I walked into a pebble stone hallway, thru two massive oak doors, in front of me a dark red carpet lead to a granite dome where a golden statue of an eagle holding a salmon clenched in its beak stood. I walked slowly towards the man in a dark brown trench coat standing in the statues light. I couldn't see much of this stranger that I was told to meet but I saw a grin that made even me cringe. As I approached him he said "take this" and handed me a stainless steel brief case and walked out the hallway that I came from. I slowly opened the case as the new hinges creaked; I saw a silver 45 with a silencer on it. The case had a brass plat with the inscription, "kill him" then I new, that I was to kill the man I had hated for my entire career.

His name was and he was the head of the genetic engineering department of the Russian army for years he had ran experiments on soldiers to enhance their abilities

One day a young 13 year old boy came in for altering and decided to try enhancing every thing from his speed to his lung capacity the operation took 7 hours and the boy woke up and quickly became the militaries strongest weapon but because of all the changes he had undergone he hade a short life span and only 3 months after the experiment the boy died of a heart attack. That boy was my only son and that day I decided to leave Russia and join the American forces. That was 12 years ago but I never forgot and have been waiting for the CIA to give me the chance for revenge.

After resaving the gun I left to my 2008 maserati and drove down into San Diego were I had a safe house. I new that for this mission I would need more than a gun I would need the gun. The one that I had built myself for just this moment it was a 9mm submachine gun with a fire rate of 100 rounds a minute and a custom clip that holds 300 bullets. it was my baby and my secret weapon. When I got to the house their was something wrong the stone frog I hide my key under was moved and their where fresh tire marks in the gravel driveway that appeared to be from a van or large truck. I pulled the 45 that the man gave me out of its case and rushed in the house. I cleared the kitchen then the living room when I got to the bedroom I found my made strapped to a chair with a bundle of TNT taped into her mouth it had a remote detonator witch meant who ever placed it their was still watching her probably waiting for me to come to blow us both up.

I slowly stepped away towards the front door with a sniper rifle in hand. I opened the door just enough to see a Russian assassin on the top of a hill about 300 yards away I took aim at his head and fired one lethal shot into his brain. I walked back to my made and when I got their she was out of her chair and holding a shot gun to my chest. I could not believe that for 5 years I hade a Russian spy in my house and did not even relies it I knelt down and surrendered or that's what she thought, when she came to tie my hands up I pressed a small pressure plat on the floor that triggered a knight suit on the other side of the room to fire the cross bow in his hand strait at her head. She lived only long enough to say "the moon shows the way".

I pondered what she said as I walked out of the room. I hade been a spy myself for many years before I left Russia bunt the new codes where meaningless for I walked to my car with my custom 9 mm in my hand single shot rang out from somewhere to the south. As I ducked for cover a second shot hit my ankle ...