What If…Michael Had Gotten The Corporate Job?

Chapter One

Michael Scott walked into the corporate office. "Hey Grace."

Grace, his new recieptionist, looked up. "Hi, Michael. Hey, Dwight left you a voice mail… again." She and Michael roll their eyes.

"Ugh!" Michael walks into his office as the two laugh.

Michael sits down and we see him dial Dwight Schrute. "Hello?" Dwight said over speaker.

"Dwight, what did you want?"

"Jim was insubordinate, can I fire him?" Dwight asked.

"Dwight, I took away your firing privileges."

"Yes, this is why I am asking you."

"Ugh, what did he say?" "He said that I didn't have firing privileges over him."

"Dwight, you don't!"

"Well… he didn't have to hold it over my head."

"Well! You don't need to act like a total loser!"

"Ugh, Michael…"

"Ugh, Dwight!"

"I'm sorry."

"Dwight, another incident like this and you're gonna be demoted, I'll give that job to Jim, maybe Andy, Phyllis, Stanley?"

"No, Michael, please!"

Grace walks in. "Michael? Holly Flax from the Nashua Branch is on the phone to talk about your speech you're giving tomorrow."

"Dwight, I've gotta go."

"Okay, bye-"

Michael hangs up. "Line two?"