July 14th

"Lay down." I instructed, holding Joseph's hands and he looked puzzled.

"We're in water." He pointed out and I giggled. We were waist deep in the lake and I was teaching Joseph how to swim, then he was going to teach me Italian.

"It's okay, you just lay back and relax and you stay afloat." I assured, but he looked doubftul so I laid back and looked up at him as I floated. I saw him bit his lip and I righted myself as he sighed.

"You sure I won't drown?" He asked and I nodded, holding in a sigh.

"I promise, Joseph, we're in two and a half feet of water, even on your knees you wouldn't drown." I assured and he let out a breath. "It's okay, Baby." Joseph slowly laid back and I could see his unease as he let the water hold him.

"I-it's not so bad." Joseph observed and I smiled as he closed his eyes.

"See, you didn't drown." I smiled when he stood up again. "You're body naturally floats."

"It didn't when I was four." Joseph grumbled, shaking his head and I squeeled when the water fom his hair flew all over me.

"Swimming is just... It's just that, except, you know, you move your arms and legs and you're on your front." I shrugged lamely. "Hold your breath and come down." I grinned, taking a breath and dunking myself It was a few seconds and I was worried Joseph wouldn't come down as I sat on the lake floor.. But, then he sank down as well. Sitting down the water barely covered his hair, which was floating around him like a silky, black halo. I smiled and reached my hand out, holding his.

Joseph smiled hesitantly and I could see he was still scared. It was going to take more than a few days for him to stop being scared of drowning. But, at least he trusted me and he was here, completely submerged. I moved closer and reached my hands up to cup his neck. Joseph reached up and his fingers felt like air through the water. I leaned forward and pressed my lips against his. Kissing under water was a whole new experience. It' like, we're weightless, but he's the only thing ancoring me in place at the same time. It didn't last long, only a couple of seconds because we needed air, but it was amazing.

"I think I like swimming." Joseph blurted out when we caught our breath and I giggled, not saying anything, but instead hugging him and kissing him again.

"Lake kissing tastes gross." I made a face after a few kisses and Joseph laughed.

"Oh, good. I was hoping it wasn't just me." He let out a relieved breath and shook his hair like a dog when I stepped away from him.

"You sayin' my kisses don't taste good?" I teased, raising one eyebrow at him.

"No." Joseph grinned, reaching his arms out to me. "Your kisses taste amazing... The lake's kisses taste gross."

"We should shower." I decided after a while of just standing in Joseph's arms. "I don't wanna tast like lake water for th rest of the day."

"'Kay." Joseph agreed, whining as he let me go, but still holding my hand. I blushed and headed to the shore, grabbing up our towels and I tossed his at him.

"Where are you going?" I asked when Joseph started following me to my cabin so I could get clean clothes for after my shower.

"Shower." Joseph hummed casually. I eyed him for a second, but just shook my head, blushing when I opened my underwear drawer.

"You wanna get clean clothes?" I asked when Joseph just kept following me and made no move to go to his own cabin.

"I guess I should." Joseph shrugged so I started towards his cabin. After Joseph got clean clothes he kept following me like a lost puppy except he had this amused smirk on his face the whole time. His smirk turned into a grin when I started towards the girls showers and he just kept following me.

"What are you doing?" I stopped right outside the door and held my hands up, touching his warm, bare chest in a stop motion.

"Showering." Joseph answered cheekilly. "You said we should shower, so..." He trailed off suggestively and I blushed bright red at the image of me and Joseph together. In a shower. That popped into my head.

"I shower here." I said, shaking my head - partially to get rid of that image that made me all hot inside. I pushed him back and put my hands on his shoulders, guiding him around to the boys showers. "You shower here." I took my hands off his shoulders and started to walk away, amused when he followed me again. "No." I said slowly, smiling, when I stopped outside the girls shower again.

"But, how are we supposed to shower if you're here and I'm there?" Joseph asked innocently and I giggled.

"I shower here." I repeated. "In the girls showers." I talked slowly, like if I was talking to a kid. "And you shower there; in the boys showers. See, only girls shower here, so unless you're a girl..." I trailed off implyingly. Joseph didn't say anything so I started to step back into the shower room and he followed me again, grinning.

"I don't mind if I have to be a girl for one shower." I blushed again at the image of me and Joseph and a shower.

"Joey, Baby." I cooed, pushing him back out of the shower room. "You don't have the right stuff to be a girl. Now I shower here, and you go shower in the boys showers." I instructed, guiding him back around there. Joseph pouted and sighed exageratedly before he grinned and shrugged.

"It was worth a try." He dismissed with a cheeky grin, kissing my cheek.


July 16th

I was sitting in an empty corner by myself. It sounded weird, but it was sleepover night in the concert hall and I had blankets and pillows and I was waiting for Joseph. I had new pajamas this year; light pink with dark pink hearts. When I saw Joseph my mouth dropped open and I didn't know whether to blush or laugh. He had white boxer shorts with a big red emergency sign right on the front like on the wall that said 'IN CASE OF EMERGENCY PULL DOWN'. Joseph flushed and put his hands in front of himself, covering the sign.

"Hey." Joseph mumbled, sitting next to me.

"Hi." I blushed, finally picking my jaw up off the floor. "Nice shorts."

"Thanks." He was so pink I think he could blend in with my pajamas. He pulled a pillow into his lap and shifted uncomfortably.

"Relax." I ordered, sitting back against the wall. "Let's just cuddle and watch movies."

"Like a date." Joseph grinned, leaning back next to me. Then he frown and furrowed his brow. "Except there's a hundred other people here too."

"There's only you and me here." I gestured to our little corner.

"Yeah." He smiled, putting the pillow behind his back and pulling a blanket over our laps. "You and me." He moved his arm around my shoulders and I leaned into him.

An hour later neither of us were paying attention to the movie. Instead I'd brought an empty book and some pens and Joseph was writing words in Italian and I was responding by writing what I thought they meant. If I got it wrong - 90% of the time - Joseph would whisper what it meant in my ear, making me blush and giggle. Joseph smiled and drew a heart on the page with M. S + J. G = Year 3000. Then he looked at me hopefully. I giggled and shook my head making him frown. I cross out the Year 3000 and instead corrected it with Eternity silently. Joseph grinned and kissed me quickly. I smiled and bit my lip, reaching for Joseph's hand and I carefully pressed my marker into the skin on the inside of his wrist. Eternity. I wanted to remind him, make sure he knew that I wanted us to make it. Together. Joseph nuzled against my cheek before he took the marker and carefully wrote on my wrist as well. Amore Eterno. Eternal Love.

I looked up at Joseph, the flickering light of the giant projector screen glowing off of him. How did anyone find it possible not to love him? I leaned up and kissed him, my hand on his cheek, holding him to me. He tasted like what I imagine happiness would taste like. Or that could just be because he makes me so happy. It was a slow kiss, like what happens in the movies, soft and tender. I smiled against Joseph's lips as he kissed me back with the same love I felt for him. His lips, his hands on my neck and hip, it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Joseph pressed me into the corner and I couldn't help but giggle when he pulled away from my lips and started nuzzling my neck.

"You're beautiful." Joseph mumbled against my neck, kissing my skin with soft open-mouth kisses that left all hot and dizzy. "Perfect." He continued, blowing cool breaths of air over the place he just kissed, leaving me in shivers. He kissed my neck again and I was possitive he could feel the eratic thrumming of my racing pulse.

"J-Jooooeyy." I moaned out softly when he swiped his tongue over my pulse and sucked it between his teeth lightly.

"And so hot when you sound like that." Joseph almost seemed to growl when he lifted his head and I flushed. I'd never heard him speak like that, or in that voice, it was heady and hot. Instead of responding I leaned forward and kissed him again. Hard. He tasted like minty toothpaste and chocolate marshmallows. I moaned against him again. Joseph nipped at my bottom lip playfully and I opened my mouth to him. All too soon Joseph pulled away abruptly. "'S'cuse me." He mumbled meakly, scrambling away. I felt confused and a little rejected until I saw him holding his hands in front of his emergency sign.

"Joseph, wai-" I started, I didn't want him to always be embarassed. But, before I could finish my sentence he was gone, running away. I sighed and sat back against the wall, feeling hot and flushed. I waited ten minutes, hoping he would come back. How long did it even take boys to get rid of them? I bit my lip and got up, following in the direction Joseph went. "Joseph?" I called out. Where would he go? I blushed and felt awkward at the thought of what he might be doing. I went to health class, I understood the basic premise. "Joey?" Out in the darkness, no-one else around, for some reason I felt like I was calling a dog. I found myself outside his cabin, the lights wwere on, but I didn't want to go in there, what if he was doing something? I sat on the steps outside the cabin and waited. Would he avoid me? He usually either avoided me after, or started to have a panic attack, or both. I hoped one day he'd get over the almost painful shyness he seemed to have.

"You can see through me." I heard Nate's voice. I guess Joseph wasn't in there. "... You know I'm just..." It sounded like Nate was struggling with something. I stood up, fully intending to go find Joseph and make sure he didn't start avoiding me or hyperventilating. "... Don't... Don't tell anyone?" Nate muttered and I looked back at the cabin when I heard him strum a guitar a few times. I think he was trying to write a song and he was stuck. "Ugh... Stupid thing." He groaned, scrunching up a paper. I slowly stepped away, I didn't want to eavesdrop on Nate.

"M-M-Miley!" I was on my way back to the sleepover when Joseph saw me.

"Hi." I blushed, remembering why I left in the first place. Because Joseph and I had been more interested in each other and he got excited and left.

"W-w-w-where-where we-where were you g-g-going?" Joseph stuttered out, his breathing already increasing.

"Joseph." I cooed, stepping closer, hugging him comfortingly. "It's okay, Joey, don't panic." I instructed and he slowly and hesitantly wrapped his arms around, strong and warm.

"You always make me calm down best." Joseph sighed, inhaling deeply and I smiled.

"I love you, Joey." I smiled up at him, he was taller than me, last year we were almost the same.

"I love you, Smiley Miley." He replied, kissing my lips softly. "Where were you?" Joseph asked after a couple of minutes, he'd come from the opposite direction to me.

"I was looking for you, I went to your cabin."

"Oh." Joseph flushed, looking away awkwardly. "I-I went-I went to the bathroom."

"Nate's in your cabin." I tried to sound casual as we pulled away from the hug.

"Why?" Joseph furrowed his brow in confussion.

"I think he's writing a song." I told him, stopping outside the building the sleepover was in. "I think..." I didn't want to cause another fight between them, especially when Nate had a tendancy to beat Joseph up. "I think he has an idea, and you can make anything sound like a good song." I bit my lip and he frowned.

"You think I should help?" He asked, confused and bewildered.

"I don't know." I shrugged, I honestly didn't know. "You're so calm when you're writing and he gets frustrated so easilly." Not really a winning combination. "But... I don't know." I eventually sighed. "I heard him and... I don't know." I repeated, shrugging lamely.

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