still like to be called Joseph? "Away from everyone?"

"Sure." I agreed, smiling shyly. Joseph held out his hand and I took it, letting him lead me away. We walked away, along the lake, down to the dock, and we sat on the edge of the dock with our legs hanging over. The orrientation was right behind us, but we could still talk privately. "What's up?" I asked after we'd been sitting for a full minute and nothing had been said.

"I guess long distance didn't work, huh?" Joseph sighed, looking out of the dark, glittering lake.

"Yeah." I hummed despondantly.

"I never looked at another girl." Joseph said and I smiled a little.

"I never looked at another boy." I assured him and I saw him relax out of the corner of my eye. "You're still wearing your bracelet?" I was surprised as I looked at his wrist.

"Told you I'd never take it off." Joseph smiled, looking over at me and his eyes were glittering in the moonlight as well. "I don't want to, you made it for me." We sat on the dock for a few minutes in silence. "Are we still together?" Joseph finally asked the million dollar question.

"I-" I frowned and furrowed my brow. "I don't know." I finally said, I wanted to say yes, but I just couldn't. We'd become too distant since we left camp last year, what if we weren't the same people? "Do you want to be?" I bit my lip nervously, from the way my heart flutered when I saw him and the way he could make me blush so easilly I still wanted to be together with him.

"I think so." He muttered and I frowned; 'think', he thinks he still wants to be together. "Let me try something?" He looked up at me with hesitant brown eyes. I nodded slowly and he reached out for me, his hands warm against my skin as he touched my face and then trailed them down to my neck. I felt goosebumps all over my body at his touch, and my lips parted as he leaned closer. I licked my lips and my eyes darted to his; soft, pink... I remembered how he tasted too, it made me get a hot flush all over. Joseph's lips touched mine and I think I melted into his touch, it was warm and tender. It only lasted a few second, and when he pulled away he had a lazy, goofy grin on his face. And I'm sure I wasn't much different. "Yep." Joseph said, his hands dropping from my face. He leaned in close to my ear and whispered, his breath hot against my skin. "I always want to be with you, Miley." I flushed and giggled and smiled, acting like a total lovesick puppy. "I'm sorry we... lost contact."

"Me too." I honestly don't know why it happened, it was like one minute we were talking on the phone every day and writing three page e-mails. And then I feel like it just stopped suddenly. Like, it was nothing momentous, we just... stopped.

"We'll always have the Summers, though right?" I sighed, is that all we were destined for in our relationship? Wonderful Summers and then nothing for nine months?

"Right." I agreed none-the-less.


June 16th

I hummed to myself as I played the piano in an empty room. It was the same song Joseph tried to teach me to play half with one hand last year. I was a lot better at it now, and every time I played it it reminded me of Joseph; of our happy times last Summer. Now that I knew that Joseph and I weren't over it made me hopeful for more happy times this Summer. We could finish our birdhouse, and write songs together, and watch fireworks on the roof for the fourth of July.

"Hey." I opened my eyes, startled, when Joseph slid onto the piano bench next to me.

"Hi." I blushed, Joseph always seemed to know what I was thinking so he could reassure me when I was scared or nervous, did he know I wa just thinking about him? "You have beautiful eyes." I was still getting used to this Joseph; more grown up, contacts instead of glasses, straight black hair instead of spiked, and he was more confident too.

"Nothing's as beautiful as you." Joseph smiled at me, his fingers absently dancing across the ebony and ivory keys in front of us. I blushed and looked down, he was still such a sweet talker and he didn't even know it, he was just being Joseph. "You wanna play together?"

"Sure." I agreed, pressing my fingers to the keys again. "What song?"

"You and me." Joseph sung softly as he played. "Can't you see? How our hearts... Are one." I giggled and shook my head, I swear I would never meet anyone like Joseph ever again. "Just believe, and don't decieve. Now our journey's just begun." The idea that last Summer and this Summer were only the begining for us made me happy to think about. "Sunlight in your hair, makes my heart jump in the air."

"You totally stole that from Raise Your Voice." I accused, giggling.

"I did not." Joseph gasped, looking afronted and apalled. "They stole it from me." He grinned cheekilly at me.

"You're a dork, Joseph Gray." I shook my head. "A very cute dork." I ammended when he pouted at me with his big brown doe eyes. It was amazing how easilly we reverted back to being as comfortable as we were last Summer after only one day.

"You wanna try again?" Joseph asked after a couple of minutes. "I heard you playing the song so I know you still remember."

"Okay." I nodded, taking my right hand off the keys as Joseph removed his left hand. "Are we gonna stop talking again after this Summer?" I asked the question that had been eating at me since he kissed me on the dock last night.

"I hope not." Joseph looked down, his long lashes fluttering against his cheeks. "I'm sorry we stopped talking this year, I didn't mean to."

"It's my fault too." I reminded with a sigh. "I just don't-" bit my lip nervously and stopped playing. "I don't think I can do this again this Summer if it's gonna happen again." I whispered meekly, feeling small and petty and selfish for thinking it let alone saying it.

"Oh." Joseph's fingers stilled too and I didn't dare to look at him. "D-does-does that m-mean you don't w-want to-to be tog-together?" Great. He hadn't stuttered last night or today yet and I made him stutter.

"I do want to be together." I told him, finally looking up; he looked absolutely crushed, as if I just killed his puppy. But he did look a little better after that.

"May-maybe I could con-convince my Mom to go to New York for Christmas?" Joseph suggested weakly, hope and pleading in his beautiful brown eyes.

"My Dad goes to L.A all the time, if it's not during school I could ask to go with him." I murmured, looking down again, away from his pleading eyes. "I just-... I like you a lot, Joseph, I just don't like the nine months of not know and nerves like I felt this year."

"I get it." Joseph nodded dejectedly. "I don't like it, but I get it."

"We'll figure it out before the end of camp, won't we?" I asked feebly.

"Of course." Joseph said with a sigh. "I hope so." We were both silent, just sitting there. Sad. "Let's play." He shook his head and sat up straight. We sat in the otherwise empty cabin playing the piano together until the musical tune sounded signalling lunch. I smiled and blushed when Joseph shyly reached for my hand when we got up and he held my hand all the way to the dining hall.

"'Sup, Bro." Nate nodded when we passed his table and I was confused.

"Yeah." Joseph whispered, looking down and walking away.

"What was that?" I asked as we got in line.

"Ever since Final Jam last year he's been like that." Joseph shook his head. "Like he's my best friend all of a sudden... It's creepy." He suddered and I laughed, though I was still confused. "And my Mom just acts like it's totally normal."

"Seriously? After fourteen years how can it be normal for him to just act like he didn't torment you?" I shook my head in disbelief.

"Mom says I should just embrace it and move on." Joseph rolled his eyes and scoffed. "I-I guess-I guess it would be nice to have a friend."

"It's up to you, Joseph." I held in a frown at the idea of Joseph trusting Nate, then Nate would totally backstab him. I wouldn't put it past him.

"I don't trust him, though." Joseph scrunched up his nose, though I wasn't sure if that was about Nate or the food. It was some kind of brown meat, and it smelled funny. A total step down from last Summer - and I'm sure it didn't meet Joseph's allergy-aproved list. "Uncle Brown just says I'm being stupid and I should forgive and forget 'cause he's my cousin."

"Well, then tell him he can be BFF's with Nate." I rolled my eyes and he craked a shy smile.

"It's been a weird year." Joseph mumbled, looking down for a moment before looking back up at me with a shy smile and bright brown eyes with sparkling green and old flecks. "But, it's better now."

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